Christian Mother of 3 Biological Children, 3 Adopted Children and 1 Miscarriage. TT Scheduled - Green, OH

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Concerned about surgery and recovery time. I am 5'...

Concerned about surgery and recovery time. I am 5' 2''. My weight fluctuates between 140-145. This is heavier than I would like to be before TT; however, I feel like I need a new me. I was formerly anorexic in my 20's. Gained a significant 85 lbs with each biological child. Got down to 123 by running. Had knee surgery 4 years ago and am not longer able to run. Hence, weight gain and turning 40...So concerned I will not be happy with the results. I am a little too self conscious to post photos. Most of my family and friends think I am having surgery because of "stomach issues" (part of that is true). My husband is totally committed in taking care of me. SOOO scared. I have not done well under anesthesia.

33 Days Till Surgery

I feel the need to get Christmas presents and all done before surgery. It is only 33 days away. Some of this is for selfish reasons. I wish for my hubby to be in a place where he can help me recover, instead of worrying about Christmas. In the meantime, I am home schooling and teaching at a co-op 2 days a week, plus volunteer interpreting (ASL) at church every Sunday. It will all get done...I am not confident in my own strength, but God's. On a different note, I have lost my, I cannot post picts. I will do as soon as I can...and I get the courage.

1 Month Before Surgery

It's exactly one month before my surgery...


I finally figured out how to do this...


Went Christmas shopping ALL day! So fun! Believe it or not, I only have a few gifts left to purchase! Feeling hopeful and finding it hard to wait...


My husband has flu like symptoms, including a temp close to 102. Poor guy. I'm praying I don't get sick and have to cancel my surgery. Dec 11 is really the best time for me and my family's busy schedule.

Pre-Op Appointment Tomorrow

Have my pre-op appointment tomorrow instead of Monday. Can anyone share their experience? I guess we will take picts, check my weight, finish payments, and answer any further questions. Nervous. I do not like showing my stomach. So traumatic for me.

Surgery Still A GO

Post op visit went ok. Dr. said all is ok for Dec 11. This is all becoming a reality...


I am up early on this Lord's day preparing to interpret at my church service (American Sign Language) as I do every Sunday...I notice the wonderful comments of truth spoken into my life and I am mindful of God's church encouraging one another. What a blessing! Thank you!

Asking for advice

1.What are your recommendations on going to the rest room? (How not to bust a stitch, making it as comfortable as possible, etc.)
2. What advice to you have for the first shower?

Surgery Tomorrow

Flooded with emotion. Surgery is tomorrow.

Specific Answered Prayer

I had surgery lees than 1 day. God answered many of my specific prayers...anesthesia went well (no nausea, vomiting, and my head feels clear); eating light foods; urinating and getting down to the toilet is painful, but manageable. My husband is doing a fabulous job caring for me and my oldest son made dinner last night. I'm sore and very hunched over, but the pain meds are doing their job. I am so grateful.

Very Hunched Over

Haven't seen the tummy without the binder yet.

One Drain Out

I was so glad to get the right drain out today. I bled a little and was extremely painful. Hope to get the left drain out in a few days. Doctor is encouraging me to stand up a straight as I can. I was so afraid of popping stitches.

Highs and Lows

Highs- Got my second drain out!! Going to the bathroom independently. Applied some make up today.
Lows- Did not have the strength to attend my daughter's Christmas concert (she knew this was a possibility). My period came, so I'm even more swollen.


I don't look any different pre op and 11 days post op.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It has been a different kind of Christmas (this is a beautiful song)...1st Christmas without my mom, me sitting on my duff instead of being my bubbly self, etc.

Still Not Seeing A Difference

Still not seeing a difference, so I tried to take a pict of a different angle. Not seeing it...waiting...

Belly Button

I like my belly button...trying to stay positive and thankful!

Starting My 3rd Week

Time flies fast! Cabin fever is setting in...

Another Thought

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. Hubby and I are going to wait until I feel better to do something nice.
ALSO...I drove for the first time today! God is good.

Monday Dates

Most Monday nights my hubby and I go out for a couple of hours. Needless to say, we have not had many lately. We went to a quaint place to talk and drink decaf coffee (sitting activity). Then we went to Walmart for a few items. Oh, I still cannot walk very far without my guts feeling like they are falling out. That's even with me hanging on a shopping cart (trying to "mask" my hunched look). Sometime you have to laugh at yourself.
P.S. Sunday morning was my first time interpreting (sign language) again! I was able to sit and interpret through 2 services. I will give God the glory for that!


Started back home schooling this week. I'm still having a hard time getting around. Still feel like my guts will fall out if I walk any farther (which is not much). I have stopped viewing other peoples' sites because I am discouraged. My results do not appear to be as dramatic as most. Perhaps I expected too much from this surgery...just keeping it real.
On a positive note, I love my belly button and the kids are doing well at their school. School has been in session for 2 days, but I'll take it!

Trying to Think Positive

Still haven't been able to sleep in my bed yet, but I have been sleeping much better. Still a little hunched over. Especially during the end of the day. I do like my belly button. I'm looking forward to exercising again. Several times, I have lifted 3 lb weights without using abs. I was able to isolate the arms by bending over the side of my chair. It's not much, but it's something.


I wore jeans for the first time today.

Another Photo

Forgot to post this one

Like to be positive...BUT

I really do like to be positive about things; however, I doubt the outcome of this surgery. I'm still having trouble standing up straight (I got a scolding about this on my last apt). I don't look much different for all the pain I've experienced and the inconvenience I've caused my family. I am glad I have a nice belly button...I am skeptically waiting...

Is This Normal Swelling

My swelling seems to be getting worse. Do you all think this is normal? I cannot see my ps for 9 days. I am so uncomfortable and discouraged. I look like I'm three months pregnant.

I Should Have Never Have Done This

Doctor was able to get me in the office today. He said all is normal. I can't do this...I should have never have done this. No turning back now....crying...keeping it real. I definitely am not my positive self. May His strength be perfect in my weak state. I feel so awful. Look so awful.

Fell Today

I fell down some steps today. I think I'm ok. I have been trying to do some messages on my tummy. The goal is to try and transfer the fluid build up from the healing stomach to other lymphatic drains that are properly working. I think it's helping?

Lymphatic Message

The lymphatic messages are helping. The last couple of days have been so much better. I am grateful for those who have taken the time to encourage me. I am truly blessed. God is so good. Still keeping it real...


Does anyone have experience with Plexus. I just bought a weeks supply. Please be candid with any response. We're keeping it real...right?! Swelling is not too bad this morning. Thank you, Lord. God is so faithful.

More Less-Swelling Photos

Just one more photos from this morning. I'm not expecting perfection.

Rash From Binder?

Has anyone gotten a rash from wearing their binder? Yes, I wash it (ha). My front torso has been itching and now a rash is present. This has been here for several days now.

Unbelievable Swelling and Rash from Binder

Posted swelling picts. Not sure why I seem to be swelling more than most people. Some days, I don't have much swelling...most I'm a cow. Want to be positive, but finding it hard.

Even More Swelling and Rash

Today, I am as big as I was in the Jan 28th photos PLUS the swelling. Trying to be positive. I hope my post helps someone else because I have not seen anyone with this amount of swelling. Swelling is an understatement.

Swelling Is NOT Waning

Swelling is still awful. On the plus side, the rash is staring to get better. What should I do. My PS is continuing to tell me not to worry about it. I'm not just talking about swelling. I'm talking about a seriously protruding abdomen. Could there be a chance something is really wrong? I am so uncomfortable, not to mention the emotional pain. I share in the joys everyone else is experiencing 2-2 1/2 months post op, but it is getting so discouraging seeing my lack of progress. I am so sorry to be so depressing. It is not like me. I am not myself on so many levels. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am watching my eating, stopped wearing my binder (due to the rash and ps said I didn't need to wear it), etc. I am supposed to attend a marriage retreat this weekend and I am so fearful that I will be miserable the whole time PLUS be able to enjoy my husband at the hotel.

Water Pills

Since I don't know what to do...this are my current decisions. No more compression garments. Started taking water pills. This has taken down some of the swelling. I don't know if this is just eliminating some water that will come back; however, it is providing SOME relief. This swelling is awful stuff. If it was "swelling", that would be one thing. This is ballooning. Trying to be positive. Wish I had some guidance and didn't have to guess at what I should be doing.

SO Swollen SO Discouraged

I haven't posed because I it's not like me to be so negative. I am always swollen and uncomfortable. It's been over 3 months. That's a long time to ask someone to look and feel the way I do. Do you all think this is normal? What would you do if you were in my "shoes"? So uncomfortable and frustrated. Every time I go to PS he says that this is normal and I need to give it time. I haven't even started to work out. I'm already extremely swollen. I am honestly watching what I eat, etc. I will attempt to post some photos. Having difficulties.

Pict Tells It All


I have spent a lot of money on this procedure. You bet I am watching my diet. There is too much at stake not to...The "results" and "down time" and "discouragement" make me feel even more guilty about doing this....I desperately want to start exercising! I tried a little, but swelled even more. I'm so confused about what to do. The response I always get is wait...I have a bad feeling that at 6 months I will be told to wait until 1 year....So confused. So not feeling well. SO not happy.

Still Swelling

Still dealing with massive swelling. Haven't posted new picts because I got a new phone and I'm not sure how to send picts yet. Working with my regular physician to see if the swelling is related to other health issues. I'm thinking I will not return to ps ever again. He was not very helpful. So thankful for my regular physician's watch care. Blessings to all. Our journey is never over until God says it's over. May He be glorified! Just keeping it REAL...

Updated Picts

Still swelling. I will be honest, I tried to put my best picts in today. My goal was to encourage myself.

Still Hurts and Still Swelling

I am still hurting if I walk any distance. I've decided to try and disregard the swelling and "tearing" feeling and try an extreme improvised version of Insanity. Still wearing my original binder 24/7. It's been five horrible months. I don't look any better than my before photos. My hips are hips and thighs are bigger than before. We'll see if the workouts help????


So thankful for the many prayers and kind words of so many on this sight. I am deeply touched during this difficult time. So grateful for my husband who will go with me (IF) I decide to go to my 6 month visit. He is trying to encourage me to go. I don't want's too emotional.

Clean Eating and Exercise

Still horrible swelling and pain. I have been- EVEN MORE SO- watching my eating and water intake. Exercising through the pain. If I do decide to return to my 6 month apt, I don't want any "excuses" about "why" I'm experiencing this horrible swelling still (not enough water, no exercise, not eating clean, etc). Emotional mess. 5 1/2 months. Should see more for my buck. Praying for peace in the midst of the storm. (Unfortunately, there are other storms in my life besides this one)

Problems Getting Off Floor- please advise

I am 6 months post op. I am still having problems getting off the floor when I am on my back. Is this normal? I, also, struggle with laying flat on my back with knees straight. It's more comfortable to keep them bent. Still frustrated, swollen, and not happy with the results. Thus, I feel guilty about the money I spent because of the "results" (or lackthereof).


I have been so discouraged that I felt like I couldn't post anything. Perhaps things are getting a little better?

Still Struggling

I still swell. I still have nodules where the "stitches have not dissolved". I have dog ears. I still have bulges. Needless to say, I am frustrated. It is what it is...
Akron Plastic Surgeon

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