34 Yr Old Mom of 2 Kids, 450cc Natrelle 410 FX - Green Bay , WI

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Surgery is scheduled for May 18th hoping to get...

Surgery is scheduled for May 18th hoping to get 450cc Natrelle 410 FX when I went to my consult I felt completely at ease with Dr D! He answered all my questions. My pre-op is scheduled for May 9th at 10:15 so we will finalize all the details then.
I am 5'4"
Weight 145lbs
36B pre-op
Bwd 11.5
Also plan on going over the muscle.

preop done!

Had my preop this morning everything went good! Got my prescription s and Dr D is ordering 450cc and 410cc in the fix style of the natrelle 410 and also a 370cc MX style. I'm leaning towards the 450 but he wants options in case when he gets me on the table and the 450 looks terrible. My bwd is more of a 12 not an 11.5 and he is trying to not give me humongous side boob! So 9 more days! Yay!

On the other side!!

So far so good! I had surgery at 7am this morning got out of the surgical center at about 11 after waking up from being knocked out!Lol ended up with the natrelle 410 450fx!! I have a pain pump for the next 3 days so pain has been minimal. Laying down in a reclined position is good, getting up and walking around is harder. Will take more pics and update further in a couple days when I'm able to take out the pump lol

A couole of days post op woohoo?!

Here I am at 1230 sat morning Lol. That's OK I'm used to nights. The stiff morning boob is real but has gotten better. Took the pain pump out today as it was empty and that is not for the faint hearted Lol there's like 8 inches. Of tube you have to take out yourself, it didn't hurt just felt weird Lol.so far I haven't taken anything heavy just normal Tylenol and ice packs are my best friends haha. Took a peak the night of then took pictures today sort of just to get an idea and to look at the bruising. The bruising is more so on my right side than it is on my left. However I feel really good about the results and my recovery so far. My husband will help me take a shower tomorrow and my kids have been great for helping me out around the house. Happy healing all!

other photo didnt up load

1 Week post Op!

1week today! Yay! I have my first post Op appt tomorrow so I can get this tape off! So far so good on the healing not a lot of pain but staying up with my Tylenol every 6 hours for the moderate pain and swelling. Sometimes I feel like they are going to pop right off my chest! The feeling of my milk conning in is a bit irritating but I can deal with it. They don't seem to have changed much but my husband says the bottom seems to be filling out more and they don't look as pointy. I just finished my 2nd day(night) back at work. The first night back I had been up for over 24 hours by the time I got home I was one hurting puppy! Tonight was way better probably due to the fact I slept good. I notice when I over due it my left side feels like its scraping on top of my muscle, hurts!!! So when I'm not at work I ice them and try and rest and relax as much as possible. I alsohad to go get some front zip sports bras that fit! ( the ones iI bought pre op are to small ) so I went to Victoria's secret and explained I needed something with support because the bra I have for post op that I am supposed to wear 24/7 for 3 weeks I went to the grocery store and could barley move around because every time I took a step my boobs jiggled! Which would normally be a great thing!Lol! But they are still fresh and man did it hurt! So the girl measured me at 36D, well neadless to say they run small and I walked out with 2 knockout bras 38D = 36DD on sale for $35 a piece! Great support!

Tape is off zingers and numbness

The tape is off! Had my post op appt yesterday and all looks well! I spoke to him about the numbness I'm having in both breasts he said its somewhat normal but to early to tell I now have silicone scar sheets to place on the incisions and help them heal. Said I don't need the dreaded band because everything is starting to look natural already. Have to wait until 3 weeks to get normal bra's but until then I wear the one he gave me at home and my sport bras to work for added support. I would like more feeling on the outside area around the breasts and the nipple area. Right now if feels like when you get numbed up at the dentist and kind have feeling but not really. I get zingers and such in my right side more than the left. I guess its just a wait and see game of what feeling comes back!

2weeks today!

So I hit my 2 week mark today yay! I have been feeling pretty good. Have had some ups and downs mainly walking around at work, I either have the feeling of milk coming in or my boobs bounce to much when I walk lmao! By the end of the day I'm pretty sore! I have had some issues with the feeling of being bruised on my right breast. At the top and along the sides. I also have what I can only assume is a stitch knot under the skin ( nothing is poking through) that is sore and irritated. But my incicisions look good! I emailed my is this morning we will see what he says. Makes it real hard to wear a bra! They are softening a little bit but they are not hard so making progress!

bra shopping lol

I took some more pictures at different angles to try and show projection. I really happy so far at how everything has turned out. I will see the doc again on Monday to look at the stitch that is still irritating me. He told me to wait until 3 weeks to buy a regular bra but I figured I could grab so other sports bras to whereinstead of my white one the doctor gave me. I washed it and it seems like it shrunk! Squishes my nipples and ddoesn't go down far enough anymore Lol. Well I bought a couple danaskin sports bras from Walmart one high impact and two medium impact in XL which the tag states should fit a 38D/DD same as what I have from Victoria's secret and yeah the high impact one won't stay zipped up! And the medium ones squish them to much! GRRR so I will be taking them back. Victoria's secret is still having their sale on sports bras and I think it will end up being about the sameamount of money as the $12 wWalmart one so we will see Lol at least those I can try on and see if they are going to fit before I buy them. The Walmart two pack I wasn't able to because they are clipped together. Oh well. So far so good. Nipple sensation is still not there but its slowly coming back. If I run my right one it sends a zinger into my breast haha. Happy healing everyone!

adding a thought

I would also like to add that there is a slight aysemetry (sp?) My right is and has always bigger than my left just slightly and there is a bit of a difference in them now but not enough to Frank out about Lol also I know they don't have the rounded look at the bottom but they aren't a round implant either so I'm OK with that super round and I think I would have hated them these look pretty natural to me!

3 weeks!

3 weeks today still have a lot of numbness and zingers but thing seem to be progressing I haven't had a chance to see the doctor yet because of work getting in the way. But I still have the bump and I have part of a stitch sticking out of my left incision.

5+ weeks!

So I'm 5 weeks and the feeling is slowly coming back to my breasts I figure it just takes time to heal everything. I have days though that I feel that they are more sore than others. Especially after working all day haha I have to let them air out Lol! Went and seen the PS and had him take care of the stitches that were bothering me. Now everything feels pretty good on the incisions. They are softening up nicely. Can't wait till I can start working out again the only thing I do right now is walk a lot haha mainly at work but I will get back into the swing of things soon.
Green Bay Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dierberg was very professional at my consult answered all my questions and was very open to going over every aspect of surgery!

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