Butt Implants, Lipo, Fat Grafting to Butt

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So I have narrowed my search between Dr. Person,Dr...

So I have narrowed my search between Dr. Person,Dr. Widder (whom is considered the butt doctor of VA) , and Dr. Jimmerson (Dr. Curves of ATL) and feel more comfortable with a Dr. Persons a doctor that is considerably local to me and I feel he has been very thorough. I initially told him that I wanted 660cc implants, he also suggest that I have lipo to the back done in order to accentuate the results of the butt. I decided that would be fine, I will just add that fat to my butt(fat grafting) .. Dr. Person was my choice after seeing a patient 1justlooking123 on RS. And after talking carefully with him during my two consultations I believe he will do what is best and what my body agrees with. All to often a lot of us have unrealistic expectations that our body doesn't agree with which ends up with us having healing difficulties( i.e wounds not being able to close). Also I told my doctor that I want whatever looks proportionate to my build (thighs, legs,etc) . I have had my blood work done and I sent it over today I have been working on my get well kit ( I will post pics and the list of what I have and what I ordered).

Man oh man!!!

So this procedure will definitely test your pain threshold. The morning of surgery my nerves totally got the best of me. However, my doctor has the best sense of humor which help put me at ease.I was down two days one the third day I tired standing and walking and got to shower. Also took the catheter out and still waiting to pee on my own. I have eased up on the pain pills . My advice to anyone having this procedure -don't just lay on your stomach or you will stiffen up. Alternate side to by placing pillows under your stomach. I haven't really got a great look at my ass but by the way my hubby keeps eyeing my figure-I'm guessing it's good
Dr. Persons

Dr. person is very professional and has many years of experience doing this procedure on various patients. His knowledge and expertise is admirable and the results of his work speaks for itself. His office staff is very clean, organized, friendly and professional. his sense of humor is great...

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