35 No Kids, 100lb Weight Loss, TT No Muscle Repair, Breast Lift No Implant, Flank Lipo

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So I am both terrified and completely excited! I...

So I am both terrified and completely excited! I have lost over 100lbs over three years, and have maintained this loss! I'm 5'2 147lbs.

My doctor suggested that I do not need muscle repair as the underlying muscle felt good and not separated.

When I started weight loss I was a 38DDD, AFTER I am a 34DD. He said with the lift and no augmentation I'll probably land around a D cup. This is where I am most afraid, as I've always liked my breasts. However they just look deflated now. D cup sounds small to me but I know it's really not! I know I read a million reviews trying to see how breast size changed after the lift, so I will definitely update everyone!


Today was the day! I'm sore as hell!! I want to use my arms to push up, but am not supposed to because of the breast lift. I'll post pics as soon as I can! Right now I'm wrapped up in the bra and binder and am not supposed to touch it for 48 hours.

It's been 24 hours.

24 hours out and my head is far less groggy. Obviously still in pain, but yesterday just standing to use the restroom and do a small walk (as directed by the dr) was SO bad. I was sick at my stomach just moving a bit. Thankfully after I sat again it would pass quickly.

Also the first several times I had to pee it was just a super weak stream and I felt like my bladder was never all the way empty. This morning that all seems back to normal!

I just can't wait to see my body tomorrow!!!

48 hours

Here is my 1st look at everything. Hard to tell with the swelling but I have a flat line now instead of to bulges!!! My breasts look so so different !!

I'm slow

I read reviews here that seem to indicate that at this point people are more out and about than I am. I'm worried because I'm slow! I can get up and down on my own, and get small things for myself. However I can't cook a meal, or even reach a water from the bottom shelf in the fridge. My husband still needs to help me up and down steps. Just washing off my incisions and walking a bit leaves me exhausted! Does this seem normal at all? Should I be further along???

Day 4

Side by side. Very swollen but the profile looks so much flatter.


Somehow today is worse than yesterday. I was hoping every day would be a bit better. My drains are still draining a lot of dark red fluid. Since I've been sleeping in a recliner chair I woke up with a super neck cramp/ headache. So I took a pain pill (and I didn't need them yesterday) so today I'm really "woozie" light headed, and can't even keep my eyes open!

The liposuction sites are increasingly tender, with a persistent intense burning under the skin! I hope I feel better as the day moves on!


So I feel stronger. No pain meds at all (save some Tylenol). My hope is the drains come out tomorrow at my 1st appointment. However I'm not optimistic as they are still draining more than 30cc of pretty dark red fluid.

I NEED to wash my hair today. I think I can bend over the sink and use the hose, and my husband will help me.

I'm afraid of the scars. I'm soooooo afraid of infection or complication or that the damn thing will just split right open! I use soap and water on a wash cloth to very gently wipe it. I'll be glad to get to ask some questions tomorrow. Fingers crossed the drains come out then I could shower!!!

Drains out!

It's like a new world without the drains! They do something to you psychologically!! It feels so much better to not have them. I also have a MUCH more comfortable compression garment!

Dr. said that the drainage was close enough to 35cc to remove and that the color really was not a concern. It is apparently common for it to stay red it doesn't always turn yellow. The key was that the red was the right shade of red. I can shower now!!

Shower and pictures!!!

Pictures take 2

1st set didn't post!

I love side by sides

Cup size

So today I tried on some bras. Looks like I landed at 34D (at Victoria Secret) not bad! No regrets they look so much better!

Big new bruises

I woke up today with a huge bruise surrounding my incision! And yesterday I found a stitch coming out. I called and left a voicemail yesterday, but don't feel it's an emergency so didn't contact the on call Doc. I hope to hear back and go in Monday! Idk if it's normal to develop new bruises at this point. I know I overreact to everything but I'm scared!

Some tape came off

So most of the top part of the tape came off in the shower today. It was hanging on by a thread so I gave it a final tug. Some is still there and I don't want to screw with it! I think that scar is going to turn out lovely!

All is well!

Got in to the office today and saw the nurse. All is well, bruising is not abnormal even tho it came on late. I have a few "spitting stitches" she snipped them and it was painless!! There was a blister at the T of one of my breasts, it was caused by a stitch. Got all the steri strips off, and my incisions look soooooo small and clean! I'm so excited to think the scar might be so faint!!! Dr. Johns did it beautifully!!! I need to keep on the compression because I'm still mega swollen. It just felt good and reassuring to see someone and have all my fears calmed down!!

Some new pics

Most of the glue is off. I had a "spitting stitch" that was removed and is healing nicely. I still feel MEGA swollen!

1st day back to work!

Love how flat my dress falls! Pants are still too uncomfortable with the swelling.

In pants!

Made it through the 1st week back at work. Very tired at the end of each day but totally ok! New pants (black) and the grey pants are size 8!!

Less swelling

I feel like I'm waking up way less swollen these days. Still pretty puffy by the end of my day. Going back to the gym today!

"6" week follow up

So I had my 6 week FU technically on week 7 due to the holidays. Everything is really good! Over the course of the last few weeks I've gone in a few times to have some stitches removed. They "spit" out. Scar seems to be healing well. He said I still have some swelling nothing worth writing home. I can go back to an underwire bra.

Fun fact! While doing scar massage on my breasts I heard some alarming "popping " sounds. Nothing hurt and I never followed up because nothing at all seemed wrong. He said the dissolvable stitches will make that sound. Nothing to be alarmed about etc etc.

He said he thinks my breast scars will be tiny and white within 6 months. Fingers crossed!!

Can't stress how grateful I am that I chose Dr. Johns!

Scar progress

Scars looking good! Also side by side of the first couple of weeks (with swelling) and today. Swelling is WAY better

Derma roller

Wanted to try the derma roller for the stretch marks I still have despite the lift. Big weight loss = lots of stretch marks despite lift.

Derma roll week 3

Before 3rd rolling week 3

Scar update

They are fading beautifully!

Love it!

I'm in a size 4 old navy brand jeans! It's crazy. I have lost about 7lbs since the day of surgery so not like I dropped a ton of weight. Once all the swelling went away things just really smoothed out! Best thing I've ever done for myself!!!!
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

So far he and his staff have been great and answered all my questions. I like that he was honest about my breasts and didn't push for an implant... in fact I kind of wanted one and he said he didn't think I was a great candidate for them, so I went with his medical expertise.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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