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I am so excited. I went to one doctor for a...

I am so excited. I went to one doctor for a consultation and I looked for free consults because I feel that they should be free. This one doctor I guess didn't take me seriously so he spent about 5 minutes with me and I got a quote for over 10000. I wanted it done but I wanted to shop around. Then after speaking with several doctors I found one that had great bedside manor and he took his time with me to show me. I am a nurse and I didn't want him to know that because this changes the way people speak to you but he treated me with respect and he wanted my business. He is wonderful and I really love that he took the time with me and his price was lower and I feel much better in his hands.

Getting ready for my big day

So I am getting ready for my big day. I can’t wait for it to come!!!! At this point I am sick of talking about it, sick of preparing for it and I am ready to just get this over with. I have prepared a preop checklist thanks you YOU GUYS suggestions and help and I have almost everything I believe I will need. I am so excited to get rid of this flab and cross over to the flat side. I am just trying to spend as much time with my two little girls as possible. I am already getting emotional because my youngest is just 8 months and I am really sad I will not be with her. I have never been away from my kids this long and I am not sure how I am going to handle this emotionally. I know I need to recover and I am giving myself two full weeks without them and two additional weeks with them here and help available. The last two weeks I pray I will be able to get around by myself. If not I will ask my family for more help. I am so nervous, anxious, excited, scared, terrified, amazed, thankful, grateful, and humble. I have been praying around the clock and I am hoping for a speedy recovery. Here are some more post op pictures and these are the last ones I will take until my big day. Can’t wait to see you guys on the flat side!

PO Day 1

I am glad to be at home!!! Yesterday I got up and showered with Dial soap, no lotion nothing at all and I put on my loose clothing as we were on our way. My granny is a nurse so she took me and she is taking care of me until I can do more. We went in. I got prepped. He made the markings on me and we discussed what he would be doing and where. I went to pee and then to the OR suite. I was nervous but at the moment It was all in Gods hands and I was simply praying. The nursing staff was so warm and friendly. Once she put the IV in I heard my PS say compliment them on how my arms were positioned.... and then I woke up fully clothed with wraps and a nurse in front of me with a cup of water. It felt like I had my dental surgery and I wasn't in pain, rather I was sore. I was wheeled to the car and once in the car I just felt really sleepy. When I got home I walked inside and I was surprised how straight up I could stand. I learned quickly I can only stand erect with pain meds in my system. I took my antibiotic and my pain meds and my Colace and I sat on the sofa. I didn't even make it to the recliner I had all set up... I was comfortable there. I got sick to my stomach twice and it was painful. I tried to splint my stomach so it wouldn't hurt, but It was hard to hold a pillow to my gut and throw up and avoid the carpet... lol. After that I used the antiemetic and I felt somewhat better. I have no appetite. I have been drinking water. anything else has made me sick to my stomach. I am now lying in my California king bed with tons and tons of pillows and I am feeling a little better. I am just walking to my bathroom and back to bed. I am draining pretty good but gosh I am soooo swollen!!! I wish it would go away. I will take turmeric soon to help with that. I have arnica gel but I am going to wait until Wed when I have my 1st postop visit for my PS to give me the go ahead to take off and then put back on my binder. Here are some photos. I look a mess!!!!

PO Day 3

Yesterday (PO day 2) was rough. I was tired and I didn't feel all that well. I really hadn't slept and I was all over the place and restless. I was emotional because I miss my two little girls and to top it all off I was swollen and still had no idea what my belly button looked like. I am waiting until Wednesday when I see my PS for him to do the 1st dressing change and then I will be able to see my BB. I am walking more and I am more erect. I had a MR but it doesn't feel super tight like most people described. I guess its based on your body and what your PS does and or how tight he pulled it. I am swollen but I am taking turmeric and I plan to eat fresh pineapple today. I woke up this morning feeling better that I did yesterday. I walked laps around the house and I am glad that I am moving more. My back is killing me and my abdomen I really sore. I have used arnica gel on the places I can touch without removing my bandage. I am trying to stay out of bed because granny is right... it does rob you of strength. It seems like once you get in... you have a hard time getting out. I am deep breathing to make sure these lungs stay open and I stay away from pneumonia. I had a BM on my surgical date but not since then. I have been sleeping on tons of pillows and with ice packs. I cant wait to see my PS on Wednesday. I will update photos Wednesday.


No Half bad

PO day 5

Today was rough for personal reasons. . All that aside, I saw my PS. He took off all the gauze and padding and I was finally able to see what I looked like underneath. I am still very swollen but he stated that I am walking better than he ever imagined. My incision is hearing nice and he is afraid I'm doing too well too fast because he doesn't want me to get ahead of myself and over do it. But he is not taking my drain out anytime soon. He gave me the go ahead for a shower... I'm just super nervous since my incision isn't closed yet.. maybe I will try a shower in the morning. I really want one I just need to gather my energy... I love the BB so far . I was praying it wasn't a slit in my stomach rather a cute little hole I have been praying for a speedy recovery. I'm taking it one day at a time and listening to my body

PO Day 7

Hey ladies. I am feeling so much better today. No more narcotic, just extra strength Tylenol and ice packs (really helps with swelling). I never slept in the recliner and I have been sleeping in my bed somewhat on my sides daily. I took stool softeners 3 times a day since surgery and yesterday I had diarrhea. Not good. I am walking more... drinking more water (thanks DiamondDreams) and staying out of bed. The bed will hinder you not help you. I still have my one drain in. (sucks) and I am glad I am feeling much better. I never used the gauze I purchased and I think I over did it when preparing.( can never have too much huh). Here are some side by side pics. I am really swollen and I pray it goes down. I know this will be a long journey and I am ready to continue to see results. Its like opening a gift everyday!!!! I thought most of my stretch marks would go away and they did in the front and NOT in the back (sad face). I hate this CG on my face and I have not been able to get my hair done because of it. I spend hundreds of dollars on extensions and I refuse to allow them to get tangled in this CG. I just want to get back to my little girls and back to feeling fabulous. I took a shower!!! (yay) it sucked me of all my energy and I am taking it slow.... Cant wait to update you next week

PO DAY 10 ish lol

So I went to see my wonderful PS today. He removed all staples and cut out sutures. He looked at drain and said he will take it out Monday. Yay! He also said swelling will go down another 30-40%! Once I add some exercise things should be good to go (I asked about a revision if my back fat wasn't sculpt enough for me. I went to the grocery store I figured the walking would help now I'm super tired. Here are some photos. My right side is still more swollen than the left side and bb looks off center. Cant wait to see the progress as time goes on

more pics

My ps also said incision will drop with swelling :( still wish it was lower.

po day 13

I woke up feeling good. Did a mani and pedi... facial.... I feel good. Looked in the mirror and felt brand new. I love it and its just two weeks! Here are some pics. I tape my drain tubing down and tie it to my legs. Sick of the stares. .. can't wait for the good stares! My panties never fit over my butt. Even in a large. They start to look like parachutes when they fit. My scar is dropping with the swelling. Cant wait to see the final results.

PO day 14

Yesterday I over did it. I drove my car (although my doctor said Sunday) and I ended up being in the car all day doing various favors. I got my hair done.. Yay, then I realized I had to sit for a while getting it done. I ended up being super tired and my abdomen was on fire! I had to pick up my daughter from grannys because I arranged only two weeks of help and I was not prepared for what was in store. My daughter is a handful and I am glad I have some help. I think I overdid it. I was super swollen and I forgot my turmeric and vit c and other meds at my grandmas house when I decided to come back home. I am too tired to drive back to grandma house now. Then fathers day is tomorrow and my apt to have drain removed is Monday. I am thinking I will either have to drive back and forth or be stuck here. I am still thinking about this one. Granny called and said she got a big bag of romaine lettuce. I am so ready to chow down. I feel better today but Im so paranoid about my baby pulling on this drain. and she grabbed my face where he did lipo and I almost died. My big girl is home today and I am so happy. well I guess I will update you guys again later

PO day 16

Hey ladies. Today was great I'm officially drainless! Yay. I took my 1st real shower and I scrubed all over so many times. When I showered before I kind of just stood there and today I was feeling so good I hit a home run. Yay. I feel so good. I drove again today with no problem. I've moved back home to my apt. Which has steps and ive had no problem. Sleeping much better and I looked at myself and I feel so good. No regrets at all. I love my new body and when I put on this dress today (that I refused to wear pre tummy tuck since I knew ppl would ask me how far along I was) and I looked outstanding! Tomorrow I will clean my house. Shower really relaxed me so off to bed I go

PO day 22

Whoop whoop. I'm feeling great. Sometimes I ache have a little pain here and there but overall I'm great. So I over estimated my daughters weight she was just 18lbs. So I'm lifting her with caution and no problems. I sleep pretty well on my sides (I'm a side sleeper anyway). I simply hate this binder but I hate going without. I call it my love hate relationship. I finally had sex yesterday for the 1st time. Whoop whoop. Too bad I'm still in my binder :( he didn't seem to mind lol. Sticking to my water and turmeric its working wonders! Will post some pics maybe tomorrow the ones I took were too dark and the flash killed the photo.Back to mommy mode cooking cleaning. I use ice packs to help with swelling too. And I use them daily for most of the day and night. Well that's all folks. Pics tomorrow fingers crossed

some pics

Sorry the pic quality sucks! But here are some pics

PO 33 I think

Hello. Its been a little while. I am doing great. Every so often a little sore but nothing major. My tape is falling off and the scar is pretty flat I only saw one bumpy area and I go see my PS on July 10th. I will start scar treatment then. I am doing the marble thing for my belly button and its working. Ive attempted sex lol. Ive been able to carry my 20lbs daughter since week 3 and I can lift her very well. Ive been driving since week 2. Trying to eat clean. So far I'm doing no carbs mwf and tues and thurs no take out or fried foods and sat one free meal. Then sunday I eat 1/2 of everything. So far I've been back and forth btwn 165 & 170. I take turmeric 500mg 2X a day. Vit C &E and biotin daily. I'm trying to walk daily but the rain has killed my free routine. I'm still very much swollen. So here are some pics.

4th of july

I ate like a pig for two days. Time to get back on track and after seeing these pics I want to run until I'm soaking wet

PO day ? week ummm 6 I think

Well I have stop counting the days and weeks obviously and I'm too lazy to pull out a calendar lol. Went to see my PS yesterday. He said I'm ahead of schedule and I look about 3 months post op rather than

so I typed all that and it didn't load

Basically I'm ahead of schedule. I can work out no weights or bulking up but I wasn't going to anyway. I've lost weight he told me I look great. Walking everyday sticking to my 1600 calories diet. I feel great. No more facial CG except at night for 3 more weeks. Hair appt today! Yay

PO day ?

Well I got my hair done. I am thankful. I am a little frustrated that nothing fits in my closet from the waist down. I am also tired of being round and not flat. I'm eating pretty clean and working out daily. Here are some pics from the other night. Check out the tummy

almost 2 months post op

I had to take out that super long hair ..... it was too hot plus I have on girdle panties and my CG hair is natural. Love the facial profile from the lipo!

almost 2 months!

Hey! Im doing great thus far. Every so often I have a sharp pain in my abdomen on the left side. And also I have some incision pain. I am always so worried about it opening tho I'm sure I'm just paranoid. But I've read reviews in which thier incision opened. Lately ive been eating soooooo bad. I really need to do better. I have been working out some days and some days I just don't have energy or maybe I'm just being lazy. I'm so afraid of getting bigger again. I'm still at about 1600 calories a day but some days I'm over or some days its all brownies lol. Next week will be better. I read one bad meal doesn't make u fat. And one healthy meal doesn't make u fit. Bottom line is I need to work out. My ps gave me a great starting point now its all on me. I pretty much look the same. I still take my vitamins daily (C, E, B, and turmeric) I try to drink as much water as I can remember. I just have so much going on. I'm making some better choices in food. Tomorrow marks a new beginning and I'm ready to get back on track. I'm still in abd binder 24/7 and facial CG at night when I don't fall out and forget! Here r some pics

its been a while

HEY! its almost 3 months since my surgery date. I'm loving my new body and what that means for me. I am doing well besides occasionally swelling up especially when I eat salty foods or I'm eating junk. I know I need to do wayyyy better but I'm still doing pretty good. I stopped wearing this CG yesterday because all it did was roll up on me. I've been looking everywhere for one that works but my short 8 in torso has made that hard. I am still somewhat taking my daily regime of vitamins *see previous post for what kinds* and in sooo much better when I take them. I am in the process of moving and its been stressful and I've been eating bad. I am trying to work out at least 3 days a week doing cardio and I do good sometimes I don't. I'm Human and I'm not going to beat myself up about my bad days. Here are some pics of just me!

pics that never loaded

more pics

going back for a revision

So after some careful consideration I am going back to get back lipo (my back area doesn't match the front. The rolls are gross and I hate the way it looks and I thought flank lipo would fix it but it minimized it but not to my liking). I am also going to get the fat transfer to my butt hey why not and he said this would be my last chance to really do it. Total cost 4500. Wish I would have done this the 1st time around with the other surgery. Still trying to work out the time off from my new job. Fingers crossed I will get this done in june. If not I Will have to wait until maybe December and I don't want to do it around the hoildays.

going back in april

Soooo. After my surgery I was Happy with the results but I guess I had unrealistic expectations. Being that he marked my abdomen and my back rolls for a lack of a better word I imagined the entire midsection both front and back would be fixed. After surgery I was swollen I couldn't tell swelling from fat. After some time the front looks great. I'm very particular so I don't like that my right and left sides aren't the same.the right side isnt as flat as the left in the flank area and the left side has a dog ear. My back fat became evident once the swelling went down.I voiced my concerns and I was assured it would all come in with exercise. But then I was told to only do light cardio to prevent a tear to my repaired muscles. So I scheduled a BACK TUCK (Lol) and lipo and while I'm there a fat transfer to my hips. The quote was 4500 but he dropped it to 4300 and threw in the Obagi skin system and a chemical peel. I wanted and bookee surgery for june so it would be at a one year mark. But with so many things happenening in my life I had to push it up to april 15th. Hoping I get what I want with this revision. I want the front to match the back and I want to be sexy. Oh and I'm not mad about the fat transfer I threw in for my hips and a little to my butt. He said this was the last chance since I really don't have my fat in one place to harvest and I'm pretty much Happy with the rest of my body. Wish me luck. Part II huh lol

some pics

additional lipo

So my back tuck and tummy tuck were both amazing. But I fell off the bandwagon something serious and gained about. 20 lbs. So I made the decision to do some additional lipo. Surgery date 4-1-2016!
Dr. Trusdale

I love him. He took his time with me showed me everything he was going to do. He discussed the repair he anticipated my need and answered all my questions and made it effortless. I love his personality and he does great work. I saw one woman leaving with her binder off and I was like wow I cant wait until I am next. He is such a nice guy, very educated and decorated and I know I am in great hands.

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