Permanent make up-worst decision

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Hi. I am 18 years old and I have done the biggest...

Hi. I am 18 years old and I have done the biggest mistake of my life! My eyebrows were very well and have much of hair.But I make a wrong decision and had a permanant makeup tattoo before 3 months and I hate it.Many times I cry because I think that are too dark and it was waste of money...and unneeded.So... I go back to the aesthetic that did it to me and I make complaints but she said that she did that I want it and other things but I asked her to look as normal it can be!! No like I paint it everyday. It looks much dark and I dont like it.So...I question her If she can remove it.She said yes but it want accuracy and time.She said it is better to leave it for the summer because it will fade much.But I dont know If I can trust her...she said that it stays 5 years(and I was shocked) Her method to take it off maybe is the tattoo vanish.I asked the opinion and of another aesthetic who is an expert on permanant make up(and I am so sad that I didnt go to her or better not even go anywhere) and she said me the same..wait after summer and see then.And she said me no laser treatment because my hair growth will be affected. I asked and another doctor from athens,And she is an expert on permanant make up( I got the wrong one -.- ) She said me ..leave it for summer and see what will you do on October.She suggest Q- switch laser treatment. She said me that my skin will be come back to normal.And my hairs(eyebrows) will not be affected.after some weeks will be like I never did it.and she said that tattoo vanish can leave scars. So, I am confused about the methods.Which will be better? I have much hair and I dont want to lose it! I just want my normal eyebrows as it was. The laser will make my hair fall? I dont know who to trust.

I will patient.

So,I decided.It doesnt look so awful so I will wait the fade and then the september-october I will remove it!! I think i will do it with the method of tattoo vanish (will no affect my hair,and my skin will be back to normal) In summer,i will go with my grandma to the ''''artist''' :p to make complaints again because I cant contact( NEVER) with,email nothing.She is in Thessaloniki.Aglaia Vlachou tsimiski 90.Dont trust her! She is not an artist.She said that she can remove it without scars but I dont know if I can trust her.So I have found another woman.ARTIST. her name is Elena and she has a studio in evosmos, she is very good and I trust her very much after i had communicate with her and she saw me.She suggest me ways to fast the fade and she has way to remove it but only for the colors type that she use and she dont know if will affect mine.So we will see if it works then ...or I will have to do the removal to aglaia :@ But I will ask for sure a quarantee before I do it that I will not have scars or hair fall.I cant wait for my skin be back to normal...and i want my natural eyebrows back...

photos after one year

The first picture is with a brown shadow draw to brows and the second is just the tattoo,black but not so dark it was..when i go out with my friends I put a little eyeshadow to be better ,not so dark:)

After 3 years and 5 months permanent make up

Hello.I waited for so long to decide what to do with my eyebrows..I found an expert so I decided to go there.I live in Thessaloniki,Greece but the artist is in Athens(sintagma),Greece.. So I travelled with aeroplane twice there. I went there . They are very good to their work .Also I can say after 2 months from my treatment I cant say that I am satisfied...because I want natural looking and when they saw my faded eyebrow tattoo told me that they can fix it (more expensive) without laser with a new permanent make up and will look more natural..I paid 330euros and for travelling 120euros..It's better now because is not blue/grey and its brown somewhat.I think that the next time (after 3-4 years again) I will go for laser treatments for removal..but I am nervous and scared for that because I dont want my hair fall..See my pictures and tell me what you think . Good evening to all.

Photos before 1 year of my treatment

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