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Hey ladies I have read so many of your reviews and...

Hey ladies I have read so many of your reviews and your journeys!! I am in the process of setting my date for my ba I haven't fully decided on a size im really wishy washy on that right now. Ok a little about me, I have had small misshaped un developed breasts since i lost weight when i was 16. I went from a c cup then down to a a/b cup. (ones an a and ones a b) they also remind me more of an ice cream cone than of breasts and after waiting all these years and researching I'm finally ready to take the next step! I am 30 years old I have one child that is 7 ( i don't have mom boob i wasn't able to breast feed cause of flat nipples) My i think is to be a large c cup or small d cup im really not sure im up and down with this and wonder how everyone made there decision?? I'm kinda scared of the healing process and how long I'll be out of work. (single mom and can't miss too much time) I was wondering if you ladies have any advice for me?? I'll upload a photo of my before also and once I get my ba I'll definitely upload some afters .

date is set!

I have set the date finally. my pre op is on Aug. 6th, I'm still deciding on size I don't think I want too big but I want a substantial difference. i'm 5'3 128lbs. anyone have any suggestions on what size may look best on me and on what I should buy before the surgery??

still trying to figure out size

so I found a new pic that's my fave so far... what do you ladies think??

I'm adding a couple pics of me... are a couple profile pics of me from each side. also I'm a single mother and my son is freaking out over the surgery. He started crying last night that he doesn't want me cut and he loves me the way I am. I don't know how to explain to him why I'm getting this done besides that I want it don't for me to feel more confident with my body. he's 7 and I guess he is just worried....


went to pre op yesterday

I had to go over all my medical information and discussed exactly what the surgeon had planned he days he needs to release some tissue underneath both breasts you round them out where they have been pointy and he will decrease the size of my tight aeriola toh make it lay flat. I showed him the pics I wanted and what I was hoping to acheive he says because mine are a little pointy now they may be pointy afterwards. that really had me worried... anyone else have breast that were a little pointy before maybe a little tubular that look great afterwards? I also wanted to try on sizer's again but was told they we're going with 350cc overfilled to 375 I may want bigger I don't know. I'm nervous and scaredscar.. any advice?

pic of me

... I don't fill up my bra lol bit I will soon

pic didn't load trying again

soo love this look

so I'm 4 days away and my nerves are

starting to get the best of me. I'm going throufg the "what ifs".. will they look good, will they be pointy,will they be big enough to really make a difference .. how will i go back to work ( single mom, can't miss but a few days) what will I have to deal with when i go back to work. I work in a auto parts store I'm a sales girl who looks up parts, turns rotors and drums for brakes, mixes paint and installs batteries. I love my job but worry a little over how my new tah tahs will affect my performance. but I have wanted a ba ever since I noticed how small and pointy mt breasts are. I have had so many ppl tell m? that I'm fine the way I am that it was starting to make me sick. no-one understood that I want this done for me and my confidence not them. I met and started dating an incredible guy who said if that's what you want and its just for you ill help you . I've known him since i started at the parts store and we talked when he would come in and he always would make m? laugh and we started hanging out and tah dá we are dating and he recently told m? he's really falling for m?.. anyways back to boobies...

I am already having trouble sleeping he closer I get to hávung boobies. I try to read or stay busy to keep my mind off of it, but doesn't seem to work. I can't wait till its over I could use a few days off work too anyway I've worked e éry weekend for the past year and plus nights during the week and getting my son to school picking I'm up getting is homework done before i have to go to work .. I'm ready to sleep alot lol. hope u haven't ranted too much and hope all you ladies out there in boobie land have a speedy recovery !!!

omg less than2 days!!!!!!

sooo excited can't wait!!! very stoked n sooo ready!!!!!

this time tomorrow

I will be arriving at the doctors office and getting ready to enter boobie land. I'm soo excited and nervous can't wait till its over ahhh my tummy is in knots today. well I've got a lot to do today to prepare hope all you lovely ladies happy healing :-) guess next time I post ill have boobs!!!

can't sleep...

the air conditioning went out tonight I'm hot n really thirsty but know I can't have anything to drink ... ugh a? guys won't be here till wednesday :-/

I officially have boobs ...

so today was I went in at 915am talked to Tracy my sweet sweet nurse , she gave me a few different pills for nausea and started my iv.. she made me comfortable and warm and told me the anesthesia nurse would come talk to me along which she did and had me sign some papers. next the doctor and another sweet nurse came in and had me stand up so he could draw on me which tickled a little. he said he would try to make as few incisions as necessary but as many as he needed to make my breasts as close to perfect as he could. he said he was going in under the breast in the crease to place implant submuscular then wanted to tighten up my areola around my nipple on the tight and lift the nipple on the left ...the nurse michelle I think was her name stayed and put compression pads around both my legs then had me sit and wait till they were ready for m?. Tracy came in and got me to take me to the or and helped me onto the bed .. Jen the anesthesiologist got all the monitors hooked to me gave me some antibiotics in my iv then said she was giving me a small dose of the anesthesia to see how I would react to it and next thing I knew I was waking up. they then had me eat a cracker but it was so hard to chew cause it was so dry.. they asked if I wanted my bf brought back and I was like yes please... they brought him in went over meds with him gave me a Percocet and let me go home.. I feel like a weight is on my chest and my muscles are sore... haven't ad an appetite yet.. ate a cup of mixed fruit and some yogurt earlier.. been a little nauseated but ok. just a little sore and don't really wanna sit or lay much but have to for the most part cause i get dizzy and break out in a cold sweat. ok enough for now ill try to post more later and maybe get some pics haven't even looked at them yet im soo scared to. wish all you beautiful ladies the best!

soo I now know what morning boob is...

night after surgery i was up taking my percocet every 3 hours along with a muscle relaxer and changing out my ice pack.. i woke up with stinky peas a couple times and that smell is almost as bad as morning boob. I am still very swollen and my left side is very very bruised. I had mentor implants under the muscle right was 325cc overfilled to 350cc, left side I got 350cc overfilled to 420. they def look different sizes and i am very worried that they are going to be assymetrical after too. They are very very hard the left sticks further out and hangs a lil lower than the left. I'll add pics of how they look. I noticed he went in thru the crease in my lower breast he also cut around my areola. My breast feel tingly when i touch them and my nipples seem supper sensitive is that normal.? ok well i keep falling asleep while typing so guess i'll lay down, wishin all you ladies the best !!

pics post op day 1

day 3 post

Theres not been much change today .. I was trying to ween myself off the pain meds and I was doing ok till I went with my mom to a wig shop for her to try on wigs (she is going thru chemo right now and her hair fell out) while we were in there i felt a pop in my left breast and then was bent over hurting very badly.. I took a whole percocet and waited outsde for her. She found a couple she really liked so they got them. Since them i feel tingles zinging thru both sided... It kept givin me cold chills. They do look like they have dropped a little. my feet , and ankles are swollen up.. is that normal?? also i keep have these sharp pains and tingles going thru both. so ladies how many others have gone thru this???. I'll post some pics from my phone on my next update... Thank you lovely ladies good luck withy our ba, and. hope you lovely ladies happy healing. this gal is going to hit the sack

here are pics from day 2

I have been so out of it I forgot to post pictures... :-)

here's day 3 po pics

so my surgical bra was so tight it was digging in and leaving marks on ky breasts so my doctor suggested going without one during the day and just wearing a sports bra at night. so my bf took me bra shopping and I tried on a few and thought id post pics and see what you girls think. my left breast really took a beating the bruises are black and run half way around my side down my to my tummy and up towards my nipple... my breasts were tubular shaped and he had to kinda skin me around he bottom of my breast to loosen the skin so he could make them round around the bottom .. I'm so afraid my skin there is going to be dead... this really scares me. other an that I have noticed some dropping and I hope they.don't.shrink too much once the.swelling goes down.

omg the bloat sucks!!!!

my belly has looked huge since Tuesday, along with my.feet and ankles being swollen. I'm so uncomfortable .. mornin boon wasn'tas bad this morning. took ibuprofen haf real baad shakes so bf talked me into atleast taking a muscle relaxer which did make me stop calves and feet are swollen too guess ill lay down n prop them up

why do I feel so tired?

all day I have felt down , sad, n tired. I haven't taken and pain meds today only used ibuprofen and 1 muscle relaxer. I am still bloated and I've been to restroom several times. all I do is sleep today. has anyone else experienced this??

1 week

its been a week today ruising is getting better they seem to cramp a lot.. not sure if that's normal... post op ppt tomorrow dr said he would be showing my massages. he cut around both aerolas and put implants in under breast . surgical tape is still in place not sure how my scars are looking. update more tomorrow

feel like myself again

I am no where near as sore as I have been.. and I'm back to my happy self.. I have p.o. appt in the morning left side is still bruised and looks bigger than the right. I'm kinda worried about that.

more pics

p.o. went ok still waiting on them to drop. added more pics

10 month review

I'm not totally satisfied with my results I never realized that when I use my chest muscles and the compressed that I would look like I have 4 funny shaped boobs lol. I also didn't realize my areola and nipple on my left breast would still burn and hurt so badly when touched by anything. The left breast is also more flat on the bottom than round and you can really feel the implant. I also was hoping to have the sit higher on the chest not so low. I go back to my cosmetic surgeon in a couple weeks. I hope that he will say that they can be fixed and not be extremely expensive.

Wish they sat higher

Really wish they sat higher on my chest than they do. Wonder if there is anyway for them to go in and raise the pocket they sit in or something so they don't look so low and saggy. Anyone else out there have this happen??
Greensboro General Surgeon

I'm revising this as I'm not happy with the results and my Dr doesn't listen to my request and tells me nothing is wrong. I'm very dissapointed and am now seeking a new surgeon to do my capsulorrhaphy.

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