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I am 33 years old male from Greece with a love for...

I am 33 years old male from Greece with a love for sports and fitness lifestyle. I have been working out at the gym for the last 8 years in a row, mostly doing weights (very little cardio) and I play football once every week. I have always been in the 76-80kg range with 12-18% fat (summer time/winter time). I would describe my physique as quite fit, but the last few months due to various personal issues I let myself a little bit and had weird training times, skipped my workouts, and had one too many unhealthy meals (junk, sodas, beer etc).

I decided to do this procedure because even when I looked my best, I always had love handles and fat around my abs. Due to the fact that this winter I was very careless with my nutrition I decided now was the time to do it.

I would describe the procedure quite different than what most people have had. The place where I did it is a Medical Cosmetics place, meaning its not really a doctor's office, nor is it a simple beauty salon. They also do botox and various other treatments that I assume require the presence of a doctor, but in my case the person who looked after me was not a doctor.

She applied the suction pad on my right side first (after making me drink a full glass of water), and kept it there for what must have been 10-15 mins total, she said the temperature was -2C. I thought this was strange, because I'm sure I keep reading the temperatures are either -5 or -10C. Then she lowered it to 0C. Afterwards she did some Radio Frequency stuff, and finally something else that made a lot of high frequency noise to my ears, but she said she can hardly hear it. I couldnt believe it so I used my iphone to record the sound, and in fact the sound was really very low, she explained that I was hearing it so loud because it was in direct contact with my body.

I took these photos unfortunately right after I returned home and had my lunch meal.. So I don't really have before and after photos. In the pictures I look a bit bloated, that mainly because of my meal and because of the suction pads that have irritated the area, the fat looks like its sticking out a bit.

The doctor responsible with whom I discussed the case (but who was NOT present at the time of my procedure) said I will need 5 treatments in total, 1 every 2 weeks.

So I guess I will be updating this post every two weeks and see what happens in the end! :)

7 days after treatment

This is the 7th day after the treatment, as you can see I no longer have the red irritation on the skin (actually its there, but its not very visible anymore).

I decided to take a photo every day (starting yesterday) so I can compare them all after 2-3 months time. The photos will be taken every day first thing in the morning.

I also decided to follow a clean diet that consists of 6 meals. In brief, and obviously due to the fact that I work out and therefore I need the energy, my diet consists of:

10am: 1 slice brown bread with tahini with honey plus 200ml quaker with water and protein powder supplement.
noon: 12 cashews nuts and 1 green apple (or 400ml orange juice if I'm out and don't have an apple with me)
3pm: 120gr chicken or fish with rice and salad
6pm: (before workout) 1 protein shake (1 scoop, with water, no milk) and 1 spoon of honey.
8pm: (after workout) 2 slices of brown bread and 1 slice of smoked turkey + 2 pills of BCAA (aminoacids).
10pm: Final meal, around 60gr of rice, salad and 6 cashews nuts if my workout was hard.

My cardio consists of ONLY playing football (soccer) for 45 minutes at those small 5 versus 5 fields 1 time per week.

I'm writing this because in 2 months time my diet will obviously have played a major role to the fat reduction, and therefore just posting photos without information about my excersise or diet would be deceiving.
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