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I have lost about 72 pounds. I have been at the...

I have lost about 72 pounds. I have been at the same weight now for about 6 months. I decided to go have a consult in February 2016. I meant with the Dr. I was nervous about everything will I be a good candidate? Will I be happy with doing this? How long will the recovery be? He looked at my stomach and said yes I would be a good canidate with my stomach the way it hangs down. He said he will be able to make it flat and get rid of all the hanging skin. But with me being plus size I might not get the hour glass shape as I would if I was skinnier. But I'm ok with this. I hate when I run and I can hear my stomach hitting my legs. So I went home and discussed it with my husband surprisingly he was very supportive knowing how hard I have worked to get to where I am. So I went back here June and had another consult with the nurse about it. I had so many questions and she was very helpful answered all my questions and concerns. So I wefnt ahead and scheduled I am so excited. I'm not looking back!!! It's scheduled for September 15th!!!

Meeting with anesthesiologist

Tomorrow I meet with the anesthesiologist to see if my throat is ok for a breathing tube. I have never been put under and also with me still being plus size even though I lost a lot of weight. Which really frustrates me. He wants to make sure he can get a breathing tube down my throat. I also scheduled my ekg for August 19th. I am going to get it done in Monroeville about an hour from my house. It's only cost 40.00 for both ekg and reading. Then I will get my blood work done at another location due to it being more reasonably priced. The cbc test is 59.30 and the bmp test is 72.70. I still have my days where im really excited, then scared of what could go wrong then back to excited. I know this is the best choice for me to be happy!!! I can't wait to get to the flat side!!!!

Here's some random pics. Awful sorry.

Before pictures.

Questioning myself???

I went through a rough few weeks. I have been questioning wether I should even get a tummy tuck. I hate the way I look so bad but then I think who am I kidding I'm so fat I'm not going to get the results I want. I see so many people who look awesome I just feel like could I look that good. I have lost 5 more pounds. I need to stay focused and believe that this will be worth it. I need to start buying my stuff for after surgery. Can you give me some advice on what I should all get? I heard silicone tape? Where do you get arnica tablets and gel from?


Last week I went for my blood work I had to have done before the surgery. They want it completed 4 to 6 weeks before. I had to pay out of my pocket my insurance would not pay for it since its for comedic surgery. I had to have CBC with diff blood test and a bmp blood test down. The blood work cost out of pocket about &150.00. Then tomorrow I am going for my ekg. It will cost about 40.00 I just hope that everything comEs back good. My right foot has been sore. I have been walking about 5 miles a day with a friend. I had that planters fasciitis. Trying to loose more weight before surgery I lost a few pounds but Wish I could loose more. I have my good days then bad days but I'll tell ya this site keeps me going. Reading all the inspiring stories and seeing all your results it keeps me positive!!! You all are looking great!!!! I did pick up arnica gel. I need to find the tablets. My ps said to get pineapple juice and start drinking it a few days before surgery. I also called rent a center to rent a lift recliner to make life easier. My husband leaves at 4:30 in the morning for work and I surely don't want to get up by then. They said it would be right around a 100.00 for the month.

Pictures with my cloths on.

Just a few before pictures. Yuck.????

before and after pictures from weight loss.

Here are a few before and after pictures from weight loss. I lost 72 pounds on my own from exercise and diet. I have more after then before cause I never got in a picture of I didn't have to.

Getting ready!!!

Well I got all my testing done!! Blood work came back good!! I got my EKG done it's good!! I sent in my payments for the surgery!!! I still need to get stuff for my surgery I got arnica gel but I still need to get the tablets and pineapple juice the ps said that will help with swelling and bruising and pain. Is there bromelanin tablets??? The emotions it goes with having any surgery like this is crazy the ups and downs what a roller coaster. Some days I'm so excited and so ready and think it's going to be great other days I think I don't deserve this or spending so much money. We are leaving for vacation here on the 3rd of September then get home the 10th I work 3 days then I have the surgery hopefully I am so busy that the time goes by fast I hate sitting here and all the thoughts. I'm just happy I have you ladies reviews to see that this is normal to feel this way.

One week!

Wow! Can't believe right now I'm sitting on the beach. This time next week I could be in surgery. They are going to call me one or two days before and let me know when to be there. Im excited and nervous the biggest thing I'm nervous about is will I look good. Not even as much the actual surgery. I hope I recover quickly to be back at work in the two weeks.

3 days to go!!

I can't believe it's only a few days away!!???? I picked up my medicine tonight for after the surgery they gave me an antibiotic to take for 7 days after surgery. They also gave me muscle relaxers to take and also a patch to put on for nausea to put on before and during surgery. I am picking up a few things tonight! I want to get some magi zones to look at. It has been a long wait. I can't wait to get it done!!! I just want to start recovery. I went to the gym tonight I walked three miles. I was going to do some weight machines but I don't want to take any chances of getting sore or pulling something. Boy am I going to miss going to the gym it's my get away!! I have been drinking pine apple juice. I know by Wednesday night I'm not going to like pineapple juice as much as I did. It still does not seem real. I probably won't believe it till I there and they r drawing on me.

Arnica tablets???

When should I start taking arnica tablets?

A few more hours!!!

Well my ps said to take a Zantac at 7:00 tonight to help not get sick from anesthesia. Then take one when I wake up. I have to put a patch on tonight to help with nausea. I have to be there at 6:15 tomorrow morning it's about an hour from my house. I will probably get up around 4:00am tomorrow. I need to shower with antibacterial soap. Please keep me updated how things are going with you! I'll be thinking about you on Friday. What time is your surgery?

I made it to the flat side!!

Well I got there at 6:15 went back close to 6:45. They went through all the paper work with me. Then took me back got changed they made me take a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't pregnant which I knew I wasn't I had my tubes tied and I was on my period. Then took me back put in I v then it wasn't shortly after that I was walked back to sutgery then they put a mask on me asked me to breath a few times then next thing I remembered them saying wake up your surgery is over. The Doctor said he removed 13 pounds between lipo and skin and fat removal. They said it would be about an hour and a half long it ended up being 3 and a half hours long. My throat is a little dry. I just took a Percocet about an hour ago feeling better. My temper ire is 99.3 so I have to watch it they said if your temp reaches 100 to call.. So I'm guessing with that comment that must be normal to have a little bit of a fever. They told me to walk every hour and take deep breaths and cough every two to keep my lungs clear. They cut me from side to side and then vertical up to my belly button so he could pull it tighter. I am finally starting to be awake. I never had anesthesia I was really groggy wow. Here is a photo bad picture but it's hard to get one

Two pictures!!!

No more flap!!!! Woohoo!!!



I definitely getting around better. Irritated I can't do much. When I do get up to go to the bathroom. By the time I comE back I am played out. Wish I could take a shower. I can't until Friday!! Cross your fingers I get these drains out. Still have not went to the bathroom. I have been taking stool softners. Any advice to get things moving??

feeling good!!!

I stopped taking pain medicine Saturday night. I started taking extra strength Tylenol. I noticed last night I was able to move more without discomfort!! I finally went to the bathroom like three times today!! Dulcolax stool softener worked well. I was so happy I was able to turn to wipe I was worried about that. I noticed finally my binder is looser!!!! Swelling starting to go down!!! I still am taking muscle relaxer I really want to stop taken it just cause I feel so foggy with any medicine. I feel like when I stopped the Percocet that my head was more clear and I felt more like me. I had a lot of help the last few days. it was great with all the medicines to have someone tell u when u needed to take this or that!!!


Well all I can say is after a few days of surgery when you are feeling good don't over do it!! Yesterday I felt so good!!! My drains barely had anything in them. My binder was getting pretty loose. I did a few things around the house I made dinner. I just felt like me!! Today I wake up I am swollen and a little bit more drainage. So I can say lesson learned. Even when you feel good take it easy we just had surgery!! Lol so for all you ladies who have not had surgery yet. Just a tip be careful!!!!!relax and heal!!!!


DRAINS ARE OUT!!!!!! Binder is off!!! Shower here I come!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

One week

First picture of my tummy standing up. I am so excited there is no more flap! I can't wait to see how it looks once all the swelling is gone!!!


I got my drains out on Friday!!! I was so excited I can now drive and shower!!!! My incision is all closed there are no gaps but I'm getting some leakage on my right side towards the center. So I have two thoughts either from my girdle when I take it up and down I bumped a scab or since they took out my drain it could be excess fluid drainage. I'm going to call the ps tomorrow morning to see if I can go in for them to look at it!! Hopefully fingers crossed everything will be good!!! I do have some good news!! Today I walked outside 1.50 miles I'm so excited can't believe 10 days after surgery I am able to walk and start moving around here. I really do feel great!!! I'm hoping to go for another walk here soon I came home to take a break give my back a break after being up for a while I do get a knot in the top of my back. I am off all medicine except for Tylenol and I haven't been very faithful I. Taking it. I am just not a pill taker. I just hope this leakage is ok it's a clear blood color no smell to it. I will post tomorrow after I talk to the ps!!

Called dr.

I called my ps office today about the drainage I have been having and the nurse said I probably have a seroma that is naturally draining through my incision. There are no gaps or seperation in the incision and the drainage is a clear blood colored. No Oder or puss and the incision looks good. She said when I'm in the shower which that's when It seems to drain most press on the area to get it to drain more. She said it should dry up quicker. I have an appointment on Thursday so they can check it and make sure everything is going good and if they feel something needs done. I feel better knowing what to do. I still feel great!!! I'm still very happy I have had the tummy tuck!!!! Here is some pictures of me today. I love how my cloths fit me now!!!! Before it was so bumpy and lumpy!!! It's everything I imagined!!! It makes me so happy!!!

I went back to work!

Well today I went back to work. I put in a full day. I was only going to stay half a day but I felt good so I stayed all day. It went good the doctor was really good! Well my drainage stopped I haven't had any all day so hopefully that is a good thing I guess we will see on Thursday. Another thing I have had dry skin but boy oh boy I feel like a snake I'm so dry. My incision everything is getting itchy from healing!!! I go Thursday to the doctors at 3:30 I hope they say everything is ok with were I was having the drainage.

Stitch splitting

So I went to the doctors yesterday and they said there was a stitch that was splitting. It was causing irritation to were it would not close the spot so it was allowing drainage to seep through. So she clipped it pushed out all the fluid she was able to get out so I have a small opening but she said now that stitch is gone it should close in two to three days and they put me on an antibiotic just to make sure I don't develop an infection. So hopefully that is it and the drainage and everything stops. I will keep update on this. I will post new pictures tomorrow!!

Almost 5 weeks!!!! New pics!!

I have been doing pretty good lately. My jeans are finally starting to fit again from the swelling. I still haven't worn them since I have the vertical incision. I worry about them hurting my tummy by pressing against them. I slept in my bed last week for the first time since my surgery I ended up with muscle spasm since I wasn't used to being stretched out. That was miserable but doing much better. Still having a little leaking around my belly button. I see the doctor on October 27th I can't wait to see what he says. Here are some new pictures!! I am so happy I have had this tummy tuck done best decision ever!!! I love putting on my shirts and being so smooth!!! It makes me feel so good !! I have been walking outside a lot and going to the gym some I'm only aloud to walk on treadmill. Can't wait till more swelling goes down. I can't wait to see final result!!! So here is a reminder picture then the new improved!!!

Picture of incision and belly button

Pics of incision line and belly button

11 weeks!!!

Well hello!!! It's been a while. I am now 11 weeks out today. I am so happy I did this I have no regrets! Best decision I have made. I feel amazing. I love the way my cloths fit me now I'm nice and smooth. I love when I go to the gym now more flap hanging in my workout pants. It makes a huge difference in my self esteem!!! My leaking from my incision is all gone that stopped around 8 weeks they removed a popping stitch. I feel great! I can say I am pretty much back to normal. I get a little tender on my sides if I bump them against something where I had the lipo. Out of this experience I think the walker was a huge help at the beginning it helped when I was first hunched over after surgery definetey great for getting up and down off the toilet. I rented a recliner just an electric one that would recline by a button it was a life save I slept in it with lots of pillows it gave me a lot of independence getting up and down. Those two things are my advice as a must have for the surgery!! Here are some pictures of me at 11 weeks. I have been enjoying buying new cloths a little too much . I like trying on cloths now everything is nice and smooth.

11 weeks

More pictures!!

Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

I would definitely recommend Dr. Johns. He is a very caring doctor. He gives you his honest opinion of what he feels is best for you! He cares about his work! The staff is great!! Anytime I called with a question they are very helpful and responsive. I have had a great experience and very happy with my results!!!!

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