Horrible Deep Wounds from Laser Tattoo Removal ... I Am Scared...- Greece, GR

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Its been a month since i get my laser tattoo...

its been a month since i get my laser tattoo removal treatment for 1st time and still my foot looks like this you see in the photo... is that kind of normal??? Have anyone that type of wounds from laser tattoo removal ever again???? this is my foot tattoo and i have another one getting removed on my shoulder but this is not so horrible as the one on my foot... My doctor just says that my scene is super sensitive but i really dont think this is normal...

ginger fault????

so my doctor said that this is a normal wound for laser tattoo removal as it comes to the depth and that its just infected... when i said that is not a normal depth wound (almost 1cm maybe more) my doctor said that is that deep because i am a natural ginger having really white and really sensitive skin and the laser actually did an almost 3rd degree burn on my skin. and so that is natural huh? so if i remove my sleeve tattoo for example my arm will not having any skin on it for months and thats normal because.... i am ginger? this is shit doesnt sound right to me....

misunderstood about the treatment

guys wait a second to set the record straight. i am on treatment. there was no way to siting on my laptop with such wounds making posts without having a doctor check first. but its my fault because i didnt say the hole story. well from the day i get my laser treatment i using fucicort and bepanthol cream on them twice the day and i was cleaning the wounds with eosine (antiseptic fluid) but the wound on my foot is SOOO HORRIBLY DEEP that non of this help. but i was going once a week to the dermatologist who done to me the laser treatments and he check on me. when my foot start to swollen he gave mesulid and augmentin antibiotics but i am allergic to amoxicillin so i end up takin claripen antibiotics. the wound on my foot is not so scary as it looks most of the yellow and all the on it is the stuff i am putting on it to keep it clean. what scare's me is that the wound is horribly deep... excuse me for my horrible english i am from greece =]


well i am dona post some new photos today after all! its still really bad its really better than it was before... and also its not so deep as it used to be

doctors respond ... NOT

hey guys here is something that looked weird to me.
i post this here and also in the section ask a doctor almost a month now i think and no doctor respond to my question if that is something that can happen or not normal at all.... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

time for update!

hi guys i think its time for update.so my wound is almost close but the new skin is really red really rough and reeeeally itchy! i hope it doesnt stay like this =[

so about the shoulder tattoo....

hi guys i am doing an update on my shoulder tattoo wich was done the dame day and at the same doctor as my foot tattoo... the scar is horrible i am not even sure if this is the scar or if my skin still healing but i am using silicone sheets on it and its getting better day by day... its better from what it looks on the photos cause the photos are like 10 days before i think... so that its

scar or still healing??

i am not even sure if this is the scar left or if my skin is still healing ... the red skin its itchy sometimes and its painfull to touch..

you know the sad part?

and the sad part guys is that i didnt even want to remove my tattoos... i removed them for health issues...

Some good news for a change...

So i went to a dermatologist who works at Syggrou hospital here in Greece (syggrou is supposed to have the strongest dermatological doctor teams here in Greece).I started cortisone treatment for my arm (at first we try ointment if it doenst work maybe i ll have to get injections) and she said me that my scar will not stay like this.They will be white again and the hypertrophic scaring will go away but it will always look a bit different from my other skin.Also she said it propably gets 6months to 1year for my skin healed up completely.The wound on my foot its not fully closed yet i ll propably need another 10-20 days but the wound its just a really small spot anymore.. one think that makes a bit scared is that the wound is black.I dont know why.So i will continue updating you with news and photos until this story will end... *one more time i am sorry if my english are horrible*

i am back again!

hi!!! i havent done an update for a while so here i am. the bad news is for the foot. the foot was almost closed when it gets indected again and the wound reopened =[ tommorow i m going to a hospital because nerves of my foot are in pain =[ so about my shoulder im doing good with the therapy and the hypertrophic scar seems to go away slow but stable and i am still with the cream i havent even start the shots! i will show you a pic from my arm for you to see in how many spots there are normal skin again!!!!

about the foot...

another update on the foot!!!

well the foot goes better day by day... tomorrow i ll go to the hospital again and they will do me a test i m not sure how you call it on english to see if there is still an infection and if it is what antibiotics do i need to take again...

deal with the scars...

well the wound on my foot is finally closed!!! i started therapy with Butavate ointment and it seems to do really fine. The scar on my foot is not hypertrophic the skin there is just red and tough. So its getting better faster than my shoulder did. The scar on my shoulder is improved but i have long to way to be normal again =[... unfortunately my shoulder scar is not responding anymore on the topical ointment therapy so next monday i have my first injections therapy... i hope this will get the rest of the scar cause if it doesnt work i dont know what other options i have to treat the hypertrophic scar... =[

1rst injection treatment...

so today i did my first injection treatment on my shoulder's hypertrophic scar AND THERE WAS SOME REAL PAIN... i just hope this will help me get rid of my hypertrophic scar... i am only 21 years old and all this red and hypertrophic thing on my shoulder looks like it will never go away =[ after all this i ve been through all this months i think i start loosing hope and positive energy -.- ... =[


i forgot to say that first of all my scar looks worst after the treatment is like super swollen and second of all i dont know what to expect... like i am going to see any difference after the first treatment or not??? bue=[

long time...

Hey guys thank u all for your possitive energy u sending to me!!! i did not post here a lot because i have no time at all!!!! i m still on injections therapy with celestone my foot scar is almost completely flat now but i have to be patient with my shoulder scar ... its really painfull and it will take a long time but i m happy having good results =] !!! one step at a time =] =] =]


hello people!!! this is a pic of my shoulder scar today, after 5 or 6 (i m not sure) treatments with celestone injections!!! i know it doesnt look much better but it feels much better... its really softer then it was and its not so itchy any more..


and this is how my foot looks after 2 treatments with celestone injections! unfortunately i havent post before treatment pics from when my foot healed so u canot really tell the difference..



So i stopped injections on my foot but i am continuing on my shoylder. The reason i stopped them on my foot is because i read about bio oil and i wanted to try out. In this update i will sow you how much better it gets after only one month (actually 20 days) of bio oil use! Get ready people!!!

foot scar update

This is the scar on my foot today!!! I am using bio oil two times a day!!

shoulder scar update

This is the scar on my shoulder today!!! I am using bio oil two times daily!!

Hello again!!!

So... its been some months now.. i started again the injections on my shoulder scar and its going really well!!! I use kelosoft on my foot scar and its flat now :) i just need toget rid of the redness -.-
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