Cant wait to get rid of these and be more confident

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I've always had large breasts, i entered puberty...

I've always had large breasts, i entered puberty early so i always felt out of place among everyone else. i am currently a 38 G and i have met up with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Schmidt, who examined me and said i was a good candidate for surgery so they sent out the report to see if i would be approved by my insurance company. I have United Health care. Yesterday i opened my mail and i recieved a reply from them, and i got approved!! i am so excited!! i started screaming and jumping and crying i am so excited!!!!

approved and set the date!!

i just set the date for my surgery and pre op today! my surgery is aug 21st and my pre-op is the 12th. its going to be close since i start school on the 2 of september, hopefully i will figure somthing out for carrying my books. so excited but scared as well, im not good with medical stuff, when the ps was originally talking about what he was going to do i got kinda queasy, and the thought of having drains and the stitches kinda freaks me out.

some background

ive always been big chested, i started puberty early (around 5th grade) and kept growing from there. in high school i was a DD but now i am a G. im 20 years old now. these...things! have kept me from so much, its really disheartening when you cant do things in your elementary school gymnastics class because of your breasts. i love swimming but finding a suit is difficult. im not the skinniest person i weight about 190 but trying to lose weight by running or jogging is hard. i tried to do insanity but my breasts hindered me.

pre op tomorrow

im so nervous for my pre-op tomorrow. my surgery is aug 21st. i cant wait but im scared since it's my first surgery ever.

last day of work

today is my last day of work before my surgery on wed. im so scared...

One year update!

Well its been over a year since my surgery, i know its been a long time since ive been on here. My surgery went very well ( there are a couple funny anesthesia stories i said some pretty weird stuff) and when i woke up i looked down and thought 'where are my boobs?!' they took about 2 pounds off and i went from a 38 G to a 38 C/D! i feel so much better now! and i can finally run!

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