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I am a 43 year old female that takes great pride...

I am a 43 year old female that takes great pride that my co workers think I am 30. I am very fit and my skin decent considering I was a victim of loving the sun a little too much in my younger days. I did have some minor sun damage and the past 3-4 year have experienced sagging and wrinkles under my eyes as would be expected as you age. I have not taken aging well. I have been getting Botox for the "II" lines between my eyebrows and the doctor recommended that I would benefit from a micron laser peel. I had such great results with the first one that I got another one about a year later. My pores are all but invisible, the fine lines under my eyes are much improved and the skin is tighter. I do not wear any foundation after I have healed from this procedure only a neutral powder. That is how great my skin looks. This is probably due to the fact that my skin was in pretty decent shape prior to the laser treatment. Under my eyes was the worse and my pores were large but not large deep wrinkles or excessive crows feet. A few pointers to help you have a great experience.

First of all they tell you it is a "weekend peel" I would say that you should block out at least 4 full days to heel. If you are really self conscious about any facial flaws you might want to take 5-6 days total as even though the redness can be covered with makeup you still can see some of the redness at 4 days under the makeup and you will still be flaky. The makeup also makes your "new skin" a little irritated.

Second, apply the numbing cream at least an hour before the procedure. The first time I had it on for 45 minutes and it did hurt. Not excruciating but painful enough that I could not believe I decided to get the second procedure. The second time I applied it 1 hr and 15 min prior and it was essentially pain free.

Third, know that you will probably look hideous and think you are scarred for life the next morning. I had a lot of swelling ( I could not see the bridge of my nose due to the swelling under my eyes). I had brown streaks all over my face where the laser was applied. I was really scared that I had ruined my face for life. I feel that I was not really prepared for what I would experience over the next few days. This was my only complaint. Fortunately my esthetician had given me her cell phone number that I could call in case I was concerned or had any questions, She reassured me that all this was normal. I just kept up with the Aquaphor and gentle cleansing and it was all right. I would recommend that you ask your esthetician or doctor how accessible they are if there are problems.

Finally find a clinic that you can trust. My medical spa is owned and run by a physician. Some are owned by nurses or estheticians with a physician sponsor. My physician is a family general practice physician that has completed training in esthetic procedures. She enjoys making women feel and look younger. She has had a lot of the procedures done on her so she can tell you more about the experience and results. When you get a laser treatment you have the choice to have the physician or esthetician do the procedure. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the staff, find out what their outcomes are like, make sure they have the education to run the laser. My staff are all really nice they don't pressure you or make you feel weird that you are getting procedures done. I had been to another clinic where the physician injected way too much Botox in my forehead and when I questioned why I could not raise my eyebrows or move my forehead, she got defensive with my questioning her judgement. I stopped going there obviously and I was right, she used too much probably to be able to charge me more for all the units she used. I have also noticed that some physicians charge $500 to $2,000 for the procedure. Not sure why mine are only $150.00 a procedure. A lot of overhead?, Too many physician toys to pay for? not sure the reason but all the procedures seem to be reasonably priced at my spa. Do your research. More expensive does not always mean great outcomes. Read some of the other blogs.

The second treatment was a little different probably because I knew what to expect and did not freak out. The healing time was about the same. I feel comfortable at day 4 going to work with cover up on the remaining redness. Hope this helps some of you decide on this procedure.

In closing I would like to say that I think some people expect way too much when getting something like this done. This is not going to make you look 20 if you are 40. The changes are subtle and you may need repeated treatments to get the results you want depending on your skin and your goals. I tend to be a skeptic so my expectations were not super high. I was pleasantly surprised though when I could actually see the improvement and others complimented me a well.

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