33 Years Old, No Kids - Explant!!!

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I had my implants put in 2 years ago, mentor 275cc...

I had my implants put in 2 years ago, mentor 275cc under the muscle. It was a hasty decision and one of the worst of my life! I paid 4000 euros. The right breast never dropped, the muscle held it tight up in my chest, I had no nipple sensation and an awful feel when I touched my boob, like a burning sensation.. The other breast was pretty, no problem at all. Except when lying down, it was like having two large potatoes on my chest. I started having aches in my joints and muscles, my anti tpo increased, my bf felt uncomfortable touching them. I had them removed this morning with local an aesthetic. Didn't feel any pain, in fact nothing at all. I do not regret it at all! I am so relieved that I got rid if them! Natural is best! Thanks girls for your posts, I wouldn't have done it without your support! Ps I didn't pay to get them removed, my doctor did not charge me!

Second day after operation

In pain today, not that I need meds though, just a bit uncomfortable . Still very happy with my results

Third day after operation

Going great!!!

5th day

8th day after Explant

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