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Hi, everyone! My name is Mekia and I have been...

Hi, everyone! My name is Mekia and I have been wanting a breast reduction since I started growing them out of control!!! I am currently 29 years old with two sons and I just want to live a full life! At 29, i haven't been to a dance, prom, party nor formal place because of these monsters on a shelf.

Waiting for Insurance Approval

Hi everyone! Since the BR will be my first surgery, I'm wondering how long this process usually takes? It's been a week so far and I'm patient just a bit anxious... Lol Since I'm a fulltime mommy and student, I won't be able to have the surgery until May/June. That's a far cry away when you feel your nerves are already tearing into pieces!
Pray for my nerves yall! Lol

The Insurance Company Approved Me!!!!

So ladies, I just got the call an hour ago that my insurance approved me for my BR surgery!!!! I don't even know how to feel right now!!! It only took exactly one week!!! My situation was dire then!!! Mayday Mayday!!! Lol But I still have to pick my date for surgery...it's between May 16-June 13. I'm leaning more towards June 13 because I don't want to mess with my finals for school and the insurance co-pay is $2,014 which I have to have paid 3 weeks before my surgery. Which I only have a part of the monies. Well wish me luck!!! I would like to have it in May but I'll keep you updated!

Pre-Op Appointment Went Well!!!!

Sorry, I haven't posted anything in a while....just finishing up my semester at school and working. All is well with the BR scheduled for June 13th. I'm super ecstatic but calm on the outside.
Dr. Truesdale asked me what size I would like to go down to and I stated, "A C-cup please." And he said, "No, I don't think that's a good size for you. The lowest I will go is a D-cup." Lol He is a very personable person and I told him to do what he sees best but nothing over a D-cup....I can't with the cups that runneth over!?!? ????????????????

In the meantime, I haven't smoked a nasty cigarette in about 3 weeks....And I feel good about that...plan on losing a few more lbs. Between now and a few days.

Also, still haven't gotten any supplies for surgery. Don't want to get unnecessary items because I'm already a shopaholic!!!

No Nervousness

Hey girls, I'm probably making a little thing into a big thing but I have no apprehension about Monday's surgery....maybe because it's a lifetime dream for my 29 year old self but I'm emotionally prepared for the surgery. My mom and dad are driving from Michigan to North Carolina to be with me during the surgery and to take my two boys back with them for the summer. I know I should probably meal prep but I just don't feel like it!!! Lol I hardly eat as it is but I've been making a conscious effort to drink a gallon of water daily and eat more than 1x a day... My boyfriend is a great help to me during this time and any other time. I feel safe with him nursing me around!!! Lol I'm such the brat when I'm sick so I hoping on staying doped up until I'm able to shower post-op. Surgery day plans is to stay overnight but I got a feeling it may not go my way but I'm hopeful and I asked could I as well. Ready to heal already and haven't even had the surgery!!!! :)) Tried losing a few lbs. Before surgery but....yea...that went exactly as stated. A couple lbs were lost but nothing I'm super proud about... I miss my "when I thought I was REALLY FAT BODY" and really wasn't!!! Lol I'm shooting for a C/D cup but nothing more....praying I don't need a revision or anything. Anyway, here's a few pics of my body with clothes on and off....can't wait for lil boobies!!!!

Back Tracking for You Guys!!!!!

So, I know I've been missing in action but not on purpose....I haven't been able to upload any of my pics because I'm not tech savvy but I'm here now. Laptop to the rescue!!!!

So my surgery was June 13th @ 7:30 am but I arrived at about 6:10 am to do lab work and other testing. Everything went fine except that they had a hard time getting the IV in my arm. I joked with the nurses by saying, " If yall wouldn't have took my food and drink, my veins would be good for yall now." IV was finally placed in my hand after the 3rd attempt. They wheeled me to the OR room, had me switched beds and I put my arm up on the arm platform and next thing I know I was knocked out.

Woke up in recovery room and was made to drink grape juice and crackers. It felt like a communion over the boobies. SO,,, it took me about 2 hrs. to eat the crackers and drink the grape juice because I was sooo high of pain meds and was in and out of sleeping.

I finally finished up my "food" and was released to my boyfriend to go home.

1st day PO was sleeping the WHOLE DAY....Here is my hospital photoshoot...lmao

The Pictures I Promised

More of Them

My 1 Week PostOp Picd

Drains were taken out on Monday June 13th. Dr. said I was healing fine, continue not to do too much and he also told me that he took 6-7lbs. Worth of Breast Tissue off of me!!!! He stated they were very dense with little fat!!! He also said that he did a new technique called a Vertical type of incision that left my nipple in tact and got the tissue out by those means!!! I look at my boobies for the 1st time post-op and I'm like, "WOWZERS!!! They are still pretty!!!" Lol Which I told my doctor that I came in with big beautiful boobies and I wanted them to stay that way!!!! Awesome job Dr. Truesdale!!! Next week, stitches will be coming out!

2 week-ish PostOp

So ladies, here I am, awake as usual (with my insonniac self) thinking about all the future newcomers to RS thay will stumble across the site and be soooo appreciative we came before them!!!! I know I was and am still one of them.

Now, my 2-wk postop is pretty much, eh, normal I guess. My sons are vacationing w/o me this summer and I always feel the urge to "be productive". I never knew how much my mental procrastination with cleaning seemed to be buried underneath issues with my breasts!!! No grunts when I bend over to pick things up and my, I'm even washing, drying and folding clothes more!!! (Normal the man of the house is the main cleaner of it).

I feel pretty strong and alert. I've always been agile but felt very weighty in the body (if yall understand). Even when I was lighter in pounds. Now I'm ready to hit the treadmill at new levels!!!! Was already impressed by my sheer speed with a massive chest by gosh, I can't cut through now more graciously!!!

Now aside from my excitedness there are a few drawbacks...I realized my waist needs more attention than ever now with small boobies, my surgical line goes to my armpit and I have a little pointed fat pouch on my Left side where my drain was. I almost felt into a slight depression before I told myself, "Hey, YOU ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS." With my upcoming dr. App. On Monday, I'll ask him about that, but I'm pretty positive most of it may be related to weightloss needed.

On a happier note, my incisions look great (the parts I can see through steri-strips) and the stitches will be taken out Monday. Oh, and the boobies are dropping into a more natural shape now. Still some numb parts but postOp is really going better than expected!!!

P.s. It's been 6 weeks since I quit smoking cigarettes!!!! Hopefully it'll be forever!!!

Luv yall and God Speed!!! Muahhhh!

I Missed My 2 week Post Op Appointment

So I overslept my appointment (severe insomniac) yesterday and I called my doctor's office to reschedule. Well they told me thay the next opened date is JULY 11TH!!!!! YALL, I bout fell out!!! I just need my stitches taken out! Nothing else!!! I don't know what to do ladies because for (1) These incision lines feel like hot fire! And (2) I'm an anxious person and I'm nervous that something may happen like them making my scarring very bad.

I don't know what to do ladies? Any suggestions. I'm going to call the Dr. office in a bit to see what alternatives they have because I'm just not going to let these sutures stay in me like this.

Well anyhoo, I feel like I'm healing pretty well. Nothing to complain about. Well, no I take that back, my incisons feel hot fire and it still feel like rocks in them. But other than that, I'm fine. Lol

2 Week Post Op Pics; Healing Pretty Well

2nd Week Post Op

2nd Week Post Op

Stitches Taken Out

Soooo ladies, I called the Doctor's office to no avail then I put on my thinking cap and decided to call my nurse co-worker friend (I'm a CNA) who's a wound nurse and she took the stitches out for me and put a few steri-strips on the incisions. Told me that my Doctor did a fantastic job on closing me uo and to monitor my drain site on the left side because it looks a little open.

Ok, after that I called my Dr.'s office to make the appt. Just in case because I wanted to ask him a few questions like,

1.When can I start scar therapy and/or massages
2. When can I start working out?

Well the secretary says (because I called like 6x's today), "Dr. Truesdale was notified about your situation and would like to see you Thursday."

"This Thursday?"


I started laughing @ the irony of life....thought yall only had July 11th opened!!! But hell, I done took measures into my own hands because I am a proactive and reactive type of person! Lol

It was GOING TO GET DONE! With or without the office help! Lol So I'll tell you girls how the office visit goes Thursday! *Praying I get rest...will take something for it, if necessary.*

Week 3 Post Op

Not really much to report this week ladies....besides, I've got the 3 week blues. Trying to stay on course with this whole 'not doing much' thing but it can get incredibly depressing when you're used to being in the go.

The beginning of the 2nd week, I was healing very, very nicely but then towards the end of the week I began to have a little 'setback'. The incision line under my right breast became irritated and kind if opened up!!! Good thing I caught it early! I stopped wearing my sports bra ALL DAY LONG and I'm really trying to give this 'back sleeping' another chance. It's been 3-4 days of extra special treatment and it's coming along.

Haven't started scar therapy quite yet because I wanna be healed but the boobies have dropped some. They feel soft and firm but the bottom is still a bit tender and numb in parts.

Well nothing much left to say besides, TAKE IT EASY GIRLS!!!! We don't want any setbacks! Talk to ya later!

*New Items*

Yesterday my order came in the mail for this scar therapy cream called Amerigel. I did a ton of research on it and it got 5 star reviews....so I'm going to try it out. Well, I did already, last night. My open wounds were just beginning to close when I decided to go bra-less every other day. Now I'll add this to the regime.

*I'll post my progess on this as well w/my weekly updates* HAPPY HEALING!!!!

Sleeping has become a worsem feat for me!!!!

Hey girls, I need some suggestions. I can not sleep comfortably (side sleeper and stomach sleeper by nature) and when I try, I can feel a pull on my boobies!!! So I went back to my back sleeping (which I hate tremendously) and it promotes healing for me but it also keeps me awake every few hours!!!! I'm getting a little dissapointed with that part.

I already split a little bit of both incisions underneath both breasts so I'm trying to do right. I am supposed to go back to work (I am CNA in a nursing home) but I don't think I'll be ready by then.

Taking all suggestions please!!!! Happy healing everybody!!!

So I'm Officially 5 Weeks Post-op!!!

Soooo, it's 5 weeks so far and I am nervous, excited and not so sure all at the same time!!!! Lol Still trying to heal up the agitated T-incisions, and not sure if my body is ready to go back to work. I don't really know but I did have a CVS PHARMACY haul yesterday.
My boyfriend bought me some stuff called Manuka Medi-Honey, Neosporin Spray and some Cami-like bras (those were from Walmart though for $4.97) and I felt better within the first hour of putting all that stuff on me!!! Lol I even had a great night's sleep in my bed!!!
That Medi-honey is the business!!! I love it!!!

Found out late in the game that the sportsbras the Dr. Had recommended me, had been cutting into me everytime I wore them. Which wasn't often. So I have my 6wk. Checkup next wednesday, I believe but I am going to keep an eye on this incision site.

There is hope ladies!!!! Thank God for it!!!! Lol

Time is Flying!!!!

Hey all!!!
It has been awhile that I have updated but I haven't forgotten about you girls! I promise!!!
So for me, I believe this is week 7 post-op. Wowzers!!!! Almost 2 months and I feel I can take over the worllllllldddd! Sike, just joking but I have taken over my mentality as far as how I view my body. It still has its imperfections but now I only see it as "gateways of improvement."
My scarring isn't too bad but I really didn't even care about scarring in the first place. I wanted to be a normal woman with normal sized boobs.
I saw my Dr. For my 6week checkup and nothing to be concerned about with him. Still the best decision I have made for myself thus far.
I do have a small concern though....one of my sutures behind the areola spit out but I didn't bother it. Now the skin has grown over it and now I wonder if it's going to be necessary to get removed????
Idk but I entered a creme study for scars that has to be approved by my insurance but my Dr. Says it has had much success so far and that I was a great candidate blah blah blah blah!!!!
So I'm just waiting to hear from him about what the insurance said.
Still haven't gotten my bra sizing done. Still a bit nervous and fearful of "a number" (Almost exactly the way I feel about the weight scale) lol. I just like that they're much smaller than before tho.
So anyway, when is the actual size going to be ACTUAL???? I forgot to ask the Dr. Darnnit!!!!
Well happy healings and new beginnings everyone. So much more to discover in this life!!!

Oh, P.s.
My coworkers said to me recently that I walk with so much style and confidence now, like fresh energy!. I thought that was pretty cool. It will forever stay in my heart!!!
Dr. Gerald Truesdale

Is very straight forward, has a great sense of humor to relax an uncomfortable situation and very knowledgable about the procedures.

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