Made it 1 yr post op! Almost 44, 2 Kids & i made it to the flat side!! Great Neck, NY

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I've always wanted a TT. Been thinking about this...

I've always wanted a TT. Been thinking about this for a long time now. I had 3 different consults & chose dr Tehrani who is the best fit for understanding my needs & wants. I feel lucky to have met him & go for my pre-op appt this afternoon. I'm getting nervous. I'm having a full TT, lipo to chin, inner thighs, flanks & butt. I'm 5"5' and stuck at 175 lbs. prepregnancies I was always 128-130. My kids are now 4 & 7. My mom will be spending the first few nights with me to help with kids in morning gettin them off/on bus for school. The day is approaching quick & OMG! I go tues for my bloodwork to my GP.

Had my preop with ps

Well I'm expected to have 2 drains one on each side for about 7-10 days. Picked up all my necessary scripts & it's just a waiting game now! I kept both my kids home today tho...both have stomach virus...been doin lotsa laundry & many baths! Bring it all on b4 my surgery! They r on their way to recovery, I'm tired tho.

Getting closer...

Went to the dr yesterday for medical clearance, they called me today I have to go down to the lab tmrw and have one of my blood work tests redone, apparently my blood clotted with their lab & i have to go now to my lab...ugh! I have terrible veins & really don't drink enough water for them to even plump up! Guess its time to start chugging!!! So excited to join others on the flat side...can't wait to see how my clothes r gonna fit, can't wait to finally for the first time ever feel good about myself in a bathing suit, a bikini!!! I haven't felt good in one in years. Will post pics soon.

Finally some pix...

Just a few pix for now, more to follow soon

Getting close...

I find myself trying so hard to not think about it but it seems to consume my every thought in between my other thoughts & day if that makes any sorta sense. My day is approaching quickly & although I'm not looking forward to he recovery I'm anxious to do it already. I did read someone got an IV in the neck tho & that's kinda freakin me out...

Few more before pix

Stuck in on this snow day...they called for a blizzard, got about a foot or so. Anyway, please give me feedback for those of u who had the TT done, I'm concerned about the pain pills...u head so many nightmare stories of people becoming addicted to them. Need long are u taking them, how often? Any side effects? I got a script for oxycodone & something else.

My day is coming...

Wow the days are flying! Finally had my laim GP office give the clearance (a week later) to PS office today. It's official, I'm in the clear! Ship!!! No turning back now!! I'm oddly calm. Left the day b4 open for me to do all laundry, tidy up & that kinda stuff. Housekeeper comes again in 2 weeks. So I'm ok with that. Getting my hair colored & cut tmrw. Getting my manicure Sunday, just had pedicure & facial last week so I'm doin good. The facial was a treat although to b honest it sucked! The lady was slapping my under chin & rubbing around my eyes in the fasted way I felt like I was getting a quicky! I tipped her strictly bc I go to this salon every now & then & it was the "right thing to do"!
Supposed to start my bromelian & arnica tmrw along with my special antibacterial wash for the belly area. Gettin ready...

Tick tock

So I'm starting to get some nervous/anxious energy. I can't believe how close I am to actually doing this! My day at work fell apart so I ended about 2 or so hours earlier which normally is great but today I find myself wishing I was at work to pass the time! (Deep breath)

Internally freaking out

Holy crappola I can't believe MINE is in the morning! It's almost 8pm & I have to be there for 6:30 (& of course they r calling for snow, my daughters school already has a 2 hr delay implemented & waiting to hear about my sons; he's in private school cause he's in nursery). Internally freaking out, calm & cool on the inside. I brought down a few shirts, tank tops & yoga pants, socks & deodorant toothbrush & silly stuff I will need for the week. I have a 2 level home with bd's upstairs. I'm gonna sleep in my recliner in the lr which is totally fine. I have my meds all labeled & bought some protein drinks along with some yummy croissants & blueberry muffins and my fiber bars. Got the colace they said to take with 1st pain meds at night & my mini crackers. I think I'm prepared but there's always gonna b something I missed! My daughter picked out & we nicely layed out her clothes for the week since I may not b able to walk up the stairs for a while...hoping sooner than later shower is upstairs! Ha...I'm gettin up there no matter what!! Lol. Wish me luck 11 hours away from start of the flat side! Yikes...breathing tho

4 hrs away from scheduled start time...

Wow 4 hrs away! So far we got a little snow, mayb only 3 inches. I've been up for the past hour. My mind is racing thinking ONLY about & of the surgery. I've watched a few episodes of it being done on the video sight of RS & on utube. It doesn't skeeve me what skeeves me is the aftercare for the incision. That I can't stomach! And I just realized I never vacuumed my upstairs today that I meant to do!! The day flew by.

On our way

We r on our way...

I'm on the flat side

So I made it threw! Holy crap!!! Well the anesthesiologist found my vein & the next thing I knew I was in recovery room. Was there about 2 hrs then went into a recliner. I was told I had 2 hernias that he removed! I'm shocked i had no idea. The ride home was killer cause it was snowing almost icing. I'm super hunch backed & my sweet hubby had run out in the snowstorm to get me a walker. My mom is here super helping withy kids and and my daughter (7 1/2) is so eager and willing & wanting to help me too! This morn she woke n cuddled with me n said y do u have to get the surgery I like u just the way u r!! So sweet! Anyway taking my naucea medicine& pain pills. All is good. Lots of pain. Numb from under cheat to knees! Trying to massage my legs to avoid blood clots. Hubby been emptying my drains. I seem super flat & my husband told me I look thinner already (he's just sweet I think) been nibbling on mini ritz crackers mom fed me some chicken noodle soup & had some canned peaches. Gonna get some more rest. O and hubby had to ho me outa the chair to go to bathroom cause I couldn't get up on own. Will check in soon and hopefully have some pictures.

Made it thru first night

Hubby just woken & helped me to the bathroom, I was able to reach lever and get self towards end of chair, just needed him to lift me up. Thank goodness for my walker. Not sure i coulda make it so far without it! Managed to skip a turn of meds, but really should've thru night. I am feeling better so far. My son will b home from school today & my daughter has a 2 hr delay. My hubby will go to work today & my mom will b here with me to help me.

Some pix

Had 1st post op today

Had my first post op appt today. Feeling so much better day 4 post op. when they took the compression garment off it felt such a relief of tightness but at the same time, crazy enough I couldn't wait for it to go back on! I couldn't stomach to see my stitches (skeeves me) but the NP told me everything looked really good, just swollen. No pix of stomach yet, just of chin which I am COMPLETLY satisfied with and they tell me my face/chin is still very swollen also! Glad to b on the flat side, took ibuprofen & sitting with a heating pad. At this point my only complaint is back pain from walking around. Will keep u updated...

Still very numb

I'm still super numb where I had all my lipo procedures. Does anyone know how long this typically lasts for? Forgot to ask!

Friday, Day 5 post op

Finally last night I slept!!! I slept I slept! Did I mention I finally slept? Lol but when I woke for first few hrs was feeling weak & lightheaded. Mom made me scrambled egg with cheese & buttered toast & tea. Felt much better after I ate. A little weak today, pushed myself yesterday. It kills me to see everyone doing what I usually do. I like to care for my husband, kids, dogs & house. So proud I helped my mom m-t dw this morn & I reloaded it & turned it on & have never felt so exhausted afterwards, lol!!! Haven't pooped yet. I've taken 3 or 4 collaces in past 36 hrs. I can not have my husband give me a suppository! I just can't!! Been "breakin it down" for past 2 days tho so I know it's a comin...I usually go every 2-3 days anyway & was super nervous day b4 & pooped my brains out Sunday & pooped Monday morning at dr office just b4 surgery! So I know I was cleaned out prior, lol. Just still super numb on inner thighs which is really the only annoying thing at this point! Heating pad on my back is a savior, grateful I have one. I'm standing now at about 110-120', which is a huge improvement from day 2-3 at 90'.

Feeling overwhelmed & emotional

Feeling overwhelmed. I hate asking others to do help or do for me. Had an emotional breakdown. My mom took my 4 year old for the night & will have him tmrw too. My 7 year old & I will hang tmrw until her fiends mom pix her up for a play date then I'm alone. This garment is hurting my vagina. I smell, need a shower so badly & have to patiently wait for help. So not my style. I'm a planner, and can accomplish so much in a days time (as we all women can)! Sorry it's not all bad just had to vent a bit, o yeah & I'm starting to get my period so that just adds to the funk, smell & mess! Thank goodness I only get it for 3 days super light! Ok enough for me for now. My mom reassured me today I am not a burden on her. My husband has been at work all week & will b again tmrw too. I am more mobile each day. No pain today. Called dr asked how long inner thighs will b numb for, they said approx 2-3 weeks. I can live with that (not really but was expecting to hear few months so 3ish weeks doesn't sound too horrible)!

Took first shower

Holy crap! Took first shower, what a chore. Couldn't wash hair, just body & I feel so much cleaner wow o wow! Able to snap a few pix. Majorly swollen! Garment was washed & will put it on shortly. I have 2 dogs & while my husband was helping me in the shower one of my dogs shit all over my floor downstairs! And lemme tell u getting up & down the stairs was quite the challenge but I did manage to do it!!


Anyone have any idea what the length of the tubes are from the drains that they eventually take out? (Just curious) heard its a wierd feeling. Do u get light headed, dizzy or any experiences?

Regretting surgery

Does anybody else's husband make them feel like a burden? Like they r scared to ask them to do or get u anything? My husband has OCD & ADD. My mom has reassured me I'm no burden & she's here for me. My daughter can't do enough & only sees me cry lately. My husband is the only one who makes me cry & feel like I'm putting him out as he throws everything in my face that he does for me.

The bathroom

Ok so how funny is it that a simple task of just going to the bathroom takes so darn long!!!! I find its about 30-45 minutes. I think about it, gather the strength it requires to just get up and then reset up my chair when I retun! OMG!

Best meds for me

I had my first bm day 6 post op & again today day 8 post op! Wahoo...

Back to being constipated

Idk what happened, all a sudden I feel constipated again! On the bowl now hour & half only pooped a little & I know there's more!! I cut the back but part, I think the fact that my but cheeks were compressed together doesn't help either! Damn it!! What went wrong all the sudden here???? I thought I was doing good with the poop thing!

Day 8 post op

Just took shower... Wow! Shaved the armpits, washed the hair & body & wow I feel so much better!! Waiting for garment to come out of wash. And then I think I'm out for the night!! This was alot & I still have to walk down a flight if stairs & wiggle into the garment. Ohy...

Got 1 of my 2 drains removed today

What an odd feeling! It felt like a tube was being pulled out of u. It felt like it originated at my rib cage. Wierd! Definitely did NOT hurt in anyway, just wierd. After I felt light headed and started seeing white spots. I asked for a cold compress & sugary drink. That & time was helpful in passing the feeling along with my mom in the room talking to the NP so I was trying to focus in on their conversation. Anyhoo I missed my afternoon nap cause of dr appt which took a toll on me, cause my back is very achy. Took ibuprofen at 5:30 last & it's now 8:45om. A bit too close together. Will wait for when I wake up next to take them. So upon removing my left drain there was a little blister that formed from the tube rubbing in me. I couldn't look, too skeeved on the whole scar, numb on my body thing but I did manage a quick pic to b able to post. I'm now at day 10 or 11 post op. they wrote me a note so I can take an additional week off from work. Still hunched & in lotsa pain(back)

Haven't cried today so far

Well I haven't cried today so far! I was taking wrong dosage of meds & getting minimal to no relief. I just took some more ibuprofen. Ugh what's with this back pain? Y do I feel like I'm really the only one whose miserable. I'm generally not a negative person. Still need to nap mid day. My kids r off from school this week & I hope I don't end up killing them, lol! The poor kids r gonna b trapped in unless someone comes & gets them. I think my mom says she ouod take them one afternoon & my husband will b home Sunday & Monday. But anyway last night I took another dulcolax bc I fear getting backed up with my lack of mobility. Still using the walker for support & can't really stand for very long at all. I feel like I'm healing super slow & everyone else is upper seeding me. I'm not sitting here feeling sorry, just being honest. The thought of driving still intimidates me at this point. Anyone else feel thus way too?

To shower...

Ahhh such a great feeling to be clean! I'm just not able to shave the legs but still can do the pits, lol. Got to shower & it just does something for u! I had a much better day today, thank goodness for medicine! My husband has been wonderful, he's been working 6 days a week, but ya do what ya gotta do! He's been doing all the laundry, cleaning, cooking, bathin the kids etc. I had a blister in the left side where my drown was but it popped & healed

Drain site is leaking...

I had one of my drains removed on 2/12 & just today I noticed it was itchy & moist....I asked my husband to put some neosporin on it thinking that would take the itch away. When we took the garment off the site where the drain was was leaking out fluid! The clear/yellow fluid!! It was a bit smelly. When I pressed on te hard spot more liquid came out. I knew I was not infected cause it wasn't oozy & gooey just liquid & well gross! My poor husband was so nervous he just wanted to kill the dr! I put a call into him & after waiting we decided the best treatment was (we have a first aid kit) we out neosporin & gauze on it and placed a few folded paper towels over it to absorb additional fluids that would leak further. Ugh! What a haul! On te bright side, I spoke with an old friend today I hadn't spoken to since oct & she had me rolling laughing and it didnt hurt!! So I am getting better. Just a slow healer that's all. Have a good night all.

Ok finally saw my butt!

Finally got to see my butt & after suffering from a big ol butt which I know many like, not me...I finally got to see the so far results of my butt! I am happy cause I wanted a smaller one! I'm curious to see myself in jeans...gotta still get this other stupid drain out! One day at a time...patience is so hard with this. I do feel better each day tho. (Thank U ibuprofen)! And no more rolls from what I can tell, need to put real clothes on to tell for sure

Feeling so much better...

We'll I don't recall who wrote on here saying their dr said to get up once every hour and walk around for 5 minutes, but since Monday (when I read it) I have really been working that theory. What a huge difference in the way I feel! I walked corner to corner on my street today, twice, cleaned the snow off my car, drove around the corner (very liberating), went to target (got to use the little go set thingy which I would b lieing if I said it wasn't fun. I was crashing a lot but that was half the fun! Each of my kids took a turn for a ride with me) then went to food store for cold cuts & waited in line (thought I'd die they were so slow) thank goodness I had a wagon to lean on, cleaned up around the house and now resting. My mom picked my kids up for the night yesterday afternoon and they slept over her house, it was a nice break & allowed me to relax, and focus on me. My plan is to return on Monday to work so I'm really trying to build my strength up. I bought multivitamins, which for me is huge cause I only take my synthroid daily, never anything else. My drain site that was leaking is not leaking as much. It did smell today. But above all, I'm seeing the light...I know I have a long way to go. I'm a slow healer. What takes someone one week to heal takes my body 2. Hoping the vitamins boost that. My husband has been putting the neosporin on my scar as instructed by NP for now. Feels good to have heating pad on my back! My mom gave me a few of her lidocaine patches for my back for when I return to work Monday. Tired. I'm able to stand almost straight up! Yay hoping to b straight for work it will be so much easier then!

I got a blister (well really 2)

So all day my side is so damn itchy and I couldn't wait for my husband I come home & change e gauze on my leaky drain site...when I took off the old gauze I found 2 blisters & that was the answer! If I wasn't such a chicken shit id pop them! They r pretty big gonna say one is about 9mm & the other about half the size. I thought all day that it was the wet gauze causing the itchiness. O well. But on another note I finally haven't 2nd drain at 25cc output for past 24 hrs so I'm looking forward to having it removed tmrw, just a bit nervous causes first experience left me lightheaded. And this time my kids will b with us which means my mom will not b in the room with me for support! She's gonna b entertaining them! Then I haven't massage (1 hour) I hear u sweat it hurts so much but then feel great after & my chin from the lipo feels really tight so I'm hoping it helps that! I gotta rember to pack panties to wear for the massage. Well happy healing to gonna chill out & watch some (more) tv! Lol

Both drains finally out!

I finally got my 2nd drain out '& my 2nd stage garment. What a better feel to not have that thing dangling off me! I also had a special lymphatic massage & she was amazing the way she massaged out my hard spots. I was able to walk better immediately after & my chin although still tight is not as tight. I scheduled my next one for next week. My blisters are itchy, the NP told me it's best to use silicone tape even oh it doesn't stick as well it doesn't irritate the remember that girly girls! I used j&j strechable tape over the gauze at my leaky drain site. Don't u! I drove myself today & it felt good! Happy healing to all. Supposed to go back Monday to work after 3 weeks off.

So tired today

So it's saturday & I started thinkng about how I have to go back to work Monday & how I'm feeling so overwhelmed by it. Wondering if my day is booked (which will kill me) or how it is. The walking, no nap during the day...omg! So I sat on the couch & slept! For a long time, woke about 1ish! My sister came at 3:30 & picked my kids up to get them out. I ran out for a quick manicure! It's lightly snowing. This is such an emotional roller coaster! I just wanna b back to being me, doing what & as much as I do! Feeling frustrated. My inner thigh on left leg is hard as a rock & hurting. My next massage isn't until Friday. Y did I do this???? I've done some pretty dumb things but this one takes the cake! I can't recall when I have cried so much as I have since I had this surgery on 2/2/15. We have a wedding in 3 weeks, I ordered a bunches dresses in a few different sizes & figure I can return what doesn't fit & they will magically appear at my doorstep! To bad I'm gonna have to wear flats or a slight pump with my new body but I'm not walking fully straight up yet & don't trust a heel.

Feeling good today

Woke up oil a shower first thing & actually was able to bend enuf to shave my legs! (It's been 3 weeks) my 7 1/2 yr old offered but decided to play it safe & do caveman style til I could get to them myself, lol. Supposed to go back tmrw to work & have to say feeling good but super nervous!

Returned to work today

Well today was my first day back after 3 weeks to the day of my surgery. I'm still slightly hunched which causes me backache so my mom was kind enough to share her lidocaine patches. She put one on me in te morn when she got to my house to watch my son & I cried to her I was scared! She made me feel better & I drove to work. My friends at work were more than kind & only wanted to help me thru the day. I had a patient cancel on me b4 my lunch so I ate my soup then dashed to my room & sat in the brand new cozy dental chair i have with the tv on & relaxed for a few minutes more than an hour. I needed it & it felt good(while getting paid to do so which sweetened the deal) My boss didnt care she was helping me bringing my patients back for me so I didn't have to walk so much. I haven't been on my feet on an all day basis since day b4 surgery! Overall it was a good day. And I yeah my left drain site was all inflamed & warm & I didn't like the way it looked so I went to my ps after work. He put some antibiotic ointment on & gave me a script for antibiotic & the lidocaine patches for my back. I was very grateful for those back patches. Ladies when u go for ur checkups don't forget to ask ur ps for a script for the lidocaine patches. U just have someone apply it to ur back(it's a sticker) keep it on for 12 hrs, remove for 12 hrs. Gonna have my mom out my next one on wed b4 work again. I feel amazing wih it on & my next massage is scheduled for this thurs lady so I'm lookin forward to that. Does anyone have any input on how long it took them to stand straight in a regular non hutch back position? Please advise. Tx

Some pix of drain site taken yesterday

Here's some pix of my left side drain site. Went to ps & he put antibiotic cream on me & gave me a script for antibiotics. Suprised I even got an infection, I was keeping it so clean!

Scar cream

This is what my dr recommends for me for scar treatment. It's super expensive $170!

Had an allergic reaction

Omg so I got my antibiotic last night, took a dose last night & again this morn. I woke at about 3am feeling itchy on inner thighs but thought it was just cause the numbness is slowly going away & figured it was part of the feeling coming back. Today all day my skin has been SIZZLING with itchiness. Nothing I did helped. When I scratched it felt so great I could pee in my pants. I took 2 tabs Benadryl at 2:15 & only just now a little more than 3 hrs do I feel some relief! It didn't even make me drowsy! I just want a day to go by that I don't have symptoms or cry! My legs r itchy as I type. Scratching them doesn't even provide relief. Shit I wish I never did this whole damn surgery! Having total regrets medically, I'm sure in the spring & summer I will say it was all worth it. But I would not recommend this to anyone! I'm sweaty from the cellulitis infection & I can't shower til my husband comes home so he can wash my garment & help me get back into it. (My side is swollen & I don't have the strength to pull it over my soar ness) April here yet???? Ugh

Allergic reaction almost gone

Holy crappola that reaction was probably of the worst reactions I've had! Still a little itchy on my arms & legs, but I've mastered the itch with the use I aloe! It soothes just about instantly! I've been able to stand more up wright everyday, not that I would say I'm straight but very close! Still in the recliner at night cause I'm too tight to relax my legs flat on the bed. I completed my first week back at work & although it was tiring it felt good!

Able to sneeze...

Ha such a funny thing we take for sneeze or laugh without it hurting! This morn I sneezed twice & to my surprise it didn't hurt! I guess I really am getting better!! Finally! My massages r really helping me, anyone contemplating them they r worth the cost! And today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost 6 weeks post op

Back at work, walking up wright, going for weekly lymphatic massages. Have a wedding his weekend & SO looking forward to my new look...SEXY! Rrrrrr...

Another pic 4 weeks post op

6 weeks post op...

We had a wedding this past weekend & I'm proud to brag I got my sexy on! I felt amazing, I looked amazing & everyone was so generous with their compliments!! Loving my decision!!!

Feelin good

Quick question for anyone who had lipo...I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op now well mon will b 7 weeks po but I'm occasionally feeling burning where the lipo was done on my inner thighs. They were numb the longest, still slightly numb to b honest but have a burning sensation sometimes. Anyone else experience this or am I just the lucky one? Also, can anyone recommend a good scar cream? I tried using scar away strips and the spots I put it on this week are more red then where I didn't put it on the scar! Go figure!

9 weeks post op today

Hi all I can't believe it's 9 weeks since I had my surgery! I feel good. The only thing i notice is a heightened sensitivity to clothing or anything that dares to touch my stomach! So much so that I choose to wear my CG during the day & my 12 hrs with it off is mainly spent while sleeping so I don't have to deal with not being in my garment. It's quite the irony cause night 2 of my surgery I had a full panack attack cause I couldn't breathe with it on! I've been puttin neosporin on my scar daily & it seems to be helpful. I purchased scar away strips but they didnt stick to me too well & it really hurt my scar when I took the remaining pieces off. Any suggestions on what I can use would b appreciated. Tx ladies?

Any TT girls suffering from this problem too?

Do any of u tummy tuck girls suffer from this problem I'm having?? I feel like & am totally justified that my upper half between belly button & under chest gets/is blown up swollen. It DEFINITLY is poofier after a meal but I'm gettin worried! I'm 2 data away from being 10 weeks post op. Anyone? I can use some input & support. What should I do? I feel deformed!

10 weeks post op photos

Very swollen & I made the mistake of thinking I can rake! Been soar since Sunday from under chest down to belly button in midline. OUCHY! Been taking either 800 or 1000mg ibuprofen!

Before/after pix 10 weeks po

15 1\2 weeks post op, $20 grand out & notsohappy with results!

Not so happy! Between my belly button & chest I spoofed out. Went for 3 month check & doc told me to lose 10 lbs!!!! Not the answer I was looking for after shelling out 20 grand to him for surgery & massages. Started my P.I,N.K. Method of exercise (heard about it on dr Phil & bought the discs). Bought the excercose balls & OMG they r freakin hard! Really swollen still & feeling not good about my results. I hate the "bumps" I have on both sides of me just above hips. They told me that was a different area. However I had lipo to the butt & flanks too so I'm left confused! Feeling depressed & feeling like I wasted a whole lotta money. I ordered a waist trainer & am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Hoping that will help some. I'm desperate.

My scar is so itchy today...

I don't understand y my scar is so itchy today! I've been using me seems on it the past almost 3 weeks now & what a difference. It has lightened up tremendously! Very pleased. I need to buy more!

I bought a waist clincher to help with my curves....

I finally got my waist clincher to help out a bit with my curves & pull in the top half of my stomach! I got it about a week ago & wear it a few hours a day & it feels great. I wish I can make it tighter but it pushes out my fat at the bottom by my hips! Highly recommend this to others

Been using me dermis & scar looking so much better these days

21 weeks & 1 day post op

Went bathing suit shopping today.

8 months post op

Not so happy with current resukts. Went back for revisit. Got quoted OR time $1250 and he will redo my concerns. Shelling out more cash flow!

Almost a year since...

Well I go back for "touch ups" on Thursday Jan 21st. I'm having my love handles redone, and liposuction of the upper abdomen where some fat has unattractively accumulated for some odd reason and scar revision to remove my unwanted "dog ears". It will b done under local anesthesia. I believe that means I take 2 pills that should make me a bit loopy along with some local anesthesia to the areas.

1 year later & i had some revision surgeryy..

Well 1 year later & I had some revsionew surgery. I wanted to get rid of those ugly "dog ears" that were formed bilateral. I also had redone lipo to.the flanks. And added lipo upper abdomen. This time, I was only under local anesthesia. I was pretty shutting a brick internally (with HBP) but calm on the outside. I didn't know what to expect. I do have to say, it was a heck of a lot easier awake then asleep! I was actually laughing at points from the vibration of the liposuction!! About 20 min prior they gave me 2 valuums & 2 oxycodone pills. Then I got some morphine IV. I felt GREAT! today u feel like I did a few hundred sit ups & have sunburn.

Pre revision photos 1 year post op TT

1 year later, revsions done

Pix are taken 7 days post op, with bacitracin on it. Abdomen very swollen from additional lipo done same day

Comparison b4/1 week po revision

Not sure I can tell a difference just yet...too soon (I hope)

Feeling confused...any ladies having lumps?

I went in jan for my revisions, my stomach seems lopsided where it's not flat. The right side is poofy on the bottom and the left side is poofy where u can visibly see a poof and dent on my upper left under my breast. Anyone else experience this?? I was initially told prior to revisions the poof I had was just where some fat settled after lipo. This makes no sense, not understanding. Advise?? And I hate going there cause they will convince me this is normal!

Best scar cream...

Ladies I highly recommend this product! I actually went to my dermatologist to get a script!! It's called RECEDO. It works amazing. Amd it only cost me $30 copay to see the dr & $15 copay at the pharmacy. Sure as hell beats the $150 products these surgeons try to sell u!

Day 2 of Invisalign & wtf was I thinking!

Holy fuckers this is so painful! Got me on yesterday and already I feel done! When will this achy pain end??????? The plastic is terrible. The bumps to clasp them on with is cutting my gums. Ive bought wax and taken Motrin. Holy fuckers! What was I thinking?
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