28 Yrs Old, 60# Weight Loss - Greensburg, PA

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With weight loss comes loss of my breasts. I...

With weight loss comes loss of my breasts. I currently weigh 126# and I am 5'5". I went from a 36DD down to a 34C and given significant sagging. Consulted with my PS and determined a breast lift and augmentation is best way to go. I will be getting 370cc saline over filled to approx 400cc depending on symmetry. I'm about a month out and quite nervous about the lift. I quit smoking a few weeks ago to prepare and I'm worried it won't be long enough and I will have issues with wound healing. I'm going back to see my PS to talk over the procedure again. We scheduled in February and I want to make sure my size expectations are what I remember. I have been reading a lot about size regret and want to be sure I go large enough. We are opting for the anchor incision method which I'm seeing leaves pretty gnarly vertical scars. I have been researching silicone sheets for that. I guess you can say as the date approaches my anxiety increases and the more I forget from my initial consultation. I'm hoping my tension eases after I speak with my surgeon again.

One month away!

I am officially one month away from surgery! I have my pre op appt with Dr. Kluska April 21 and my surgery is finally paid in full. Two less things to worry about.

I have been reading others reviews and searching the internet for post op advice and what to be prepared for. I have a shopping list and a list of to dos in the weeks leading up to surgery.

I'm actually excited more than nervous now. Considering upgraded to 500cc saline under muscle. We will see what my PS thinks when I go in for the pre op!

One Month!!!!

9 days to go!

I had my pre op appointment last week. My PS would still like to do the 370 cc saline implants and max them out to 420cc if need be. He says my frame is too small to go larger and have satisfactory results. I respect his opinion and trust him. It is still awkward to be considered to have a small frame. I have work this weekend and finals next week to keep me busy until the big day! I did retry the sizers. I will post the pics. The right breast was a 371 and right was 397. These aren't the exact sizes I'm getting only an idea of how large I can be. I suppose it's time to show pre op shots too. Not a fan of showing the nip nips, but since this is a lift procedure as well implants it's important to see them!


The left is 371 and right is 397. I need to proofread! Here are more pics of the girls!

One week!!!

Counting down to D Day as I like to call it! Last class of the semester was this afternoon. Next week I have finals and end it with the celebration of new tatas on Friday! Time is moving soooo slow! Bought a lil something for the hubby today! Wish I could have bought the sequin bra under it but idk what size to buy!


Surgery Friday! Mixed feelings. My anxiety disorder is truly showing its colors now. I received an email and text that my post op appt will be next Monday morning. Three days after surgery. This has me concerned that I will have drains. I've worked in surgery and I know all about drains and how nasty, inconvenient, and smelly they are. I'm not going to be a happy camper if I end up with them. It was never mentioned at either appt that I would have them, but Ive always know it's a possibility. I also know my husband will not be able to handle dealing with those so I will be on my own measuring fluid and emptying them. My finals are tomorrow and Thursday. My moms birthday is Thursday, Mother's Day is Sunday, and my family is driving me nuts! Really wishing I would have picked a different week to have the surgery. Needless to say I'm taking full advantage of the fact my family doctor gives me Xanax to take up to three times a day. I certainly need it. Oh and did I mention my period may start by the end of the week? I have today and Wednesday to study and get my pre op and post op plans taken care of!

No drains!

I spoke with the PS and he generally doesn't use drains. That's a relief to me. I went on a mad hunt for a sports bra last night bc they requested I bring two. One I wore for my fitting and one a size larger. I have finals to study for today and class tomorrow so that was the only time I could go. I have a mountain of personal issues happening right now that I'm looking forward to being out of touch with people for a few weeks. It's like a crap storm has hit me at the worst possible time. So much for having a happy experience. :-/ people always want to rain on your parade.

Hours to go

Here I am at 11:30pm wide awake. I have to be up at 4am for my 6am arrival. I'm hot. I can't get comfortable and can't sleep. Very irritated. Hubby refuses to turn on ac this early in the season. We have the windows open and we live in the middle of town. Jerks are revving their cars outside. The neighborhood skanks are out walking the streets being loud and of course there are packs of dogs that refuse to shut up. Xanax hasn't even knocked me out! For some unknown reason my knees and thighs ache. Quite possibly from my new job that requires me to stand on concrete for eight hrs a day. You better believe that ac is going on tomorrow, windows and blinds will be closed and everyone will be leaving me alone. So much negativity this week I want to hide in my shell. May go off grid for a while.


Um ouch. I have a pretty good pain tolerance but this is insane. My armpits are stiff and the tops of my implants hurt. Ice helps. Took my pain meds a few minutes ago and hope they kick in soon. He took them to 420cc holy cow. Huge. Didn't get and anchor lift. He did a lollipop so I'm happy for less scarring. I have to begin wall walking my fingertips tonight and continue three times a day. My house is so hot right now. My hubby had to leave me to buy a new thermostat for our AC bc it won't turn on. I'm tired of typing. Everything went well. Thank you all for the well wishes. I'm going to try and pass out now

Swelling bit.

As you can see I'm puffy. Going to walk around my bedroom a bit and do my stretches. I hope it stops soon!

Incisions incisions

In the past I had a lump removed from my left breast. I could not dissolve the stitches and they spit back out leaving me with a horrible infection and open wound. I'm 24 hrs post op and allowed to shower. These wonderfully comfortable gauze pads need to come off and I notice they are attached to some scabs. Im trying to figure out the best way to tackle this. Wet the pads while is shower to get them off or just take them off. Either way that local anesthetic has worn off and I can feel these cuts now. Thank you Jesus I do not have horizontal incisions right now! The tops of my breasts are still slightly swollen. Most swelling is shifting under my arms and to the bottoms of my breasts. Waiting for these two pain pills to kick in then hubby over here is helping me with the shower. Wish me luck he gets queasy when it comes to my blood and with my history of dealing with open wounds I'm not too comfortable myself anymore.

Here comes the gore!

Day two pics.

Stupid narcotics..

Frustrated! I haven't had a BM since day before surgery. I'm bloated and my abdomen is distended. I have been taking miralax daily and drinking plenty of water and juice. Final broke down and took a laxative a little while ago. I hope to have some relief soon. This is ridiculous. Cranky and constipated today. On the bright side a good bit of the swelling went down, my incisions are healing nicely, and I can move my arms above my head. It's weird though. I can hear the muscle rub against the implant at times. Sounds like when you rub a wet hand over a water balloon. Lol. Idk if that's normal or not but my post op appt is tomorrow morning. After I shower today I will post day 3 pics.

Day 3. I'm feeling fluffy.

I'm the family embarrassment.

Just thought if share that with everyone since my father has decided to tell people that. All over a set of breasts.

Day 4 photos

I've been avoiding everyone and doing my own thing today. Hubby took me to my post op appt. Dr Kluska is happy with how I'm healing. I go back for another appt next week. Thank you everyone for your support and help. I truly appreciate it.

Day 5

Feeling pretty good today. We went shopping this morning. My main goal was to find a maxi skirt. No luck. All the walking around really tired me out. I came home to nap and woke up with my arm above my head and my breasts numb. For the record I have always slept like that since I was a kid and I have been very careful since surgery to not do that. Walking around for a few hours must have really tuckered me out. I hadn't taken a pain pill for almost the whole day until I woke up. With all my family drama I have not spoken to any of them. I would rather focus on healing than problems that raise my blood pressure. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow therefore I will be on my own from here out. Not looking forward to being alone. My incisions are looking better. My left breast appears to have dropped a bit more than the right. I still have swelling in my right breast. Swelling in General has gone down a lot from day one.

Day 6...a little late

Running behind on posting. My husband went back to work today and I was left to my own devices. Decided to paint my toes and clean a bit. My right breast ended up swollen before the end of the day. I didn't ice as much as I should have so it's totally my fault. I'm not having pain anymore but continue to have the uncomfortable tightness. It feels much better without the sports bra I know that. Incisions are a little on the puffy side but improve daily.

My boobs n my dog lol


Tried on some dresses!

Feeling blue

In a post op funk. I'm healing well but still get sore by mid day. I have my next post op appt tomorrow and a massage. I get my release for work and my restrictions and go back this weekend.

Scabs are slowly coming off.

Almost healed

Been real busy since I've been feeling better! Here are some pics of my adventures lol

Post op funk

Body wise I feel great. My incisions look amazing and my breasts are dropping perfectly. My mins however has not recovered. I'm still in this funk I've had since the day after surgery. I'm sad all the time. It could be that it's because I'm alone majority of the time. College is over until fall and I have nothing to focus on. I can go through reading a book in a day. I end up sleeping most of the time. I just don't understand what's happening. It may be time to go back to my pcp for some type of medication soon. I hate taking them. I feel so numb. I already take Xanax daily and I'm even taking it up to the three times a day to stay sane. Well, at least I look good. :(

Lovely incision wound

Suture popped out as did pus and blood. Six weeks post op and I'm annoyed
Dr. Kluska

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Michael Kluska and his staff. From the moment you walk in the door you receive five star treatment. Everyone has wonderful bedside manners and are easy to talk to. I was really uneasy as the surgery came closer, and Dr. Kluska made me feel so comfortable. He answered all my questions even when I wasn't sure what I needed to even ask. I'm only a day post op but he has given me the confidence I have always wanted to have. He is truly an artist, and I am so grateful to have him as my surgeon.

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