Neck Lift with Chin Implant and Endoscopic Brow Lift - Greeneville, TN

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Expectations for recovery and results from surgery...

Expectations for recovery and results from surgery should be very thoroughly investigated. 3 weeks recovery time is unrealistic and is what i was told to expect. I thought this meant that I would feel like my self but just look better after 3 weeks.

Not sure when the scars will heal well enough for me to go hairdresser. I had a few minor procedures in the past but they were nothing compared to this. I don't feel "normal" I realize I'm just 3 weeks out and maybe that is too soon to tell. Actually I felt pretty good just a week after but I've had a setback with a surgery related issue and now very depressed. I'm not sure I'll ever get the sensation back in my face, or the constant pressure, numbess and tightness around my neck is making me very anxious. I have to force myself to stop thinking about it or I feel like I'll go crazy.

I feel like a whiny crybaby who got what they wanted and now wish they had of left good enough alone. I still have high hopes that eventually I'll look better than I did before but I really just want this muscle tension and numbness to go away.

I don't feel I was given enough info of what to expect after the surgery. I think that if most people knew what they were in for in the slightest, they would think long and hard about going forward with it.

For me and my family, the cost is signficant. I feel guilty for spending it selfishly and for vanity. I sure hope that in the end I will look and feel like it was worth it.

1 yr later

I have to admit that I have looked better this past year than I did the year before. I did recover and spent a great summer looking good. I ended up with a bad ear infection that was quite painful not to mention ruin my holiday. The negatives are I have a bumpy scar behind one ear that I would like to get revised but I don't know that I'm ready for any more facial trauma. My husband went thru some sort of trauma seeing me post op and says he wishes I could have seen my face peeled back like an orange. No thanks. People say I look like I've lost weight or I've had botox. Overall I will say I'm glad I did it and hope it lasts long enough for me to feel the cost was worth it.

Vanity check 2014

Before and after if chin implants
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