37 Yr Old Mom of 3, Tt Revision/muscle Repair and Lipo, Breast Lift/implant Exchange, Lipo to Inner Thighs

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What a journey...in May of 2015 I had a breast...

What a journey...in May of 2015 I had a breast aug, at that time I expressed my desire to have fuller/perkier breasts but did not necessarily wish to have much larger breasts. I was a 34C already so I only wanted to end up being maybe a small D. My ps said I would need a larger implant due to my larger breasts, he said a small implant would just get lost in there, that seemed to make sense. He said I wouldn't be that much larger though in cup size with the larger implant, however in the end I was a full DD, and could never go braless because my breasts were not perky and actually began to sag more. In Nov 2015, 6 months after my breast aug I had a full TT with the same doctor. At first my results seemed great, but over time the hourglass figure I had immediately after surgery went away and I had these bulging areas on my stomach that really bothered me. At my follow up appointments I pointed out the areas of concern but was told it was normal swelling. Then I scheduled to see him a couple months ago to again address the bulges, I was told that because I had gained 7 pounds post op that it was probably fat, his assistant suggested I change my diet because maybe I was just bloated. I also said how I was very self conscious about the location of my bb and was told nothing could be done about it and to wear tiny bathing suit bottoms and no one would notice. I'm not really upset with him about my bb, we had reasons for making my incision so low and I knew he was going to do a floating bb and it might be a little lower than normal. I just hadn't realized how much lower it would be and how much it would bother me. After my last appointment with him I did some research and looked at a lot of RS reviews of doctors who specialize in revisions and also belly buttons. I found Dr. Kevin Tehrani here on realself, my first visit went really well, it was in his Manhattan office, he had so much confidence that he could help me and his very first question/observation was how large my breasts were which surprised me because I initially only went to see him about a tt revision. It was decide he would do a tt revision, relocated my bb, do a breast lift and implant exchange (325 smooth silicone for 220 textured silicone) and lipo on my abs, flanks, hips and inner thighs. Yikes, I was scared because that's a lot of surgery at one time!
My surgery was on Nov 9, 5 days ago and so far I'm pleased. I'm cautiously optimistic. At first glance all seems to be very well, my bb is in a more normal location and no longer sitting under the top of my underwear so I'm super happy about that. There is a 1% chance my bb could die so I'm praying that doesn't happen. My incision is still nice and low and will easily be hidden in a bathing suit, my breasts are much smaller and more proportional to my frame. I was so top heavy before that it made me look overweight unless I wore a tight top but then I was self conscious about everyone looking at my enormous boobs.
Healing is going good, first few days were really rough, much worse than the last time. Dr. Tehrani did say he tightened up my muscles much more than the last doc and as for those stubborn bulges I kept complaining about...they were seromas. Dr. Tehrani said he had to surgically excise 2 seromas from my abdomen. I'm very lucky that I did not have any complications from them, or infections like I've read in others reviews. My biggest complaint post op is that the pain meds made me nauseous, thank God I did not throw up! And my back hurts so much!!! I think it hurts worse than any other area, been using a heating pad constantly. I'm sure once I'm able to walk upright that will subside.
Will add photos soon!

Before pics

These were taken about 10 months post on tt and about a year and 3 months after breast augmentation. I had 335cc silicone implants here. I previously had a breast lift in 2007 then opted for implants in May 2015. I should have had another lift at the same time with smaller implants.

After revision pics

I took these yesterday at 6 days post op. A couple things, Dr. Tehrani raised my existing floating belly button to a higher position. That ran a couple risks, one that I would need a vertical incision and two that my bb could die. I don't know how he pulled it off but I have no vertical incision and so far my bb is healing normally. I thought maybe it was dying yesterday bc there were some hard black areas but it turns out it was just crusted blood. So far I'm really happy with my results. Unfortunately I had to have the same surgeries twice which was no fun and extremely expensive but this time I'm optimistic things will turn out the way I want them to.

9 days post op

Starting to feel a little better, still have one drain until Monday, had been hoping to have them both taken out yesterday. Can't walk fully upright yet but it's getting better so my back isn't hurting as much. Incisions look pretty good I think. Keeping them slathered in bacitracin and covered with gauze. Same thing with my belly button and so far so good. Fingers cross it hangs in there and keeps healing.

Concerned about my incision and did my doc even put in implants??

Ok so I've had pain on the side of my left breast near the incision since the surgery, I also noticed that side looked different. Today I got a good look at what's going on. I don't even know what to say about my incision. It's not good. Then on top of it I noticed I have no upper fullness on my breasts like I should, so I started feeling as best I could since they're tender and I do not feel an implant in there. They gave me an implant card. I know it sounds crazy but last time I could clearly feel the implants. I was a 34C before implants so it's hard to tell. Am I going crazy?? Anyone else experience this? I see him again Monday so I will definitively be asking about my incision and the implants.

12 days post green foul smelling discharge from incision

Seeing my doc today anyway for drain removal so will address this, worried that I'm developing an infection. There's a small yellowish area at the T of my incision.

Saw my doc today and got a massage

Got my second drain removed today. Thank God. I asked about the green discharge from my incision, they gave me a topical antibiotic to put on it. He wants me to use it on my belly button too, hope he's just being cautious and that it doesn't mean there's an issue with my belly button. After seeing the doc I got a lymphatic drainage massage. Holy crap that hurt!!! She was kneading and digging into my thighs where I had the lipo and I started sweating and gripping the table. Can't even explain how much it hurt. They swear it helps so I'm going back for another one next Tuesday when I see my doc again. Better be worth it, especially since it's a 5 hour round trip car ride for me.

2 weeks today...wounds seem to be healing

So I've been using the silvadene cream several times a day for the last few days and the discharge from my left breast has slowed down, is no longer green and does not smell. Woohoo! I do have a small opening at the t of my right breast as well now so I started using the cream on that side too, and I'm still using it on my belly button. Speaking of my belly button it looks really gross, hoping this is normal. I tried on some of my old bathing suits and was excited to see that my belly button looks normal. I wish I had a before pic in my bathing suit to compare. I have a wrinkle/crease in between my breasts. I'm hoping that will go away when all healed.

1 mo PO and feeling great

So I'm one month post op today and what a difference from even just a week ago. I am starting to feel like me again. I have more energy than I did, I can walk straight so my back pain is gone. I still can't sleep on my stomach but I noticed the neck pain I've had for years is better. Wondering if it was from stomach sleeping. I'm wearing my new compression garment, it's a lot tighter than the last one but I'm going to wear it as many hours a day as I can stand so I have the best results possible. The infections under my breasts are slowly getting better. I'm still applying silvadene twice a day. I am using a silicone strip across my TT incision. I think it's helping to smooth it out. I've also been continuing to do the lymphatic massage. I think that is helping with my swelling which seems to be minimal now. My inner thighs are still very tender and lumpy. The massage is helping with that too though.

5 weeks po, before and after comparison pics, floating belly button TT revision

I am proof that a floating belly button can be successfully moved if the right ps does it! I see a lot of docs on here saying it can't be done. Yes, there are risks involved but do your research and find the right doctor.
And I'm still amazed I had that much skin still after my first TT. My bb ring scar is proof of that!

6 weeks stitches not dissolving

So I've been battling infections and openings along my incisions under my breasts for weeks. As soon as one area heals another opens up. I can feel the stitches under the skin and it hurts to touch them. Saw the nurse yesterday who was able to pull a few out by making tiny incisions. It was like pieces of fishing line coming out. Last night I noticed another one poking out, I tried pulling it but only a little came out and the the rest was pretty stuck in there so I snipped the end. Hoping these dissolve soon so I can heal. The nurse recommended I do a hyperbaric chamber to expedite the healing process. They gave me a referral but it's 2 hours from my house and with the holidays I just can't get there anytime soon. So frustrated.
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