Great for Rosacea!

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I've had rosacea since childhood. It runs in...

I've had rosacea since childhood. It runs in my family. My mother and I both had twelve treatments, with two weeks between each treatment. It's been five years and we are both still very satisfied with the results, though we'd both like a little touch up for maintanance.

I no longer have the horrible red, bumpy complexion. I do flush when exposed to the elements or when i drink red wine, however not nearly as severely as i did before IPL.

I was told that the results would last two years, at which point we could come in for less intensive, less frequent treatments for maintanance. It's been five years and I'm just now considering it, though its still not necessary.

Overall I'm VERY PLEASED with IPL for the treatment of rosacea. I would have paid double. I'm finally normal and now when i flush its "cute".

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