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5'0" and 130lbs and I haven't had a flat stomach...

5'0" and 130lbs and I haven't had a flat stomach in 9 years. I've had 3 c sections and I have a lot of loose skin and stretch marks. I hate looking at my stomach in the mirror and I hope that this surgery really goes well. I know some stretch marks will remain but i want my flat belly back with no excess skin. Is that too much to ask for? lol

Pre Op has me excited!!!

So I had my pre op today and made my final payment. This step made everything feel so real. During this time I saw the picture of my midsection (i'll take my own pic and post it later) on a very large computer screen. I must say it really did look horrible. I also received instructions for steps to take a couple of days be surgery and my prescription list. Once again the staff was great.

pre op pics

finally posting pre op pictures, hoping for the best

trying to keep busy

So I'm less than 20 days away and feeling anxious. I'm on this site a couple of times a day checking on updates of pictures and healing process. I'm just trying to keep myself busy in other ways with out making myself go crazy. And although I've had 3 c-sections, I'm thinking that this surgery might be a bit tough with being crouched over for so long.

Feeling down.....

I went to my physician today to obtain clearance for surgery. But my ekg came back abnormal. I have to go see a specialist to get a sonogram done on my heart and a stress test done before my physician will clear me for surgery ????.
I must admit that I'm very saddened about this. I'll always put my health first so if I can't go thru with the surgery I won't push the issue. But I already had my heart set on this surgery. I'm keeping hopeful that all turns out well.

good news so far, keeping my fingers crossed

so I saw the cardiologist and says from all his preliminary exams there is nothing wrong with my heart and he doesn't see why i wouldn't be able to have the surgery. He still wants me to do an echo and a stress test just in case before i get my full clearance for surgery……i'm staying hopeful

almost time…...

I went and had my Stress test and Echo done…… and I am cleared for surgery!!!! I'm feeling great and anxious. I can't believe that in a couple of days I'll be flat again. I haven't had a flat tummy since 2005… I must say that I am grateful to this site for helping me get thru each day.

Today's the day !!!!!!

Here just waiting to get marked up by the doctor. Can't wait to see the results. I'll make sure to keep you ladies posted. Wish me luck!!!

I made It!

I'm officially on the "flat side" !!!!!!!! (i'm dancing in my head right now, lol). I've in and out of sleep since getting home be cause of the percocet. I get to shower in 48 hours so i'll take that opportunity to take picture.
I must say that my experience at Dr Tehrani's was great the moment I stepped through the door. The most nerve racking part before surgery was taking a pregnancy test, lol. And the silliest was being marked up with a sharpie, it tickled so much.
I'll continue to keep you guys posted. thank you for all the well wishes.

So far so good (fingers crossed)

Hey ladies, so far the healing process has been going well. I think having 3 previous c sections helped me as far as what to expect to feel by the incision. So far the back pain is the most annoying. I'm keeping up with the pain meds and antibiotics. And I'm starting to feel itching by my sides and incision area, of course i can't reach it and i just want to hit that area but i can't do that either. lol. My first post op is Monday, and I just found out that my garment will be coming off for the first time then. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Back pain is worse than I thought

The strain on my back is very annoying. Thank goodness for this heating pad and the combination of painkillers. I still haven't slept for more than 2 hrs. And my skin under the garment is starting to get really annoyingly itchy. I can't tell if the tightness I feel is from the surgery or the garment. Lol. But with all that being said I'm doing ok. As for feeling any pain up front...I don't feel anything in the middle. But I do feel the pressure by each hip bone. Thank goodness I'm taking those pain meds.

slowly getting there….

I stopped taking Percocet since 2pm yesterday and I've switched to tylenol when necessary. My worse complaint is the lower back. And when i move I can feel where the drains are, by my hips. haven't done a #2 yet but passing lots of gas. The fluid in my drains are starting to clear up but I think I'll be keeping them in for a couple more days. I'm getting about 20 out of each every 8 hrs. I'm trying to keep my thoughts in a good place, and looking fwd to seeing my new stomach for the first time tomorrow.

Thank goodness for REAL SELF!

So I had my first post op visit today and got to see the big reveal of my new stomach. I must say that it was sooooo ugly, lol. But i was totally prepared for it thanks to so many ladies sharing their experiences and pictures. Otherwise I could have seen me being very upset and disappointed. I know this is the worse stage and it only gets better from here. I hope all you ladies are doing well.

Bad day….

Horrible day today, I took a shower without taking any pain meds before hand and I ended up paying for it. I felt good enough to complete the task without any medicine but I guess my body thought otherwise. I became so miserable and asked myself why I even put myself through this…. moving fwd I'm going to make sure to take my meds before doing anything that requires me to stand for longer than 5 minutes… well ladies.

Both drains out

Hey ladies, both my drains are officially out. Didn't hurt at all. I'm still not walking completely straight. And I'm still experiencing occasional pain. I started to get worried because a lot of you ladies are expressing such a decrease in pain.
Then I realized that my dr's teqnique (high lateral tension) to see the muscles can lead to a longer recover time than a normal tt.
But my main concern right now is my pubic area. It's so big. Lol. I know it's swelling but it is not attractive.
I hope all of you are doing well.

2 weeks down

I had my first massage yesterday and I must say that it was a wonderful experience. There is a little pain during but When I was done my muscles were so relaxed and my body felt loose. I'll definitely go back for more. As far as healing, I haven't had any pain for 5 days (yay!!!) and no type of pain meds necessary. I'm still not walking straight but very close.


This so far has definitely been a weird journey full of ups and downs. I have been seeing changes in my swelling especially by my incision. I'm hoping that everything continues to go well. (Fingers crossed)

30 day po

Emotions running wild

I'm almost 7 weeks and I've had up days and down days but I've recently tried on some bikinis........the act alone left me speechless. I just never imagined that I'd wear a 2 piece ever again. After buying a couple suits I realized that this decision was worth it.

Almost 3 months......

the 3 month mark is near and I've been appreciating this huge body transformation. I still have moments of disbelief when I stare in the mirror or when I try on clothes. The swelling still happens daily and can get annoying. But I'm just trying to not obsess and let my body heal.

Updated pics

6 months!

Hey my fellow Feb 2015 Tucker's! It's been a while. I can't believe it's 6 months already. Although I'm not where I want to be yet, I have seen a lot of changes. And I feel more confident when I put on clothes. I hope you are all doing well!

Scar picture 7 months post

I was asked to post my scar pic. So here it goes. It's raised slightly by where my pubic hair comes in. I'm currently doing laser hair removal to get that under control. Then I'll get a steroid shot to flatten the scar out.
New York Plastic Surgeon

So far my initial visit/ consultation was fantastic. Every member of the staff that I encountered was pleasant. No one was pushing me to make any decisions but they still gave my all the information I needed. I'm looking forward to this big life change.

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