Tummy Tuck for Mom of 7

I am the mother of 7 babies. All born vaginal,...

I am the mother of 7 babies. All born vaginal, 1-10 pounder, 3-9 pounders, 2-8 pounders, and 1-7 pounder. I was blessed with my first baby at 16 years old, I knew then I wanted a tummy tuck after my family was completed. On December 8th I will be blessed with the wonderful opportunity to get my tummy tuck. I am 40 years old and full figured. Right now I weigh 230 and I'm 5"6.5. I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before surgery. I'm beyond excited! I am a Registered Nurse at our local hospital so I plan to take a full 4 weeks off. I've sacrificed in every area of my life. With this opportunity, I plan to do everything in my power to have a successful journey.

Some before pics

Well, time is winding down . In 6 weeks I'll be on my way to the flat side. I'm sure I should be buying supplies but I want to buy summer clothes for next year.
I have purchased some compression garments. At what point do you start to wear a faja if your ps doesn't issue one? My ps issues a binder but I don't believe he issues a faja.
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