I have always looked young for my age... Until I used Latisse, which caused hollow, sunken eyes!!

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I have used latesse over the last year and a half....

I have used latesse over the last year and a half. I noticed my eyes looking very hollow and couldn't figure out why. I thought I was rapidly aging in one year until I stumbled on articles about Latesse causing this to happen.
Has this happened to anyone else and if so, did you ever go back to normal???

Before and After photos

After photo

1 week after stopping latisse

Here is an update picture. As you can see, It's getting better (but still has more to go to be like before using latisse).
I saw a review on this site from doctors and surgeons saying that latesse doesn't cause sunken eye and eye color change and its people with glaucoma that are effected because the drops are going directly in the eye. It concerns me that these doctors are just reciting what they hear without researching. It is very obvious to me that it was causing the area around my eyes to be sunken in (you can see it in the photos) and from research, many others are having the same effect. It makes me wonder what else are they doing this with and how much can I trust what is said.


My eyes still look terrible. I can't believe this company can sell this product. This wasn't a warning when I start (though it might be now?). From 2014 to 2015 my eyes have aged so much. I just hope they improve. :(

One more photo from today

It still looks bad. Doesn't anyone know how long it takes to reverse or even if it fully reverses?

Roughly 1 month after stoppong

It's gotten a bit better but still have more to go.

1 month later


My eyes are a bit better but never returned completely to normal. I aged a decade in one year. The before pics of me that I've posted in the past were done less then several months before taking latesse.

I have posted several pics of where I am today.

Still not 100% back

Here is a pic outside in natural light
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