21 Years Old, 172cm, Natrelle 410 Anatomical

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Hi girls,I have read so many reviews for 2 years...

Hi girls,I have read so many reviews for 2 years and finally decide to do it. I was very nervous because never had any surgery before. After the conversations with my doctor and his attention for my options I was sure that i wanted to be my doctor, I trusted him and he was very careful and kind with me. He answered all of my questions and i am very happy already for his job. My surgery was on tuesday 12am, i went to bioclinic, Thessaloniki at 9am the nurses take care of me, i was waiting to my room, after two hours came to take me for my surgery, i saw my doctor i was ready for this and nervous. He draw my chest but then because i was nervous i couldn't see.. Were all black and couldn't stand anymore, told it to my surgeon, my anesthesiologist came he gave me something to relax. About 5 minutes later i stand again to continue drawing me my surgeon. When he finished i laying on the surgical bed and my anesthesiologist give me the mask of oxygen and after a few minutes i was "sleeping"... Woke up and thought i was dreaming i told it to someone whos next to me. And dont remember who was next to me but i took his hand like i need it. I was crying but i had a big smile.. I felt very well because i felt that i was in good hands.
I dont have a first day picture because i was very weak to take a pic... With my mum to the room waiting for my doctor i was in pain, also had the mask of oxygen (so much pain that i couldnt talk and crying) then came my doctor and he told us that i can take some drugs for the pain every 4-6 hours. The first day was very difficult. 6-7mm the nurse help me to walk to wc. The next day was better.My doctor came to see me, he told me that the surgery went well he asked me if I like my breasts but I havent seen them yet, haha. At 14:00 mm leave the clinic and my mum help me. My mum drove me to my house but it was painful to be in the car. And today much pain when i came to my house saw my new boobs... Already liked them and think that worth the money and the pain! I was scared with what i read about the anatomical implants but i trusted my surgeon because he was thinking that were better for my breasts and will be more natural (also believe that to prefer them more he know what he is doing) had natrelle 410 anatomical textured fx290cc to one and to other ff 315cc under the muscle. I will take my card when i will see my doctor. I feel so happy and excited.

3 days post op

Hello girls!! Today was like yesterday. Same food.. Morning :yogurt with quaker and banana afternoon :soup with salad.. Also the day of my surgery i ate only soup at night. I have to say again that it was the first surgery in my life my ba, so for the girls who are in the same position of me (before having them), dont be scared. The things (pain, procedure etc) are not as bad as you think. Before do this I had an appointment with a doctor when i was 18 years old.. But i was scared i canceled it and for two years from then i had it to my mind and finally decided to do it. For then i have to say that and the doctor i had seen and talked didn't satisfy me and i think that he could make a bad job to me.. Because without take my measurements and only by seeing me he said '' we will put 350cc mentor '' and now after two years found my doctor and before my surgery took my measurements twice to be sure and he said to me very honest that he can't put more than 300-330ccs because the result will be symmastia. He said to me that he have to see the catalog from Natrelle carefully for what he can use from implants, so it made me think that if i went then with the other doctor perhaps i wouldn't be satisfied and sad for the unnatural result. So find a doctor who respect your options , you trust him and response to all your questions. My doctor was very nice and honest with me. I ended up with 290ccs to one and the other 315ccs..i am happy already but cand what to see them dropped and soft..
Although have to continue fir the girls who think about it a lot but had not a surgery before .. Then pain part, you can handle it, the sleeping part.. Ah.. Be patient think also that always we have days that we can't sleep but is not the problem the tightness from a ba but other stupid things.. Haha???????????? and then think that all the difficult parts are for 2-3...-4 weeks?then all will be ok and you will feel wonderful I think!
(I want to say that I am from Greece so if my English are not good, forgive me) today I had a shower with betadin surgical scrub and then see and care my incisions with betadin (not bad at all) will take picture of them tomorrow. Cant wait to be able to wear a bra.. Sleep,talk and laugh easily. Goodnight!!

4 days post op

Late night update... No sleep... Yesterday i slept for two hours and didn't sleep the day to sleep the night but not yet... Some pics with sport bra.. Waiting for dropping.. Good night!

8 days post op

Hello girls, yesterday when i was sleeping had back pain and woke up saw a movie and tried to sleep again.. The sleeping part is better than the first days.. Today was the last day that took antibiotics now only paracetamol.i have pain to my scars especially the left side but i contacted with my doctor and said to me it's normal, tomorrow I will see him..
Also, today i tried some old bras without pushing my boobs because it hurts and are hard yet..
And for the end of the update, before have the procedure (exactly one day before) i had a date with a guy.. I have to see him from then but he knows that i had to do a surgery for health reasons, he looks nice and he calls me every day to see how i am and also he want to take me out for a dinner the next week.(( By the way i had a relationship for two years and we broke up before two months.)) I like him and want to meet him the next week but i don't want to tell him about my procedure.. Maybe i will change my mind if it seems going well(want to take it slowly) but what you suggest? Any woman how was in my position?

1 month and 2 weeks

Sorry girls but I work a lot...And I have hard times with my family so...I couldnt find time for an update..this picture is one month ago.I LOVE THEM..i will post pictures how they look in bras..and with push up bras..I like the shape they look so natural..after 2 weeks from my surgery I was good.. I could walk but no running ..3 weeks from my surgery I was back to work all good..no pain ..just tired easier.I have no regrets at all..i wanted it for years..i did it for myself..and only one person when i was to work and i wore a push up bra asked me if i did something to my boobs..I found this person so indiscreet , and i didnt have to tell her something. (what is her problem? :p). Also,me as a person I am very distinctive and if someone dont want to tell me something about him I wont be curious and make him feel bad.I think that somethimes people have to have limits to their curiosity..

2 months and 2 weeks

I love them.
Dr. Grigoris Georgiadis, synergy

My doctor was very kind answered all my questions. Very careful and i think he did amazing job. Trustful with him (first surgery in my life) recommended 100%

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