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It's the beginning to the end of the nightmare...

It's the beginning to the end of the nightmare that started April 9,2007. coincidentally I had my implants removed exactly the same day I had them put in. The Doctor held my hands all the way to the room and it made me feel so safe and secure with what was next. I never felt this way. I lost hope, he was Amazing . Day 4 post removal and mastopexy. My story is long, I will post later. I know it will help a lot of woman.

Follow up ! Excited to hear about my options

My follow up is finally here!! I can't wait to see how he's going to fix me. I've been so down , can't sleep thinking about it. The road to reconstruction continues. I hope I'm ready for what's next.

Pre-op road to reconstruction

Though I want to go after the doctor who destroyed my body and me as a woman. She deformed me but not all is lost. I will not get all those years back. I will never get all that time lost when I was weak, feeling sick deformed on medications and so insecure physically and emotionally. I was totally dependent on her making me at least making me infection free and some what normal. The whole that drained yellow fluid for years. This was my only goal the last few years after multiple surgeries . Under the impression that it was me. When all along it was the care I was recieving. It wasn't care though .Now I'm ready to turn the page. Had my pre-op today! I feel like I have an opportunity to at least be able to look at myself in the mirror. I have not looked at myself in years naked with out tears.

My consult was great and I'm ready. I will share after my reconstruction . I'm happy to share to help all you ladies out there. We all want to be like we use to be or better but at the end of the day we want to be healthy and happy. Health is so easy said but when your sick it's more traumatic to feel helpless . To put everything you have in person who says they can help and does the complete opposite , adding betrayal
. Dr. H is completely opposite. Honestly sitting with him is a complete 360 and it's only part 2 of what could of been nothing and continuing a deep depression, sickness and life threatening health condition.
. He's giving me something that I've never felt......Hope. I can't wait to see myself afterwards. Positive' ....pray for me.

Step two reconstruction

For those wondering details I had fat transfer to fill in the empty but fat transfers only keep less than half the injected fat. Look back and you'll notice a big difference. .its a miracle its just looks horrible because it's step 2 . This has to be done in steps and unfortunately this is what I have to go through to get normal. I wish I could just be normal. I'm so devistated. How could you do this to me Doctor Henry ., is what I keep having nightmares about me saying to her, Was I so stupid and so despite and an easy victim . I keep having this dream where I ask her again and again .Honestly I can't stop crying . I'm growing more and more upset. But At the same time I have to be thankful I found this new doctor to help me. He's making miracles and im only paying for room and staff fees really . I've looked at all the prices for these type of surgeries (2) and I realized I'm only paying less than 25 percent of what this type of reconstruction cost. When I asked him "why are you charging this amount? "he replied," I just want to help you, this is not about money to me, what you've been though is wrong and I just want to help
You and make you feel normal again . " I'm trying not to be angry because negative energy doesn't help but I can't help getting upset when I look at myself. I need to stay away from all mirrors for a long time . I'm like Frankenstein now. So many scars ever where .to think that all that was wrong at the time was saggy Breast
feeding boobs and skin from my belly .!now I'm a walking half monster . She mutilated my right breast. .ive almost lost my nipple . It's a true miracle he's able to do what he's done so far. I'm excited to talk about the next step tomorrow! I know it will be a positive meeting because that'd all I've gotten from him and the wonderful poeple there. Honestly everyone is pleasant and so encouraging . Trust me, right now that's what I truly need .i need light at the end of the tunnel .


This what I lived with until it was removed for 6 months , had it replaced just to end up sick again , then I left her for good and had them removed . Sorry they are not in order.

I'm ok but still not normal

It's been a long time since the the removal- fat transfer 1 and 2. I've come a long way. Of if My nipples is higher than other but I m sure it's just me that it affects the most. I feel good , healthy, I'm working out almost daily . Here is my post-fat transfer update . I didn't keep much fat but at least it's no longer sunken in my chest. One breast is a size whole smaller. Don't know what to do next. It's very expensive to keep going. I've paid , I know less that what I should of but 10000 is still a lot for me. I've had so far, 2 fat transfers and revision breast lift, nipple revision and of course the removal of the implants.

Companionate , optimistic , caring , emotionally involved with my worries and made me feel secure and gave me hope , I'd lost years ago, he gave me the strength I needed to move forward. Amazing person. And the nurses, anesthesiologist, and assistants were all very attentive, motivating, supportive and kind.

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