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Age: 27 Height: 5'3" Weight: 151 Current bra...

Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 151
Current bra size: 36A
Mom of 3
The BA set for: August 7; 450cc; Saline; under the muscle

So I have been coming on here for about a month and finally decided to post my story :) I have always had small breasts. I was told that they were still growing pretty much my entire life. Well, they haven't and are in fact smaller than before I had children. They are also in the shape of a pyramid lol. So all in all, not so pretty. I was blessed to marry an amazing man who didn't seem to notice or care about any of my flaws. He is just perfect for me. We now have three amazing children and while I nursed all of them my breasts looked fantastic full of milk. It was when I stopped nursing our third that it finally set it, my breasts were going to be small and deflated forever.

So we made the big leap and went in for a consult to see what we could possibly do to help correct my sad pointy breasts. While we were waiting in the office, my husband smiled at me, I knew right then no matter what, he was going to buy my new boobs :) so we asked lots of questions figured out the best size for my rib cage and where to put it( over or under) and what type of incision and just so many things. Needless to say for the right price we were a go! I set a new weight goal for myself (I was 159 at the time of the appt). I want to be down to 145 by the time the big day comes. So now with 8 pounds lost and 6 to go, I'm on a mission!

My husband is so amazing. He has taken off work so many times to help with my consults and pre-op and getting me a hotel the day of surgery (with no babies) and then taking the week off after to help with recovery. Then if I need anything after the first week, my mom has offered to jump in for me. But, I feel like that I am in the best shape of my life and I heal pretty quickly so I should be able to manage my organized chaos :)

So, wish me luck and lots of prayers for a safe and speedy recovery with new boobs and three kids under 6.

I can't believe how time is flying by. I have...

I can't believe how time is flying by. I have eight days until my big day :) I am feeling pretty nervous and just want it to be done now, RIGHT NOW. lol. I guess I'll have to wait like the rest of us. I have bought a couple of zipper front shirts and another zipper front sports bra ( my doctors office is providing one for me as well ). I am excited, happy, nervous, and anxious all wrapped in to one :)

So as my nerves were building again, I decided it...

So as my nerves were building again, I decided it was time to take the pictures and post them up. I find them to be so helpful on other people's reviews. So I'm posting mine too! My before shots have taken away all my nerves. I'm excited to get my new boobs ;)

At this time one week from now I will be laying in...

At this time one week from now I will be laying in the hotel room with my new additions! I have my prescriptions all filled and in my bag along with a bra I want my doctor to "ok" already will give me one to go home with. I also packed two zip up shirts, I wasn't sure how big I'd be so I bought a medium and a large. I guess tomorrow I should make the hotel reservations and finalize out plans with the sitter for the night. We are actually having our house warming party ( we just bought our first home ) this very weekend! So my house will be super clean for that and I just have to keep it up until surgery day, haha. I'm a little worried about my weight not quiet dropping as fast as I hoped :/ I'm still at 151... I had started this year at 180 so it's great to have lost that weight but I feel like I have plateaued with my results. I definitely don't want to be the fat girl with boobs, ugh... So I guess more workouts? Have a good night girls :) time to watch " wipe out " haha

It's almost here. We have to finalize last minute...

It's almost here. We have to finalize last minute details still, such procrastinating on our part. lol. Need to get the hotel, pack, and double check the sitter one last time. Because Tuesday is fast approaching :)

Eeek! One hour away and I will have boobies :) I'm...

Eeek! One hour away and I will have boobies :) I'm excited, hungry, nervous, and mostly just wish it was over by now... So won't update again after and post the pics with lots of bandages haha

Well it has been a rough 24 hours. I went into the...

Well it has been a rough 24 hours. I went into the office around 10 and by 10:40, I was saying bye to my husband and hello to the table :)

The doctor, nurse, and anesthetist were all wonderful. They explained everything that was going on as they did it. They got all the heart monitors on me and started with low doses to slowly put me under. By the second dose I was out :) the surgery was about an hour long and when I woke up they had me dressed and sitting in a wheelchair with crackers and meds all ready for me. I stayed for about 40 mins after to make sure I was stable on my feet. My husband helped me in the car and we went to the hotel. It was 5 miles away. By the time we got to the hotel I was in excruciating pain! My head hurt to turn it, my arms hurt to move at all, and I for sure thought that I would never been out of pain again. I have been taking the pain meds every 5 hours and it was barely doing anything, even with my husband giving me bags and bags of ice.

I ate soup last night for dinner and had a muffin for breakfast. As long as I take my pain meds every 4 hours I feel like I could totally manage the pain. It is like a constant pressure and painful to move anything. I am currently in the recliner with pillows all around me. It is still very uncomfortable. Even with the meds.

I have taken a few pictures and will have to post them when I can make it to the home computer. But, I love them. They already feel like they are a part of me :) I have to wear the strap that pushes them down, because my fold was so short under the nipple he had to work a lot on opening the pocket . So the strap should help them settle down, but it does cause some pain from pushing down on them. Pretty much everything hurts lol.

So I ended up at 525cc saline under the muscle. So they are big and need to drop and are still pretty swollen, but I think that they look good and will only get better. Pics to come soon :) The have risen since surgery, so that is why I have to wear the band.

So the strap is so painful, i feel like my breast...

so the strap is so painful, i feel like my breast is going to pop right out the bottom...

posting pics and then back to my recliner with more meds and more ice veggie bags!

I added another new photo (it shows that the...

I added another new photo (it shows that the implant has gone up some) hoping this band pushes them back down...

only super nervous about it.... :/ ugh

Well. I don't know how people do it, I am such a...

Well. I don't know how people do it, I am such a wuss when it comes to pain. I have all my pain meds scheduled for 4 hours apart (doc orders) well I made it to day 2 and literally woke up crying in pain only 2 hours after taking my pain meds. I am thinking a combination of things affected that. My stitches felt like they were on fire and my strap was causing a pinching sensation. Plus I was laying completely flat somehow. So my husband woke up with me and gave me ice packs, more pain meds, and called the doctors office. Within 20 mins I was ready to pass out again. I am now in the recliner sitting up, instead of laying down. It is so much more comfortable. I think that I will stay like this for the next couple of days. But I must say, I miss sleeping with my hubby :(

Back to bed, just wanted to get in a quick post about the pain. That the burning, itching, and pinching pain is apparently all normal and my body is healing nicely. But everyones experience is going to be different, and while I thought that I handled child birth really well, my pain tolerance is much less than I was expecting it would be. I guess it's hard to know what to expect until you have it done :) night nite.

I am now concerned about a double bubble that may...

I am now concerned about a double bubble that may have happened the very first night of having them.

My doctor saw me the very next morning, he looked concerned that my breast fold had changed, but said that I now needed the band which originally he felt that I did not. So now I am in constant pain with this band on 24/7 and I have what looks like a shadow of a boob under it like a bubble.

What do you think?

I am still not sure about this second bubble that...

I am still not sure about this second bubble that has developed and not so sure how the strap is helping them. But I am physically feeling much better, I have raised my arms as instructed ( not over my head by can get them level with the ground ).

My mom came to help me today with the kids. Thenk the Lord she has been wonderful. I can't pick up the baby, so while I can make breakfast/lunch and pick up the kitchen, wash dishes, do a couple loads of laundry and play with the kids. I couldn't get the baby in the crib by myself. And we all no a cranky baby is not good :) so that was just wonderful.

I called my doctor and let them know I wasn't quite ready for Tylenol yet and they called in another prescription for pain pills for me. A lower dose, and I love them. They are just what I needed to get me back on my feet. So I will be using them only at night time and trying to use extra strength Tylenol during the day as needed.

So all in all today has been great, just wishing that the double bubble hadn't happened. It's a little worrisome and what should be such an exciting time has now made me anxious and worried that I wasted all this money and the pocket was so big that the implant just shifted upwards :(

But my doctor and nurse keep reassuring me that everything I am feeling is normal and I need to let them settle down and fall into place before I make any decisions. Which is just what my husband said, it will take time. He had me try on one of my strapless dresses and it looks so different with boobs holding it up rather than a bra, lol. So at least with clothes on, they look amazing. Currently they are about a D so I am hopping that will settling and when the swelling goes down it will be a nice full C.

Also, lol.. So many also's ... The owner of my gym that I have been religiously going to for four months called last night to make sure I was doing alright and see how my BA went. So nice of her to check in :)

Morning. So I have dropped down to one pill,...

Morning. So I have dropped down to one pill, instead of two. I can still clean the house, but I think I need tot a,e it a little easier. Last night was rough! The baby woke up three times and wanted a bottle :( them our 2 1/2 year old woke up around 2:30 and thought that it was time to play :/ so I am just about to fall asleep in my chair at any time.

Really trying to not only stay awake, but trying to not throw up. Taking meds on an empty belly is not a good idea!

Also, I wake up so stiff and sore. Does anyone have a great tips as how to sleep comfortably. Currently I'm waking up every couple of hours. Also, ice packs are my favorite ever. Sorry for the ramble, I'm too tired for this... I'll post pictures later

So now on the end of day 4, my hubby and I re-took...

So now on the end of day 4, my hubby and I re-took the original shot of me in the pink sports bra. And while things are still a swollen, I think that they look.... amazing :)

So I shouldn't haven't done it, but I totally freaked out about the extra bubble boob thing that was happening on the bottom. I wasn't sure how a silly velcro band was going to help... but my doctor was right :) with time it is starting to look like it did the day I walked out of his office. The swelling is going down and the implant is starting to settle into the pocket better and my original breast fold is becoming a lot less noticiable. Or atleast I want it to be so bad, so it is LOL

I have to get some new pictures at the one week mark. I go back in for the one week post op appt on tues. I will update again then about what my next steps are with the band, possibly massaging and whatever other instructions he advises.

*** quick question to anyone out there who has already had the BA done: Do you ever here the implant squishing sound when you move your arm(s) up and down?
-I am doing my exercises to eventually be able to get my arms over my head by my next appt. and for my right breast I can hear a faint gurgling or like a little kid jumping in a puddle type of sound when I raise my arm to a 90 degree angle and back down... just curious. Thx.

Well, I had to get them redone... My doctor and...

Well, I had to get them redone...

My doctor and his team have been wonderful throughout this entire process. I am currently sitting in bed, post op 2 days. It is so different the second time around. I wasn't nervous and my pain level is dramatically lower. I was able to do laundry and pick up the house today some. I do have a friend here for the first week to help lifting the baby and if I need a nap she is ready to pop right in, love her. My husband has been so supportive and already has our daughter's schedule memorized and picking up my slack. Although, her outfit yesterday was not matching at all... lol.

So, between the double bubble on both breast, wearing the strap three weeks didn't help, and then bottoming out... He wanted to correct them and give me the boobs I wanted. So I was thrilled that he too didn't like the outcome. Ha. His staff got me scheduled right in and told me not to stress that all would be taken care of and that I would be in and out of surgery with my new and improved boobs. They already look so different from the first time. I think that my original shape of breasts was just harder to work with and all along I was going to need to do it twice. But I am totally happy with them so far. And will try and post pictures in the morning. I am currently in bed with massive amounts of back pain from not being able to lay down :( but this too shall pass!

Can't sleep... Sleeping sitting up is the worst...

Can't sleep... Sleeping sitting up is the worst lol. I wish that I hadn't had the double bubble the first time. But I'm pretty sure that the first night I had them and slept on my back 0_0 (that's my shocked face haha) and then having them slip out of the pocket he made, creating a double bubble. Has now made me super cautious about laying down this time too soon. So here I am wide awake and wishing that I could just sleep on my belly again :) I'm going to have to have my hubby take pics for me tomorrow. They look just great and I'm so excited about them. I thought that they didn't look too bad and I was living with the double bubble and even didn't see the bottoming out as that bad, but my doctor was wonderful and reassured me that he could make them look even better. He wasn't lying they look just like boobs lol. But going from the tiny triangles to this is just such a transformation. I am now having to dress a little differently to accommodate my new size in shirts, but I have also been able to lose some inches while working out! So exciting. Can't wait to be at the 8 week mark (again) and see what they look like this time! Well, guess time to try and sleep.... See you in the am with pics!
Greensboro General Surgeon

After lots and lots of research and looking at pictures galore, he had a young woman with the exact same breast as mine (which is very hard to find lol) I absolutely loved her results. He was very professional and knowledgable. His front desk and nurses have all been amazing. I am super excited to get this process started! During the procedure everyone was just as I had remembered them. Just lovely. The nurses were very informative about what I should expect before the procedure and what patches would be cold etc. They also dressed me, and had crackers and some water waiting for me after everything was done. As soon as I woke up my husband was there to meet me :) They have called everyday since to check in to see how I am feeling or if I have any questions about anything. They have been so wonderful. I would recommend them over and over again :)

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