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I'm a pretty athletic woman, 5'8", 120 lbs and...

I'm a pretty athletic woman, 5'8", 120 lbs and have been unhappy with my flat butt. It's especially obvious when wearing athletic wear and swimsuits. I've had breast implants (32C), which were beautifully done and I'm looking for the perfect booty to match.

I've done my research in the Bay Area and I'm excited about my surgery with Dr. Henry! I'm having butt implants with fat transfer (have no idea where she'll lipo). Let's see how it goes!

6 Days Post Surgery

Time flies when you're on bed rest, lying on your belly taking pain medicine (and zoloft)! I've been a little drowsy to write and in my free time I have been busy online Christmas shopping. Here's some updates from my experience (I don't have any pictures, so don't ask for them. I'll have pictures when Dr. Henry take my post pictures). First off - It helps having an attentive husband who is checking up on me regularly (and taking care of our 4 year old daughter) .

Dr Kimberly Henry's staff is excellent and professional. It's reassuring being in a facility where everyone knows what they are doing and are very clear on instructions. The office itself is beautiful and inviting, and my favorite part is that the surgery rooms are at the same location. I've been to cosmetic surgeons that have to rent an operating room elsewehere, so it's so convenient, intimate and private to have everything done in one place.

The surgery check-in was at 7am, anesthesia in at 8am and out by 11:30am. I had lipo from my flank and round implants inserted between the butt muscles. I'll have more details after the post-op meeting.
Tips prior to surgery: set aside clothes you will be wearing to and from the surgery. Tips for surgery, bring a button up dress and compression socks. I chose a loose button-up Diane Von Furstenberg dress that would be easy to get out of and into. (staying fashionably stylish in the meantime). It always feels good to look good :-)
The dress stayed in good shape when I arrived home. For compression socks, I wore ProCompression sleeves. They're the best compression fit for legs, easy to get on and off and are excellent to use if you're a runner. Flip flops for shoes, because they're easy to slide into. On the ride home from the facility, I layed down on my stomach on the back seat (coupe sedan car). The staff even gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for to take home! -nice touch!

Tip for day-to-day items: have on your nightstand any essentials. Mine are lip balm, notepad, pen, cell-phone/charger, laptop/charger, kleenex, water bottle, etc. While lying on my stomach, i just wore a soft robe. I was thinking of getting a bell to ring for my husband when I needed him, but I thought he woulnd't be amused by it (lol).

Tips to drink: Lots of water, Cold pressed juice from Whole Foods per day, nutritional shakes for protein.

I do feel some pain. It feels like something is placed in my butt muscle. I've had sore butts from exercising, and it doesn't quite feel like that. Otherwise, but butt shape feels great. I'm definitely not flat anymore!

I have my post-op appointment tomorrow and will try to share any images from Dr. Henry's office, as well as my experience. So far, so good :-)

Pre & Post Pics from 7 day Post Op Appointment

Here's a comparison of how I looked pre-operation and 7 days after the operation. Very happy with the resuls so far. I'm a slim Asian woman, so my new shape works perfectly with my body.

The post picture was taken right after my compression garment was taken off and there are still some ink markings where my Doctor had drawn on me. I still have some swelling and fluid (Seromas) around my butt. This is a little more obvious on my left side. The doctor said to keep the compression garments on for my body to heal and that the seroma will naturally absorb into the body.
At this appointment, my catheter and my two drainage tubes were taken off. Next appointment in one more week!

2 weeks Post Op & Back to Work!

I was originally hestitant & scared about getting butt implants with Dr. Henry because her post-op instructions are pretty intensive (no sitting for 6 weeks, only sleeping on your stomach - not sides or back, no bending, no crawling, no taking big steps up staircases, no exercise for 6 weeks, small steps, only wear dresses/skirts for 6 weeks, no pants, the compression garment provided has to be worn every day and washed every day for 6 weeks, weekly post-op meetings, etc., etc., oy vey!!!). I even considered finding another Dr. who had an easier post-op recovery plan. But I really liked Dr. Henry's portfolio of the work she has done and I had a good feeling about her after the consulatation.

So far, the recovery plan Dr. Henry has put into place has been pretty awesome and has been well worth it to make sure everything heals as planned. I'll make sure to post if anything bad pops up.

Since I wasn't able to take much time off from work & I'm keeping the operation private from coworkers, I only took Holiday time off and went straight to the office after two weeks. So far, it's been easy to do my office work at a standing-desk with no issues. My butt was a little sore at the end of the day, but I think that was from being up and about, since I've been mostly on bedrest.

Keeping everything private from coworkers has worked out perfectly, as there are several other type of medical surgeries that have about the same effects and post-op recovery as butt implants. I just picked one and I don't get any questions at work and feel comfortable about my business.

About my bigger bootie, I just plan on saying it's is from all that eating and not exercising as much (lol). I feel like the improvement to my booty looks very natural to my entire frame, so the size change isn't a huge shock. I'm sure the men at work will notice, but they're not as cut-throat as the women in my industry, so I'm not worried about it.

Once I don't have to wear my supportive garment, I'll try to take good pictures of my after appearance. The garment leaves funny lines on my skin & my skin is normally smooth with no wrinkles :-)

later....2 weeks some weird side affects

I realized I do have one negative. My elbows have been extremely dry and irritable. I think it's from having to move around on my bed using my upper body strength only,which means pulling on the rails or digging into the bed with my elbows (at the end of six weeks, I'm going to have awesome arm muscles). Also, I have odd dreams that I've sat on my butt...and then wake up glad it was just a dream!

Three Weeks issues & happy with the results

It's been three weeks post-op and I'm feeling so much better than the first two weeks! I still feel some soreness on my butt, especially if I do a lot of walking and moving around, but otherwise, it seems like my healing is on track. I've noticed my implants settle more into place. My swelling has gone done and my butt is more flattering to my shape. I did start eating pineapple at the end of week 2, and that seemed to help considerably with the swelling. To help with sleeping through the night, I've been taking Tryptophan (I was having a hard time because laying on the stomach is challenging). At my weekly post-op appointments, my doctor says my incision and implants/muscles are healing well (relieved about that!).

As I've written in previous posts, my doctor's post-op recovery plan if for me not to sit/drive/bend-too-much/lie-on-back/wear-compression-garment for 6 weeks I'm counting down. In less than 3 weeks, I can sit in my tushy - just in time for Superbowl Sunday! At six weeks, I'll post pictures from the doctor's office (they'll be much better than my selfie pictures).

One Month Post-Op

One month of recovery has gone by quick! Before I had surgery, I couldn't imagine not being able to sit on my butt even for one day! But it's been a month and it hasn't been as challenging as I thought it would be. I've been able to get around pretty easily with public transportation and relying on my husband (my temporary chauffeur).

At this point in my recovery, I have no swelling, my incision is scabby and healing. My left butt was a little higher than my right butt last week, but they have both balanced out at this point.

I have a weekly follow-up appointment with my Doctor and she says everything looks great (always a huge relief hearing that!). I have started feeling a little itchy near my incision in the last week and a tingling sensation every once-in-awhile. I have to wear my compression garment still (for 6 weeks total) so that helps with not scratching that area. Also, I read the tingling sensation is the nerve endings healing.

Very happy that I had the surgery! It's been great wearing clothes and having flattering curves. Another week and a half and I'll be (hopefully) given the go-ahead by my doctor to sit/work-out/lie on my back/drive, etc. Counting down the days!

Some tips:
If you have to wear a compression garment that has a pee-hole slit, I recommend wearing a pad down there. I had my period 2 weeks into my recovery and had to wear a pad with my compression garment. After my period, I kept using a pad down there becauses it made it more comfortable. Otherwise, the compression garment can press into the vagina & become annoying. Just make sure to change the pad often.

Eating fresh pineapple has helped considerably with the swelling. Highly recommend eating it (and it tastes so good too!).

Remember everyone heals differently. All our bodies are unique.

Follow your Doctor's recommended recovery plan - no exceptions.

Responses to Questions

Just wanted to give a recap of some questions people have been asking me:

1) What size/shape/location? Each buttock implant is 290cc, round and placed intramuscular. I wanted a butt that balanced out my appearance and was natural looking. I didn't want anything extreme.

2) Do you have to empty the drains? If so how? I had drains for 5 full days plus a catheter. My husband changed the drains. He was checking it every 6 hours. He checked it on the same cycle as my medication. He said it never got more than half full. Operating the drains require two hands, so it's difficult to change them on your own. Especially the first couple days if you're heavily sedated. To help with the draining, he set up a small stable folding table next to my bed. On the table was a container to empty the drains into (he would then dump the fluid in the toilet). He also had a chair, so he could sit down while doing the drains. He said the catheter was a lot easier to empty as he could do it with just one hand. When I was lying on my stomach, he had the drains positioned at the side of the bed near the table. For a good visual on what drains look like, search the review by "Lara111" on this site. She has great images of what the drains look like. My husband said I wouldn't have been able to change to drains on my own (I was kinda out of it due to the pain medicine and it's easier to have someone else help out). I asked him how it was to change my drains and he said it wasn't as bad as he first thought it would be. I was required to wear my compression garment while I had my drains on, so the drain tube came up out of the garment. At the time of surgery, the doctor or nurse will help explain all details to the person who will care for you. My husband had the cell phone # of the nurse, so he was able to contact that person whenever a question came up. It definitely was a strain on my husband to take care of me those first five days, but it's temporary - and one month later he likes my results as much as I do.

3) To help with bruising, I recommend taking Sinnech. My doctor gives this to all her patients. I took one pill the day before and then each day after surgery for one week. My husband said I really had no visible bruises after the surgery.

4) To help reduce swelling, pineapple works great. I didn't eat pineapple till two weeks after my surgery, but wish I had started eating/drinking it earlier soon after my surgery. I recommend drinking pineapple juice (make sure there are no additives in the juice) for the first week and then eating pineapple or taking Bromelain pills. I bought my Bromelain pills off Amazon, but was eating fresh pineapple for a good week and a half before my pills arrived. My swelling has pretty much gone down, but I'm still taking it till my six weeks post recovery is up.

5) Drinking/Eating: I was only able to drink fluids for the first 5 days while I had my drains and catheter in. I recommend making sure you have straws, as it's easier to drink through a straw when you're on your tummy, rather than getting up and drinking from a glass. After my drains came off, my doctor said I could eat solid foods, but avoiding any food that would create huge bowel movements. Due to all the medication I was on the first week, I was constipated (as most people are after surgery). My doctor recommended stool softeners for this. I stocked up on stool softeners prior to my surgery to help make sure it's not difficult to use the bathroom. I read someone else's review on this site that they broke their stitches because they took a hard poop (so crazy!), so that got me nervous about eating foods that are not easily digestible and encouraged me to take stool softeners as needed. I still take it one month into recovery, just to make sure everything flows without difficulty.

6) For using the toilet, my doctor doesn't want me sitting on the seat (sitting at all for 6 weeks), so I have to hover over the toilet. To help with this, I kind lean back over the toilet so it looks like I'm doing a chair dip exercise but over the toilet. My hands are placed on the toilet tank behind me and then I can lower myself as close as I can to the toilet bowl without sitting on it. Because I hate toilet back-splash, I usually flush the toilet as I'm using the bathroom so that everything goes straight down.

7) What did I wear when I had my drains on? I was pretty much on bed rest the whole time my drains were on, so I only had my compression garment on. The second week after they were off, I lived in my soft, comfy robe or my loose, black summer tube dress.

8) Sleeping on my stomach was painful the first couple days as I was trying to figure out a way not to strain my neck. I keep a small pillow under my stomach and then a pillow to rest my head. My head is a little lower than my shoulders and that seems to help with any neck strain. I only took sleeping medication for about a week and a half. After that, I have been taking Tryptophan as needed (can be bought at any health store).

9) Prior to my surgery, I thought through how my recovery would look like and took care of any shopping that would be easier prior to surgery than afterwards (i.e. for favorite foods, medications, etc. ). I set aside all the clothes I would wear after surgery. My doctor has me only wearing dresses or skirts for six weeks post-op, so I had to go through all my closets and set aside my cute winter dresses/skirts.

10) Your doctor should have a list of post-op recovery recommendations that are given to you prior to surgery. I was given a packet a month before my surgery and it was helpful to read though it. It included a lot of great tips. I kept it handy as a resource post-surgery if I needed reminders for my recommended recovery.

11) The day before my surgery, I stayed off RealSelf and the internet because I did't want to get anxious about the surgery. It's so easy to read all the negative complications from butt implants and stress about it, so I avoided creating any anxiety.

12) Some of my fears post-op (that I've seen other people have issues with) were excessive build-up of fluid/Seroma, infection of implants, stitches rupturing and wound dehiscence. My doctor sees me every week post-op for six weeks, so that helps alleviate all those post-op worries.

Up to the day of my surgery, I was questioning if it was a good idea because I was so nervous. I'm very glad I had the surgery and I like my results! Would highly recommend having butt implants for anyone who is unhappy with how their butt looks.

Compression Garment

Here's some selfies of me wearing my compression garment (with a strapless bra). The compression garment was provided by my doctor. The brand is Veronique. This can also be bought online. I have to wear my compression garment six weeks post op.

Six Weeks Post-Op

Finally made it to six weeks post-op and my doctor gave me the go-ahead to sit, exercise, etc. and to lose the compression garment. Whoooohoooo! I'm sitting as I type this and feel no pain at all. My butt is still a little tender near the implants, but it's not painful or causing discomfort. My incision has entirely healed (no little holes - huge relief cuz I didn't want any dehiscence going on down there), but I'm still being careful because I don't want it to rupture at all. My doctor does recommend to keep pressure off the incision area, so I'm sitting straight up (basically with good posture) and leaning slightly forward (putting the weight more on my legs than on my lower back).

I'm still taking antibiotics (for two more weeks till the prescription runs out) and have post-op appointments with my doctor (I see her in two weeks, instead of every week).

I feel pretty much back to normal. At the one month mark, it was as if something happened overnight and I was able to move around normally and felt my energy level increase. I'm more flexible than I was the first two weeks. My incision/scab area was itchy the last couple weeks, but the itchiness and scabs have gone away (most likely because the incision has healed).

Very glad I had the surgery and very excited to get back into my regular routine with family and friends; going out and working out!
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