5'8" 140lbs. 38 Yrs Old, 2 Children, 36 Barely A to Hopefully a Full C - Pittsburgh, PA

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Here is my boob story...

I have ALWAYS wanted boobs! I was a very late bloomer compared to other girls my age growing up. I have always been athletic and blamed that on my late development. However, I have never been blessed in my chest area. All the women in my family are well-endowed. I, on the other hand, am missing that gene. HA. I have always been a relatively healthy person...not a gym rat, but I exercise by running, resistance training, swimming, etc. Sometimes I am more focused on fitness than other times, but my weight hovers around the 135-140 range consistently. I was a B cup on a good day prior to my first pregnancy. Throughout both my pregnancies I increased to and C and then once my milk came in I was a glorious D (small D, but a D nonetheless). After breastfeeding, my poor little boobs deflated to a (less than) A cup. I am lucky enough to have avoided stretch marks, but my boobs are nonexistent. If it weren't for saggy nipples, I would never have to wear a bra. I just want some femininity back.

I have been going through some life changes recently (getting older, divorce, new job, etc.) and decided it is about time I do something strictly for myself! So like many of you, I started researching augmentation. I am thankful for this site because its given my a basis for a lot of questions and considerations for my PS. I was originally schedule for surgery on January 30, but due to my work travel schedule I have pushed it back to March 13. I am beyond excited!!!

Before pics

As you can see, I have no volume and and pretty flat-chested. Here are a couple more angles...

Wish Boobs

Here a some pics I've found (mostly before & afters) to represent what I'm hoping to achieve at the end of this journey.

Can anyone describe the post op pain?

Can you describe the "pain" post op. Everyone says how painful (approx) day 2-4 is, but I really can't wrap my head around what the pain could be compared to.

Size is but a number...

I need some input! I think I am beginning to feel "boob greed." So many talk about it on this site. I initially began this quest only wanting a full B/small C cup. I don't necessarily want it to be obvious that I had work done. I guess I just want to look proportionate. However, after scouring through before and after photos, I think I want bigger. Also my mom and best friend both have said if I'm putting this much money and recovery time into it, I should "get my money's worth." I am tall (5'8.5") and have an athletic build (i.e. muscular and on the thin side but have think upper thighs and a booty). I have really long legs and a short torso. I fear big implants will make me look top heavy. However, I have read that height gobbles up the implant volume. My PS suggested 300-350cc during the initial consult. This was based on me originally wanting smaller implants. Now, I not so sure. I definitely want silicone under the muscle with moderate profile. I have a broad shoulders/chest and need moderate to fill the width. I want silicone for longevity and under the muscle for a more natural look. I am having trouble finding before and after pics with my measurements and desired outcome. I made rice sizers but they are not helping because I can't tell the difference between the sizes (probably due to human error making them). I scheduled another appointment for Feb 4 to try on more sizes. In the meantime, any suggestions/input? It seems like this process is taking an eternity!

Another consult and feeling much better

I had one consultation with a PS and felt good about him doing my augmentation until I started asking around. I had a couple people that had negative opinions of my plastic surgeon based on personal experience. I started to develop anxiety about not doing enough research. I think I had a feeling this place wasn't perfect for me, but I was so set on getting the procedure that I kept those feelings buried. So, based on another friend's referral, I scheduled consult with a different plastic surgeon and surgery center altogether. Boy am I glad. They were so much more thorough in collecting information about my health history including discussing my scar tendencies (i.e. keloid history) and even suggested having testing done to evaluate my collagen production since I tend to keloid. No mention of this at the previous location. Also, the new place took a much different approach when discussing the size of implant. Before even stating ccs or profiles, they had me try a bunch of different implants underneath my clothes to see what I liked. From here we discussed size. I have another consult with this PS on March 28 to finalize my preop stuff (review labs, size, etc.). My homework assignment, in the meantime, is to make several rice sizers and wear them around to get a better sense of size, weight, etc. My new surgery date is April 14. I feel a million times better. Also, by pushing the date back, my mom will be able to fly into town and stay with me for an entire week to help with my kids. I feel relieve and have no doubts that I am making the right decision. Also, the surgery center was very forthcoming with information. For instance they provide stats and clinical studies supporting why they do things a certain way (supplements, massage, bra vs. no bra, etc.) . Cannot wait for April 14!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's go time!

I had my final consult last week. I seem to gravitate towards 421cc implants (larger than I originally thought). My 1st plastic surgeon said "300-350cc would be fine", but I don't want fine...I want balance and beauty. Dr. Brandy is going to make a game time decision on the actual implant size based on my appearance once the spacers are in...I completely trust him!!!

Prescriptions are filled. Supplies are bought. My mom is flying in to take care of me (& my kiddos) for the week. Now ,I just have to wait 4 more days until boob day!!!
Pittsburgh Physician

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