Tummy Tuck for Mom of 7

I am the mother of 7 babies. All born vaginal,...

I am the mother of 7 babies. All born vaginal, 1-10 pounder, 3-9 pounders, 2-8 pounders, and 1-7 pounder. I was blessed with my first baby at 16 years old, I knew then I wanted a tummy tuck after my family was completed. On December 8th I will be blessed with the wonderful opportunity to get my tummy tuck. I am 40 years old and full figured. Right now I weigh 230 and I'm 5"6.5. I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before surgery. I'm beyond excited! I am a Registered Nurse at our local hospital so I plan to take a full 4 weeks off. I've sacrificed in every area of my life. With this opportunity, I plan to do everything in my power to have a successful journey.

Some before pics

Well, time is winding down . In 6 weeks I'll be on my way to the flat side. I'm sure I should be buying supplies but I want to buy summer clothes for next year.
I have purchased some compression garments. At what point do you start to wear a faja if your ps doesn't issue one? My ps issues a binder but I don't believe he issues a faja.

Time is winding down

Well I have just over 2 weeks until my surgery. My back pain seems to be getting worse by the day. I try to limit the medication I take. I use icy hot patches and rub, back braces, or ibuprofen as a last resort. The ibuprofen works well for me. I know I will not be able to take it immediately after surgery so I'm more nervous about back pain than incisional pain.
I've done a very poor job at losing weight. I'm pretty sure I've gained about 10 pounds due to my nerves. My preop appointment is this week. Oh those dreaded pictures. I'm writing my last minute questions on paper because I can't remember anything inside that doctor's office. I will update after my preop appointment.

Time is ticking

Oh my, the emotional turmoil is unreal. One second I'm so excited the next second I feel so selfish! I will be glad when this is over. I have 2 days and 7 hours. I'm just praying my tummy is flat when I wake up. I'm so out of sorts I've misplaced my scopolamine patch. Thankfully, I have an extremely busy schedule the next couple of days. Best wishes to everyone.
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