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I was considered a "partial" case,...

I was considered a "partial" case, meaning that I only needed 9 aligners (most take the full 18). I travel a lot and only had to check in with my dentist once during the process. I am very happy that I have straight teeth and a very natural looking smile. One has to be serious about using an at-home product vs. regular braces, because skipping a night is really noticable and your teeth will feel mis-aligned when you snap them back in. I'd recommend the product to anyone.

I asked my dentist last week about referring...

I asked my dentist last week about referring people for invisalign.  He said that he's not looking to expand his invisalign business and is something that he prefers to offer to his existing patients.  It is a CAD process to make the trays that reshape the teeth using teeth molds and it is typical that a "touch up" of additional trays are needed -requiring more teeth impressions and follow up appointments. (my "express" case of 8 original trays needed 2 additional trays which required a second set of impressions).

Apparently, the profit margin on invisalign is low and the check up appointments and additional impressions eats into his regular patient schedule.  I have finished my invisalign process and LOVE my smile! My teeth are very straight and look natural (vs. dentures).  I find myself smiling a lot these days.

I have a great dentist and I'm happy to refer him if someone is looking for a new dentist that provides invisalign. 


NOTE:  My dentist is NOT looking...

NOTE:  My dentist is NOT looking for invisalign patients.  He only offers it as a service to existing patients.

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