New Tatas signing off for good, thank you to all who have followed my journey.

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I am 30 yrs old 5'4 ,115lbs. I have one child that...

I am 30 yrs old 5'4 ,115lbs. I have one child that has a done number on my body, lol. While I was pregnant I had my first biopsy on my left breast, it was benign. Then my second was six and a half months later after I was urged to stop breast feeding due to another lump found in the same problem breast. Fortunately, I had pumped like a mad woman and had six more months for a reserve of the best stuff for my baby. My second procedure was a new one and all went well again. All the lumps that were removed again were benign. I have a number fatalities in my family due to breast cancer, so my breast specialist takes each lump very seriously. I took the BRACA gene test and tested negative, while my mom and sister tested positive, so I decided I am no longer going to wait and see what next happens to my breast. I am going to be proactive and enjoy once again having beautiful round, firm, perky breasts! I was completely happy with my pre-baby/surgery-biopsies breasts. I was a full C very perky, now I am deflated and concaved. I am 3.5 months away from surgery, I am excited and nervous and scared, but feel its worth the risk. I've been back and forth for two years of research and consideration for a BA and Mastopexy and I'm ready:)

Doing A LOT of research and getting more scared.

My PS told me I need a lift and I want a BA, however, I do Not want the scarring that goes along with it. I'm trying to improve the appearance not make it worse. There are so many sad stories on here with women who want to have better breast appearance, then you read at the end ( the photos too) to see that their somewhat happy, but completely hate their scars. I just don't know what to do anymore! I want to have great looking boobs, but not something's else that's ugly to offset how flabby and deflated they are. I feel like I will be trading an evil for another.....I've also been looking into the rapid recovery BA and a new technique called the funnel procedure. Has anyone experienced those and been happy and satisfied with their results?

Adding some photos

I am dead set against a lift for me.

I just can't do it, I've been back and forth and did a 180, then a 360, it's just not happening! I know I will not be happy with those types of scars and the emotional damage that will go with it. I've found (by photos) stories on here where woman who look similar to me have gotten BA's without a mastoxpexy and look great! I posted a question for the PS here, but apparently I had my arms up in every pic, so it really doesn't show the degree of my ptosis. So here it goes again, get ready for more saggy boobie pics:)

So many decisions!

So I'm going to see my current PS on the 21st, I'm pretty sure, I will be changing to Dr. Vennemeyer in Cinn, Ohio. My PS, whom I have no real connection with has a bit of an attitude and I'm not completely comfortable. I thought in the beginning that skill was better than personality, I was ready to sacrifice bedside manners for a skilled surgeon. After reading, researching, and calling, I feel like I've found the best surgeon for me, but, I have to wait to dump my current PS on the 21st. I've already paid $500 to secure my surgery date, but as much as losing that money is super annoying, I'd rather go with my gut and pictures, many of them :) Allow me to digress to why I want to switch. The first time I met my surgeon, he made me feel very uncomfortable and very judged, after explaining that I wanted a BA (with his suggestion of a lift), he asked if there was anything else I wanted done, while looking at my tummy( like he was suggesting I get the mommy makeover for the tummy tuck). I told him I am satisfied with the rest of my body,Then it was just very awkward silence. He never told me my measurements or how many cc's he thought would work. He simply said that I needed a lift and he would do a periareola lift with a bilateral BA and it would be under the muscle with a silicone Mentor implant. I decide at that time I couldn't do it, it was not the right time for me. Then, this year I went back for a second consult after testing negative for the BRCA. He was a little better than the first time with his personality, but spent less than 15 mins with( even after I asked him back to ask more questions) me. So, without a second opinion I went ahead and paid $500 to secure my surgery date. The next time he said he would see me, was on my pre op two weeks before surgery, to bring in pics and get my size figured out. Oh, I forgot to add, that when I asked him what his surgical techniques are , he said " you don't need to know that". I should have never put down money after hearing that! Then after I started doing more research on the internet, I had so many more questions, I called in the next day expecting them to be answered and instead they told me to stay off the internet! That's when they scheduled me to come in on the 21st.

I am so glad I did not listen to them and have made an account here on realself. I am learning so much from all you ladies, that will ultimately lead me to what I want.

Thanks for reading.....:)

Dumped my current PS today!

Wow, what a day! I had my appointment with my old PS this morn and finished up my appointment by canceling all my future apps with him.

Called Dr. V, who comes highly recommended by a ton of women and have my consult on the 10/29/13 Tuesday , yay!! His pics are amazing! Better yet, it seems from all the reviews that he's the real deal ,"whole package", I've been looking for in a PS. I explained everything to my "rock" aka ( husband), and he's completely onboard, he's so amazing! He's been completely supportive from the start. He said he wants me to be happy and satisfied with my body, can't ask for anything better! Also, doesn't want someone who I feel uncomfortable working on my body because that makes him uncomfortable. Well, hope all you ladies are doing great! Ttys hugs :)

Btw, hope they find and block that creepy guy who's been harassing some ladies, horrible and gross person!

Scheduled for December, 13th with Dr. Vennemeyer !

My appointment went great yesterday! Dr. Vennemeyer is as wonderful as everyone says and so is his staff:) He was SO patient he answered all of my questions and hubby's too! He was kind, very patient, and I felt completely comfortable with him. He did not sugar coat anything, but was very concerned for what I wanted. He kindly adjusted my expectations, seeing as I am not having a lift, I will not have perfect perky breasts, but said I will have good results. Apparently I have more droop than I'd like to admit, so he wanted me to fully understand, that no matter how high of implants I go with, they are never going to give me a lift, just inflate my deflated breasts. I have to say, that kinda sucks, but seeing as I do not want a lift, I'm going to have to accept this. What I do go with will be a huge improvement from what I have now.

My surgery is scheduled for December 13th, 2013. I am going for 450, he was leaning toward 500cc's for my frame. When I was trying on the 500cc's, I felt like Dolly Parton, they were huge and heavy! The 450cc's looked more natural to what my VS Bombshell bra has me at now, and how people are used to seeing me, I did notice a big difference in weight. I am, however, cautious ab not listening to his recommendation for the 500, I'm nervous I'll regret it. I wanted to try on the 475cc's, but he didn't have that to try. I feel like I should meet him in the middle and go 475. Seeing that number it looks so big! I told my husband I didn't want to go past 400 and now I'm leaning toward the 500's, eek! I do understand tho, that I have more breast tissue and more droop than my wish pictures, so I need more volume to fill these babies up.

Dr. V also has the skill technique I was looking for and wants all of his patients to have full range motion soon as you wake up, which I think is great. He also prescribes non narcotics, yay! He told me I should do good with round Allergan Natrelle silicone implants(HP). I guess I asked so many questions, when we were there (3hrs) that I don't have to go back for my preop, just show up for surgery.

Take care pretty ladies:) I'm going to post some pics of me trying on different implant sizers :)

Pics from consult

Ok, I think 500cc's is my magic number

So it's only been a week since I had my consult and I've been back and forth from 450-475-500. After listening to some great advice and seeing great results with bigger implants, I'm going bigger with the 500's. My PS first made the suggestion, but I wasn't sure, now I am. I still am concerned about the weight but don't want to regret not going bigger and filling out my deflated boobies properly. Upon hearing this my hubby was very happy and gave me a very naughty smile, lol. He said,"are you sure ab this because I want this to be your decision. It's about you and not about me." I thought to myself and showed him how much I love him for all the support he has given me from the get go. He such a good man!

There's nothing else really going on besides the norms of life. Of course, now I'm playing the waiting game. I know time will fly by cause I've got lots to do before I can't lift and move stuff around, oh the joys of remodeling my laundry room! This date gives me the motivation to get it done before the surgery date. I am excited to start collecting all the necessary items to be prepared for after my surgery.

My momma and sweet husband have prepared to take off from surgery date till Dec 30 to care of me and my little one. I am going to miss picking him up and playing superman and superwoman with him, but at least Nana and Daddy will be here to play lots with him. My mom is coming to stay with us in our mother n law suite, so she will be so close if I need help, she and my hubby have decided they will switch off and on duty of who to watch. She said she's so stressed ab me going under for surgery and wished we all could stay down in Cinn at a hotel. We asked her if she would just stay at our home and take the most important job watching our sweetie pie. Of course she agreed, but reminded me that I am her baby and I'll always be her baby and she's allowed to worry. I told her I understand, but needed her to take care of mine and he's in need of his Nana. I love my mom she's so sweet and amazing. She said she'll be calling my husband every hour for updates:) they have a wonderful relationship( that sounded like I meant that sarcastically, but I didn't).

So my question for all you lovely ladies is, What should I start getting ready first ? What are your fav post op bras? What's the best creams? What are the best foods to eat afterwards? What ab vitamins, etc.? I haven't compiled my own list yet, I though I'd better ask the pro's first( which is all of you who have been tried and tested and true) to see what your first recommendations are.

So to recap, I am going with 500cc's HP under My crease, smooth round silicone implants. If any of you fine ladies have suggestions, I would love to hear them! Until then, take care boobie beauties and have safe days :)

Wish boob pics, nah!

So I've decided not to post my wish boobie pics. I figured it will be unfair to myself if I post a bunch of beautiful, perfect (in my opinion) already done breasts and then, mine fall short of them. I don't want to agonize over my tatas after wanting them for so long. My body is just as unique as everyone else's and I don't know how my body will react. I don't want to spend tons of time in the mirror and wallow over how mine don't look like hers or hers or hers. I want to be happy with what I get and know that it's suits my body and this might be the best I can do with what I have. If they turn out better than what I have, I'm going to run with that. The way my PS reacted to what I want and his expectations of what I can achieve, we're like polar opposites, so to be honest, I now don't really have any expectations. It's just pure trust, which is super surreal and terrifying! It's really hard to be this trusting to a person you just met, but, his work does speak for the unspoken time you have not known him. I'm so glad they're ( his office) are so nice and talk you out of your own fears. That is definitely important, but I do feel like I want and deserve the whole package. I hope I dont regret this decision, it's horrifying enough to go thru major surgery and not have the outcome you wanted. I'm mean if you purchase something that's this pricey and you don't like it, you can return it, not these babies, your stuck! Then, you will have to pay more to get what you want! Ugh!!! What a crazy unknown outcome!!! This part has been super challenging to me.

I still am really excited, but nervous! Trying to get stuff done and organized. Time is now torturing me:) why in the world did I decide to plan this so far in advance! Thanks for reading my ramblings . Hope all you ladies Are staying warm and well:)

Pics of my tatas before my upcoming surgery

I'm getting butterflies in my tummy now that I'm almost two weeks away! I can't wait. I want time to fly, but, glad it's on my side since I have a ton of things to do still. I'm randomly buying post op sports bras and I'm totally confused as to what sizes to buy. I've been getting Mediums, hope I don't need to return all of them! Please let me know what I should do with that dilemma?! Btw, got my marena post op bra with built in strap and it is SO tight, I seriously can't imagine getting bigger breast in that contraption! I'm on the last hook, I measured myself and I'm 27" around and I even called the company and told them and they said I needed a small. I told the woman I am going 500cc's and will that be big enough? She said yes, so now I'm confused:-( I added some photos of me before in these post op bras:)

I can't believe I'm sick and my period is due in 6 days, I'm having surgery in 11!

Well this is completely retarded and frustrating! I'm sick either with, strep or laryngitis. Woke up last night with a huge bulge in my throat and couldn't breathe very well. Then my night got worse, since I couldn't stop trying to swallow with a huge tennis ball blocking my air passages. I woke up this morn and my tennis ball moved to my stomach so at least I can breath easier now. I'm so mad that I'm sick! I hope I will feel better ASAP. I started taking the chlorophyll complex and A-F beta food, so hopefully they will help get rid of this crap! I think I need to go see my PCP, to get some antibiotics, but need to make sure they aren't going to interfere with all the other drugs that I am prescribes if it's a 10 day supply.

Onto other good news, I am all paid up. We paid in cash and saved a $100 and mentioned realself and saved $600! I also, get free Botox on my first post op appointment, yay! Bye bye premature forehead wrinkles and angry lines!

I'm all stoked and set (besides being sick), I have all my meds except the emunition cream and the Celebrex which is ($125.99) for a seven day supply. My insurance is fighting that one, they said its not typical to take more than one in a 24 hour day, but my PS prescribed it for (1) every 12 hrs. So now I am trying to see what I can do to get around that:) I ordered a bunch of soft sports bra's: coobie, genie and VS, I have no idea if any of them will fit after surgery. My Marena bra was obviously way too small! I had to send it back and order the next size up M. I called and complained to my PS office as to why they don't stock and provide them for their clients/patients. It's so frustrating trying to figure out stupid post op bra sizing. How are we supposed to know? I got my measurements twice done professionally and took them myself, all matched 27" under bust and 31" across breast. Called the Marena company, so they could give me the most accurate post op surgical bra and the nice woman said I needed a small. I questioned her and even told her I'm getting 500cc's and was she sure a small would fit, she said yes. So I get the bra, it's too small, called the company back and they told me I would have to pay a 10-15% restocking fee and return shipping and pay for a size M! What a huge bunch crap! I told her that I had a big problem with paying the restocking fee since I called in (per my PS office instruction to avoid size confusion) and specifically asked for their professional opinion, so the nice woman waived the restocking fee and I still had to pay for return shipping. Now, I'm waiting to get that M po bra that is supposed to come 3 days before my surgery. I feel like all of this can be avoided by the surgery center stocking them and including them. The 2 other PS offices did include them, so I know it's possible. If your a patient with Loftus plastic surgery office, you have to pay for this extra and do ALL the leg work to bring it with you to the office and pay for it again if it's the wrong size! I was explaining that this is a stupid, unnecessary process to put on women who already have enough on their plate preparing for surgery. I also said, I am not the only one to complain ab the bra measurement being way off, there are several ladies on here that have the same problem. I suggested that maybe Marena has a bad batch of smaller than listed po bra's. Well that enough complaining in that department for me :)

I'm excited, but frustrated and I'm super repetitive today!

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing great!

Stay warm:)

Correction on Marena size, Now I'm getting a Large!

Marena just called and spoke with me to confirm their mail out of the new Marena po bra and said I should get a large. They feel that I will be swollen and with 500cc's, I will be able to adjust comfortably since it has 3 hooks for tightness around rib cage. Who knows?! I hope it works, fingers crossed:)

So went to the Dr. Today :(

Apparently, I have an upper respiratory and left ear infection. Ugh!!!! I cannot believe this is happening now! The good news to this is, they gave me antibiotics to kill the bacterial infection. My PCP put me on a 5 day Zpack, so I'm praying it does it's job with flying colors. They said even tho it's a 5 day pill pack it stays in the body for 10 days. I checked with my PS and they said antibiotics do not interfere with any of the meds I will be taking in 9 days, yay for that. My ear infection they gave me a nasal spray and said in less than 7 days it should clear. My PCP said I should be fine for surgery if it heals before, lol, I asked her opinion and she said give it 4 days:) so I think I should be okay!

I ordered nippies, based on countrylife's recommendation( she gives pretty great advice;) ). I do not want to have overly sensitive nipples killing me, so I'm trying to be as proactive as possible. So, thanks for all the helpful suggestions to all you lovely ladies!!!

So frustrated!!

I got a call from my PS office telling me now that I am sick with an upper respiratory infection, they have to cancel me surgery!! : •••(((( I want to cry, they said they can reschedule for the 20, but I fly out for Austin on the 25 to be with my family:((((. They said, I should probably not fly to be safe, so I don't have a problem a week out and be so far away. I had everything planned out and now everything is wrong! What a horrible bummer. I'm so disappointed :-(((((

Mentally in a better place this week!

Well, there's no more moaning ab things I cannot change. That's what I have learned this week :p I got my period this week, so at least I will not have to worry ab being sick and my boobs being extra sore along with cramps next week. I also forgot all of the awesome things I can do before my surgery! Friday I am going to get a shellac mani and pedi with my only friend I have told, she's awesome! Then, next week I'm going completely blonde, it's been a slow two year process so I don't fry my hair and last but not least I'm going for a massage!! Figure I won't be able to do that for some time:). Thanks to all you wonderful ladies listening to me complain and for the wonderful encouragement. I can't wait to get my updated chest!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!!!

I am now getting nervous!

So many things have happened since I wrote last. I received my Marena L PO bra and it was 3" too big around the rib cage, so I immediately sent it back in exchange for a M, The Marena rep was wonderful! So now all of my post op bras are laundered and ready to go. I went grocery shopping and have two weeks of food prepared for my family including my mom, who will be staying with us to help out:)

I had my first boobiemare! It was horrible, I thought my op breast looked worse than my pre,Fortunately, I woke up and said,"oh not yet." I got my period 4 days LAte, so I was supposed to be finished by Monday and I'm still on it! It's amazing how you think your not stressed, but your body is telling you otherwise! I've had a migraine for the past five days and finally woke this morn and I feel normal!!!!! I got a ton of my punch list done: mani/pedi shellac-check, Hair dyed the wrong color-check( wanted to light blonde and girl dyed it Carmel blonde), meds filled-check, emunition cream-check, house cleaned and organized-check!

I've held my baby boy more than ever, realizing this is probably going to stop after surgery. He's 4 and more than half of my body length, he's heavy! He's my only one so it's hard to let go:( My husband and I get along splendidly, but got in a nasty argument and admitted it was nerves, he's scared for me. :(( he said doesn't want anything bad to happen, wants me to wake up and be super happy with the results. I had a horrible time sleeping last night! I'm usually very calm, but last night I could not shut my brain off. I'm terrified of being intubated, worse than the surgery part. Last time I went under for my surgery I fought. I woke up with bruises on my arms and ankles were they held me down. Thank God, I cannot remember any of that, but it was super freaky to wake up and see mans handprints on my person. They misjudged the anesthesia and I woke up to early in the middle of my appendectomy. I'm hoping they get it right without over drugging me! Other than that, I'm set:) today I go get a massage before I can't get one and finish up laundry and tackle my laundry room (still not finished remodeling).

Oh, what stool softner really works? I've read so many different stories, so what's tried and true?? I got smooth move, but scared I might need something more! Thanks ladies!!! Xoxoxo 2 more sleeps!!!!!!!! Scared and nervous, excited can't wait for it to be finished.

Before surgery bikini pics

Shout to all you lovely ladies ;)

Just want to say thank you to all you wonderful women here on realself. You have been with me on my journey calming my fears and feeding me encouragement. You all are awesome. Hugs and see you on the other side soon!

Done, but in pain :(

I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and they took me back early, I was finished around 11:00, we left close to noon. I threw up only once, it was only the ginger ale and crackers, I didn't throw up any meds! They said I did very good, I was like superwoman, lol. I checked out my breast and they already look amazing! I love them so far. I can't believe my results so far. My hubby and mom won't let me take off my bra, I threw up the first time when I was looking and showing my baby. So they are afraid I will get sick, they said I can take bra less pics tomorrow. On the way home I had to pee so bad, but couldn't! They told me this is a side effect of the scoplemine patch. As soon as we got home, my baby removed it with gloves, they said to use gloves because the meds will do funny things to other ppls skin. I had a rough time at first with anesthesia and oxy mask, I was coughing really bad, they kept asking me to breathe, then I was out and don't remember anything else until I was in the recovery room.

Thank you to all the wonderful women on here for caring and checking in on me, I really appreciate it. Much love to all of you!

Not so bad for my first night

I found a very comfy position and don't move unless I have to go to the restroom. My pain is a little better today. My rib cage hurts very bad and is bruised, I noticed two med sized needle entries. Wonder if that how they numbed me up and why I might be so sore around there. Dr. V called me last night to see how I was doing. He's so wonderful, all of his staff were amazing! That's it for now, going to post my first post BA pics:) I am very happy, so far. Dr. V said I am going to have beautiful results, yay!!! Thanks to all who checked up on me. Much xoxo!

One more

Posted picture twice :) lol

One before and after pic :)

Rough 2nd night:(

Woke up with god awful stomach problems and still couldn't go #2. So instead my body just started throwing up everything I had in my tummy for dinner. Then came diarrhea, it has been since 1:30 that I made a bed near the Toliet. I haven't gotten much sleep and am completely off all my meds except Tylenol and antibiotic . I not risking that again, I'd rather deal with pain any day! My breast are horribly swollen and painful! Found out what morning boob was, it sucks ! Thought I'd be doing a lot better than this, this is not fun:( I also noticed my left is way bigger than my right. It's weird.., ok hope everyone is doing better than me:)

I let my girls out today

Here's a few more pics of these super swollen babies! Thanks to all for the encouragement, it is greatly appreciated:) xoxo

Thank goodness you all are right!

I woke this morn and I feel better, they are not as heavy and I immediately knew my left had dropped! Yay!! They are still very swollen and a little painful. I've been getting zingers since day two, but I kn that's fantastic eventho it's painful since my nerves are trying to reconnect, that will be a long road to travel on. My left arm is not feeling numb anymore, just very sore! My leftie has had a hard time with this. Also my left boobie is making the weirdest noises like duck calls, which is also really good as my muscle is loosening and the fluid is making its way out. My stomach is still okay, not very hungry. I can't wait to get my normal appetite back, I love food! I have full range of motion without pain, just a little uncomfortable, stiff. Well I'm ab to go get breakfast that my baby's making xoxo to you all!!!

You guys are probably getting tired of my updates:)

Today is post op day 5. Everything is getting easier and better. I went normal potty!!!!! Yay:) my breast are still tender and hard, but I can feel them getting softer on the bottom. I can even move them inwards a little! The swelling has gone down do much that I am on the middle row of hooks in my post op bra:). I washed my own hair yesterday for the first time yesterday. Took some more pics after this morns wash:). I hope everyone has a safe time with their families and on the road, hugs!!!!

Slept really good last night:)

Doing pretty good today. Back to somewhat normal me, still sleeping on the couch:-/ I go to my 1 week PO app. Tomorrow and I'm nervous ab the tape!!! Does it hurt when it comes off??? I found what looks and feels like a blood blister hiding somewhat under my tape, not sure, glad I'm going tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing great and staying warm!! Hugs !!!!!

1week PO app. Done:)

Yesterday was my post op appointment and it went really well! He said everything is looking really good! I have to come back in two weeks, Jan 10. I still have to wear this Marena bra (boo), cause I have a lot more dropping to do. So another 2weeks of uncomfortableness. Last night I slept in bed, it was great:) oh, and yesterday I had Post Op sex with my husband, it was Awesome!!!!! I never lost my nipple sensation or had major numbness on my breast, so we had a good time, TMI, I know! My hubby is very happy with my outcome and so am I. I am starting to LOvE them. They look awesome, I still can't believe I have such amazing results without a lift! I forgot, he had me start the implant displacement massages yesterday's and now the rest of their lives. I did not like it, it was very uncomfortable and a little painful. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well and staying warm, hugs!! I'm going to add pics tonight after shower;)

Today's pics after wash

I'm starting to jiggle in a good way;)

Yay, the jiggling has arrived for me! Took a shower and got out and felt something I haven't felt in a long time, I was so excited I called my hubby to come in and check them. My nippies have become kinda over sensitive today, not fun. My girls are tired of being in this contraption, the Marena bra! I can't wait to wake up and see them by themselves, even for one day. I know I will need to support them and still fight gravity:))

I'm posting some info ab the warranty for my implants. My PS said I had to complete the tracking device form to complete my registration for the warranty, I thought this was interesting and I pass it on. Hope all are doing great!! Hugs

Forgot these:)

11 days, whoo hoo

So everything has been on a steady uphill! Last night, I had a good time with my husband and decide to wear(very shortly a wired bra) a pretty outfit from VS, it was horrible:( the wire caused me so much pIn and I was only wearing for 5 mins. Took Tylenol for the first time in 6 days, wow did not experience pain like that even after surgery. Other than that woke up and thank goodness the pain was gone. Won't try another wired bra for a long time. Hope everyone is doing fantastic and healing wonderfully;) hugs!

Not much changing

I got cleared to wear any bra, except a wired one, because of my complaining . I'm still wearing my Marena bra for ab 13 hrs a day. My girls are looking boxy to me and not dropping on-top. I kn it's only been 2 weeks, but I'm a little frustrated! Went to VS got measured and they said I'm a 32 DDD. I kn they run small ( vanity sizes), but I'm wondering does this mean when I completely D&F that I will be larger??? I'm quite happy with the size I have know and wouldn't mind a tad smaller with more roundness. If they stay this big, I'm completely fine with that too, I think Dr. V did ab amazing job, especially with what I have him to work with. I can't find any wireless bras that are my size, so I'm in Sports bras for now. :( anyone know of comfort and supportive wireless pretty bras that are in 32 DDD? I kn I'll change with progress, but looking to find one. Hope all you lovely ladies are staying super warm ;)

Feeling great today!

Cleaning out my closet and playing dress up. Most of my stuff fits, just a little snug around my girls:), sadly a few things don't fit anymore:(): heehee. Took some pics and still having fun! Finally sleeping on my side AND dundada... My left dropped !!!!! It's right on mark with the right, so far. Hope everyone is staying super warm!! ;) hugs!

More pics from today:)

3 week post appointment went great!

No more Marena bra, yay!! My PS said I'm right on Target:) got my steri strips off today, didn't hurt that bad:) I think I was more nervous that it was going to hurt worse than it did. I really do Love Dr. Vennemeyer, he's SO kind and patient and totally takes his time and listens. My husband thinks he's really well rounded too and is totally at ease With him. I'm cleared to exercise now, just not lifting. So excited!!!!! Going to run tomorrow, but definitely will take it slow. Slow and steady for me! Hope all you ladies are doing great!!

Oh, almost forgot to tell that I bought two Natori bras. They fit perfect and feel great, they are 32 DDD, crazy how big that sounds, but they look so perfect under almost anything. Here's some photos:))

My photos did not show up :(

3 sports bras for running!

Hi pretty ladies, hope all are staying warm and well. I had my first run yesterday, it went surprising great. I wore 3 sports bras and couldn't breathe while running, lol. My boobies were very itchy at the end of the run and my abs felt crazy sore. I'm thinking this is because I'm trying to compensate with balance and stride with weight up on my chest:)). Today was my second run and I tried 2 sports bras and that felt SO much better, could breath with ease, but girls were a bouncing a wee bit. My abs didn't hurt that bad today, but I got (stitches, running term when running and breathing wrong, body not in sync yet) while running. I feel great tho and am planning to do just a mile everyday then 2 next month or after 6 weeks. I danced like a maniac after running, which felt great for my cool down, instead of Pilates stretching, still taking it easy on my girls, don't want any problems. I'm out and about with my tatas and have had none of my friends(who I did not tell) notice or blink twice:) hugging is getting less sore too! My husband and I had a fine time last night and he loves them too much ;)))) he got a bit rough. This morning when I woke up the girls weren't sore thank goodness. TMI: I was ontop and for the first time in a long time, I wasn't self conscious ab deflated boobies sagging and laying down on the job :) my husband was like, you should see how amazing you look from my angle:) (blush) made me so happy!!!

Well that's ab it:) hope everyone is having fun with their updates girls and living life:) hugs!!!!!

4 weeks!!!!

I can't believe it's already been 4 weeks! Yay!! I'm doing really well, except, on both sides is my breast on my incision, I think my internal stitch is poking thru or at least painfully trying to. I just noticed it today when I was wearing my Natori bra. I was walking around and getting a sharp pain just on the end or sides of both. Other than that no problems. I do everything at home, with the exception of vacuuming. Stay well and warm lovely ladies! Hugs!

More photos from today

So just called dr. V and he answered my question ab the stitches trying come out, said that is normal for the body to try to spit them out if it doesn't dissolve inside. Little suckers are irritating. Hope they dissolve on their own inside. On another note, my Dr. Is Pretty awesome to answer my question immediately! :)) what a cool guy and PS!

Sad to go, but uncomfortable to stay :(

I received a PM from Beautymaking 10/23/2013 no post. While this man did not out right say anything vulgar, I no longer feel safe on this site. I asked when this person originally sent a pm, why they had 0 posts and that person replied back saying "well i just had laser hair removal done on my chest and back haha yes im a guy." With that being said and understood, I feel extremely strong ab leaving this site. Obviously, he has other intentions and an agenda for being on this site for women and making up a pretense with his username beautymaking, which sounds feminine and then having no posts, since he only PM the realself users. To be honest I'm disgusted! I am happily married and joined this site to be educated by all the women who have already gone thru this procedure. This site has been very helpful and encouraging to me, but this matter has stepped over the indelible line for my comfort zone. Showed my husband and we both agree, it's time I go. :( I went ahead and forwarded his messaging and my feelings to the appropriate person for this site.

Thank you so much to all you lovely ladies who have helped me thru this process and for your amazing encouragement!!! I will always be grateful! Much love and gratitude :))))) take care of yourselves and I hope you all live beautiful lives and stay well!

I have one or two days left on the site

Before my account is officially closed . I am going to continue to reply and say my goodbyes to all my sweet friends on here! Xoxo to all you wonderful WOMEN!!!
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