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I had my second consult today and every thing is...

I had my second consult today and every thing is ready to go! I just found this website this week and love reading every one's experiences. I still feel like there are questions I haven't asked. I'm still undecided whether I want the High Profile or Moderate plus, I need advice!! My PS recommended High Profile for me based on the pictures I brought in of BAs I liked!

My PS reccomended I stop taking my birth control...

My PS reccomended I stop taking my birth control before my BA, but I'm really uncomfortable about that since my body gets out of control when I'm not on it! Any one else have this problem or any suggestions?

So I skipped the part of giving description of...

So I skipped the part of giving description of myself, whoops! Hehe I'm 23 years old 5'7 and about 113 pounds. I've always had a small chest and never been happy about it. I hate the way I feel trying on bathing suits and not being able to wear a sports bra without feeling like a 12 year old! Haha I just want to feel like a woman and not wear padded bras! I cannot believe one week from tomorrow I'll finally have some girls! ;) My PS and I decided on 350cc high profile under the muscle! I promise to post pics as soon a I can! Please feel free to give me any advice or suggestions before my big day! I love reading everyone's experiences and comments!

Hi girls! I'm getting super excited or maybe it's...

Hi girls! I'm getting super excited or maybe it's nerves lol either way I can't wait!!! I still have a to do list before then, but wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I was forgetting!! What's some of the best things you girls were glad you had for your recovery?

My BA is Thursday and today all I heard was "are...

My BA is Thursday and today all I heard was "are you sure you want to do this, are you doing this for the right reason, have you tried talking to a counselor, is this going to make you happy"...everything under the sun that could discourage me about something I want to do to make me feel good about myself. Don't I deserve that? Now I'm really second guessing maybe they're right? I'm so confused I have a headache and can't sleep!! :( "what are people going to say about you, blah blah blah". Did anyone else get discouraged?

Today is my BA! I don't have to be there until 12...

Today is my BA! I don't have to be there until 12 :( so I'm just hanging around the house trying to relax. I'm already hungry which is no fun lol Getting a little nervous, can't wait to just get it done!! To all the ladies who had their BA yesterday, I hope all went perfectly and you're in your way to a fast recovery!! Wish me luck!!

Surgery was yesterday and went great! I've only...

Surgery was yesterday and went great! I've only had some soreness, but feeling good so far!! The nurses after surgery said I looked great for just having surgery. Knock on wood I didn't get nauseous at all! I'm looking forward for a positive recovery! I'll post new pics ASAP! Thanks for all your support :)

So past two days haven't been that bad! I was...

So past two days haven't been that bad! I was expecting misery. It's actually pretty tolerable! I'm experience a lot more of soreness than pain! I can't wait for a full recovery! Hope all the ladies that just had their BA are doing great! Feel free to leave me suggestions about how yours are going! I've just been staying on my pain med schedule and keep bags of ice on me. Starting this morning I've cut my Vicodin in half!! Hoping to slowly stop it.

Just left my post op appt and it went well. Dr...

Just left my post op appt and it went well. Dr doesn't need to see me for six weeks and I can throw away this surgical bra! But I need to find a bra that doesn't manipulate my boobs for a month. Any suggestions on what kind of bra to get for this next month? He said nothing that pushing them, something that just covers them pretty much. No sports bras either! HELP!

So I'm officially one week post op and doing well!...

So I'm officially one week post op and doing well! I wake up with a lot of soreness in my incisions! Haven't really been taken any medicine, only Motrin as needed! I go back to work tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous lol yesterday I was an emotional wreck feeling like I hated them, but today I absolutely love them! Lol any one else hit the emotional roller coaster yet? Hope all you ladies are doing great!

Three weeks already?!

I know I've been slacking on doing any updates, I just haven't had much to update you girls on!! Today was officially my three week mark and I cannot believe it!!! I have notice a drastic difference in them feeling softer and it feels great!!

My fiancé and I were at target the other night and we passed the bathing suit section and I got so excited!! He just shook his head at me haha I can't wait to find the perfect new suit for summer! I've had to wear a pretty boring bra the first weeks until after my fourth week I can wear whatever I want. The bra I have now just covers them. I can't wear a sports bra or anything that will push the implant.

The only concern I have is how far apart they are. Will they drop and come closer together? Or is that just how my boobs are bc I had nothing before! I assume once they get softer they'll push together more, but what do I know? Lol

What advice can anyone give me on what to put on my scars? My PS didn't really tell me what to do other than at first put antibiotic ointment on them, but now they are healed so what should I do for the scars?

I'll post new pics soon!!

Are they too far apart?

Hi girls! I'm four weeks PO today and feeling my boobs are kinda far apart. They've became softer so they do squish closer together. I'm assuming when I get a good bra they'll look better, but in this old bathing suit I feel like they look far apart!! I need your advice and support! Hope to hear from you soon!

New bras! :)

Went to the mall today for some bras and I got sized!! First she was putting me in 32DD, but then I tried on 32D and like how they fit better! I'm kind of nervous to wear underwire bras bc my one friend wasn't allowed to wear them for months by her PS, but my PS said I could wear whatever after 4 weeks! I just hope that's not too early!

Love these sports bras!!

Before my BA I was completely flat in a sports bra! I even use to wear a padded bra underneath my sports to give me something! I love being able to wear a sports bra and have boobs in it! These are the only thing I've been wearing lately and love them!! So happy I'm so comfortable with myself!!

VS bathing suit????????

Finally bought a new bathing suit at Victoria secret! I'm surprised I liked it so much on me. I was worried I wouldn't find one I liked with the new additions!! I had to get a 34D in the top bc it doesn't adjust around the band I just have to pull it over and the C was not pulling over haha before my BA an A prob would have been too big on me lol

4 months PO-tanning suggestions?

Hi everyone! I'm passed four months PO and it's crazy how time flies. Quick question for anyone! My brothers wedding is less than a month away and I wanted to start tanning for it. Any one have any suggestions about my scars/incisions? I've heard tanning can prolong scar healing and visibility! Thanks :)

Bra suggestions?

Any one have any good bra suggestions or just bras that they absolutely love? Just curious!

New favorite bra!

Had to share my new favorite bra with you girls! I went to Marshall's to find shoes and found this bra. I absolutely love it and it was SO cheap!! :)

Feeling good about myself

I've had my moments about getting the BA, but lately I've been feeling really good about myself and wanted to share! I got a new bra one of those bandeau and they are so comfy. I got a size medium from Arie and want to get more. I took a pic because I got my hair done and had to share! :)
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