Is Green Peel for Everyone?

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1. Precondition: I have been visiting skincare for...

1. Precondition: I have been visiting skincare for my acne prone skin with enlarged pores and troubled chest area. The skincare suggested that I undergo the green peel and stem cell peel combination treatment, so I bought the series for $1000. 2. Day One: I tell her to be gentle with my skin and choose the shortest green peel treatment which takes about 2 minutes of gentle massage. Before the treatment, she applies anesthetic cream on my face and chest area and covers with a plastic wrap and waits about 20 minutes. When my lips start to tingle and my face feels numb, she makes a dark green mixture and starts rubbing it on my face. Like many other people felt, the mixture feels like tiny pieces of glass rubbing against my skin, but because my skin is numbed a bit, the pain is tolerable. Then she pours some more green mixture on my chest area and starts massaging about 3 minutes. She rubs more forcefully on my chest. After that, she cleans the area and places cold towels on my skin to cool down, but because of the anesthetic cream, it is bearable. About 10 minutes later, I have a burning sensation on my skin, and she changes the cold towels often to make me feel better. When she is done, she applies <brand name deleted (editor)> herbal lotion, special cream, blemish balm thoroughly and warns me not to wash or shower for 5 days. She also tells me to generously apply the product to moisturize my skin during this time. 3. Day Two: The first night is pretty uncomfortable because I have some fever. In the morning, I clean my skin with lots of herbal lotion on cotton pad, and apply cream and blemish balm generously. My skin looks very red, and throughout the day, I have a mild fever. By mid-afternoon, my skin feels tight, and my chest area starts itching. I call the skincare and was told that I have to reapply cream as many times as possible, and the itchiness is normal. 4. Day Three: The second night is horrible because the severe itchiness doesn't stop all night, and I see lots of tiny bumps on my chest and some on my face. The skincare still tells me it's normal and advises me to apply lots of cream instead. It's more difficult to apply cream on my chest because it hurts a lot. Meanwhile, my face keeps on tightening, and it's uncomfortable to open my mouth widely. Some dead skin starts peeling off around the mouth first. In the evening, I do the ritual treatment and go to bed naked because I can't wear anything that touches my chest which now is red and covered with thousands of bumps. 5. Day Four: My face is peeling, but the chest still has no sign of peeling and looks quite awful. 6. Day Five: I visit the skincare, but all the dead skin on face doesn't peel off. She says it doesn't peel off nicely because I didn't apply enough cream every day, and I have rash problem for the same reason. At home, while I am taking a warm shower, I gently rub my face and some of the remaining dead skin peeled off. 7. Day Six: I gently peel off some more dead skin on my face, and it feels very smooth and soft. Skin looks even and better than yesterday, but for enlarged pores, I think I have to do several times more to see the difference. Chest area starts peeling. 8. Day Seven: I continuously rub my face and chest area to help the peeling progress when in the shower morning and night. My chest area is still severely itchy, so I finally see my family doctor and start applying Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1%. The rash gets better, and now I'm finally able to sleep through the night. I don't know if my skincare will comply but I'm going to ask them to give me green peel ingredients to test my allergy reaction. 9. Conclusion: a. green peel on face was worth it because skin looks much better, even, softer, shinier, and lifted b. face took about 10 days to completely peel c. green peel on body was not a good experience because it was coupled with enormous discomfort due to allergy reaction d. chest area took about 20 days to completely peel e. chest area feels smoother and looks cleaner than before, but some areas still have discoloration because of rash f. skincare people should obtain some kind of knowledge about allergy reaction and warn customers before anything terrible happens g. green peel is not for everyone h. green peel takes longer than 5 days for some people

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1. I would go to a dermatologist next time 2. I would make sure that I'm not allergic to anything 3. If anything goes wrong, stop all procedures and visit doctor at once

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