Scheduled for Coolsculpting April 11, 2012

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Im 5'3 142 lbs 37yo female scheduled to get...

Im 5'3 142 lbs 37yo female scheduled to get coolsculpting done April 11, 2012 and Im scared to death of the pain! Im doing my lower ab with a large applicator and my upper ab with a large applicator.

My stomach area has always been a problem for me and if I had the nerve I would definitely do liposuction but Im a wus. I have bad panic and anxiety! Standing up my stomach measurement is 38 inches around my waist! Im a petite frame so it really stands out. Its hard to find clothes that fit because the rest of my body is a size 6 or 8 but because of my large stomach i sometimes have to wear a size 10. Im extremely insecure about my stomach, Ive even had people ask me if Im pregnant and it has been humiliating to say the least.

Ive read so much about coolsculpting and Ive read so many reviews and I understand to not expect a miracle but Im hoping and praying to at least see visible results. I've already succombed to the fact that I will probably need to go in to have these areas treated a second time to see maximum results. Also, I've scheduled to have my love handles done May 3 which is a whole month after my abs procedure but where Im having it done is booked up with coolsculpting appointments, thats the best they could do for me. Hopefully there will be a cancellation and I can get my love handles done sooner.

I eat ok, i dont overeat but I definitely dont eat right all the time. I go through spurts where I'll exercise and then stop. I just purchased a zumba set and Im going to try to start getting in the habit of doing that. Im just hoping that coolsculpting can kind of jumpstart me in helping to make healthier choices in the future. I cant stress enough how insecure I am about my belly! I hate it! Its something that gets to me daily and Ive got to do something about it. Im just so scared of the pain of the suction and the pain of the massage after the procedure but thanks to all of your reviews, at least I know what to expect.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to write about their personal experiences. Any feedback about my personal situation would be greatly appreciated!

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