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I've exhausted all my attempts to be rid of this...

I've exhausted all my attempts to be rid of this Post Meno weight, so I'm doing Tumescent Lipo on flanks, abs, & saddlebags, yes, let's call them what they are folks!!! I never had a problem w/ weight until I hit 50, my matabolism is at a snails pace!! I have always exercised & belong to a fitness club, I go 4-5 times a week. So underneath this lovely fat there's got to be some muscle hiding!! I have 2 children but never had trouble taking the weight off. In fact I was way too thin then. But as you can see it's not the case now. I have been following all your wonderful stories, and I'm pretty well informed...but I don't know if it's good or bad. But it's important to not walk into this blindly. I know it will not be a walk in the park & maybe a little harder considering my age. But I'm healthy & I've already had 2 consultations. I like Dr. Sasoon, he's very informative and really listened to my conserns. He spent a lot of time with me. He has very nice reviews. I will continue to drop in when I am closer to my date of Feb. 5 2015.

So Jan. 15 th. I had my PRE-OP APPOINTMENT!!!

So I am getting closer, things are moving along well. I got measured for compression garmet and a binder. I requested 2 compression garments. This time I had my husband come in on the visit. I know he's worried and I just think he should know a little more about it and meet my Doctor. Dr. Sassoon is a very easy man to talk to and he listens, it's never a rush-rush thing. This is my 3 rd visit, actually the last before the surgery. My husband liked the man also. His PA is always there with him. She's very informative also. He is going to also do a little fat deposit on the back of my neck also, it's very minor but I see it in my profile!! It's bugs me, fat has the weirdest places to deposit itself. I see my older sister has it also. My son has it now.
My PS is almost paid in full, now I just got to pre-pay Hospital in 2 weeks, the annestisioligists will probably need a deposit also in 2 weeks!! It's not cheap and i know its not going to be a quick fix, it's just a nudge in the right direction!!!
I was given all my Imformation Booklet on what to expect as the procedure begins also the RISKS!!! They will give you that no matter what your having done even if it's not elective sugery. It's scary, I will admit. I'm to bring my prescriptions that I had filled because I have to take the antibiotic right before the procedure and the anti-nausea. I've been under General annestisia before but I have never had any nausea!! I just hope don't this time either!!!! The booklet mentions a lot of different things, like to double up on a multivitamin, and then to stop all vitimins 10 days before, they don't want you thinning out your blood, risk of bleeding. They even mention having the BLUES a couple of days after, and it's a common reaction from the annestisia. There are a lot of informative things in the booklet.
I have to have a pre surgical with the Hospital I'm having it done. Ekg's etc. Then after that, I follow up with my Primary Dr. where he will give me another physical and take blood for testing. So I'm going to rap this up and I will catch you later Real Self family.

Here is a Front View for Pre-Lipo

I'm now 13 days until Lipo!!!

Ok, it's getting closer..and I got butterflies right at the moment thinking of this day that's coming!!!!! I think it's my age. And I think it's more because of Joan Rivers unfortunate death. Elective surgery is kind of scary at this age. I need to just chill. After I'm done with this update I have projects to do, so I will be ok.
I have received a form in the mail from the hospital to fill out for pre- surgery...they want my Health Care Proxy!!! I dId not go through this when I had my face lift!!! It was done in a my PS own sugery room at 48 yrs. old. But I can honestly say I was fine, not overly anxious!!! Then at age 55 I had some fat grafting done, my heart rate was up before the procedure, they thought I had high blood pressure!!! So it's about Hospitals!! I have to fill out my insurance in the Hospital pre surgery kit , etc. and mail it or Fax it they need it 10 days prior surgery. Boy I just hope it's just today, that I feel so anxious. The day before i dout if I will be able to get my head anywhere else but on the next days Lipo!! They better give me something to calm me when I walk in the Hospital door!!! Lol.

Getting closer yet

I am now 9 days away. I'm excited, having a good day today. Thinking positive thoughts. Like maybe visualizing how I would like to look eventualy. But I'm being realistic, I know Liposuction is not going to make me slim...I am going to work with the Lipo I am having!!! Just get on the right track, a push in the right direction.,this weight is not good in the middle, it's a health risk!!! Abdominal fat is not good, but it does seem to go along with a woman's lack of making estrogen. And it's not going to just come off. I have visceral fat...the fat that's attached to my intestines, the dangerous fat. I really have to watch my diet. I was always very good at dieting in my younger years. I don't know what happened to that. I'm very content with my life, I have a wonderful husband!! We do really love each other dearly. We take care of each other. I have many interests and I am always busy!! We had a wicked storm here on the North Shore of Long Island last night. But we're cleaning up nice now. So back to the gym tomorrow!! I am going to have a tough time being kind of home bound after my Lipo. I will be sore for sure!! I'm well informed on the after. I'm pretty tough though and heal quickly, or at least I use to be. Being with out the gym will be tough because I love to exercise and go to all my classes, ,I just feel better. I get those feel good endorphins from it!! I will most likely stay home the 1st. week. Move around more the 4 th. day post. It's important to move a little first few days also...a little, I will probably do the shuffle thing for a while though lol!!!
I've got my recipe pinned up on our kitchen cupboard for my broccoli smoothie for my hubby to make me. A list of vitamins and the RX's, I have the emergency # tacked up so he can see it, just in case!!!!! that was given to me by my PS. for any complications after!!!
Prunes...for constipation, from Percocet, pain killer. Recipe for hub to make stewed prunes, in case I don't get a chance to before. 2 appt. coming up one this Thurs. for the Hospital procedure is done..for EKG. Pay my annestisioligists while I'm there. I have to bring my 3 RX's at this appt. also. Pay for the sugery room..$1,500. Then a follow up with my own Primary Doctor next week. All info is sent to hospital and my PS. Got to call about my CGarmets see if they are in yet, almost forgot that. I will have to follow up with that tomorrow. I'm afraid his assistant not going to give me a heads up on that. She seems to be busy and I better take care of it myself or else. Sometimes you have to take things in your own hands to get the job done. I like his PA..she's good but that's not her job. Its the assistants. I booked this all before The Holidays, and it wasn't the easiest thing to do. I had to keep trying to push her for a date, she calls the Hospital or Facilities and sets the date. It's all coming into place. Thinking good thoughts!!!! Signing off Real Self...for now.

Pre-surgery registration At the Hospital today.

So I had a productive day. Went to the Hospital where my PS is going to do my Lipo. Filled some papers out. They always want to know what meds you usually take, vitiamins. Etc. The standard. Any heart problems, shortness of breath. What kind of surgeries have you had before.
They Collected my $1,500. For my upcoming surgery, that's a week away. The gave me an ekg. Took some blood & urine for testing. They also took my blood pressure...it was a little higher than normal. I don't have high blood pressure either..I hate being in Hospitals!! They took it again, and it was much closer to normal. I can't imagine what it's going to be like the day of!! :/ Then came the woman from Annestesia Dept. for their pre-pay. So just saying when it's Elective surgery, you better have the "moo la!! " Some places offer a Care plan though. I'm glad that I have it done now and can just worry about getting there by 6:00am next Thurs. The lipo starts at 7:30. They just want you there early, so I can sign in, change, My PS will mark me with marker where.
After that I went to my PS office to get my Compression Garmet & binder. His assistant had me try 2 of them on at the office..very lovely...lol it's just a high waisted girdle..zips up on each side, open crotch, so I don't have to take it off to use the bathroom. The legs were just a little baggy, but they will be fine because they fit good on the waste & hips. And I will be swollen because of the 3 areas I'm having done. Saddle bags, abs & flanks. If it gets loose, I'll take it in. I got another one coming in too. They'll mail it.
So pretty much prepared. Just got to do a bit of grocery shopping in a couple of days. Healthy snacks etc. Drinks, fruits, I won't want to go out for a week or so. If I'm lucky. So that summed up my day Gym tomorrow, got an early class of Pilates. Got to get out and about while I can. I worry about lack of exercise, I don't feel so great if I don't!!

Ok taking Care Of Me Time

Went and did 2 swim classes back to back yesterday. So 2 hrs. In the chlorine pool has got my skin a little itchy!!! We are having cold weather here in NY. So I have booked myself a Swedish massage today!!!!! 50 min. to chill and relax. My body was aching, my calves and arms from that swim!! But it was a good stress releif. But then we had to pick up some groceries and healthy snacks I might like after surgery, I don't want to reach for junk, when I'm going to be kind of out of commission!! So I'm busy preparing ..nesting!! Slept hard and long last night!!!

Tomorrow Morning 7:30 I will be having my Lipo!!!

I'm ready...almost I have to shower, with Dial antibacterial soap and wash my hair of course! Then after an hour wipe my body down with these Hospital sterile wipes. Can't shave too close to surgery..like legs and underarms because it could sting. So I don't want that!!! So I'll have a few light stubs!!! I'm really tiered, I have been for a week, I'm not sick. I think im just mentally exhausted, there is so much to do before. Yesterday I seen my primary Dr. For his Clearance. I had another EKG. All is fine. I just did this at the hospital Jan. 29th. Then primary Dr. Faxes Hospital and PS!! Gave them my list of meds I'm on at Hospital the 29 th. So pretty much doing things twice. Now I have to bring the same list again, that's packed for Hospital because Hospital called to Confirm surgery. Dr. Sasoons office confirmed me today & got thier Medical Clearance Copy from my Primary Dr. And confirmed my surgery time for tomorrow and quickly went over what I should wear etc. Something loose and comfortable, sweat pants..ha! And a top that buttons or zips and comfy shoes. So I was set with PS!! My bag is got my Compression Garmet and Binder in there. Also my 3 RX's for after surgery: antibiotic, Percocet..for pain and anti nausea pills. No jewelry, or valuables, my wallet, I'm sure they want ID, my Hospital Insurance Card again. :) So off I go to shower and dry my hair then BED!!! I'm soooo sleepy now. Oh I got to wipe my body parts too with those disposable things after!! Good night Real self friends!!! Wish me luck!!!

"She's Alive!" Bride of Freinkenstine, ha!!!

Done and doing well!! So far I have not much pain with the Meds!! Sore saddles and navel. Need a hand getting up out of Hospital Bed... Yes I'm staying overnight, Dr. thought it best, he took out 3,600cc's 8 lbs of FAT!!! He said he just kept seeing fat so he continued :) now this doesn't mean I lost 8 lbs he explained. This means I will get bigger before I get smaller!!! It's a work in process!! I have to work with it!! Diet and exercise will make it work!! And this is by no means a quick fix, it's a good push in the right direction!! I remained pretty cool.. Deep breaths, smiling helps...really!! I kept my thoughts positive, invisioned myself looking slimmer, not Bikini worthy.. Keeping it real. I'm no Spring Chicken!! Lol I'm s very determined person, always have been!! Most of the time it's all good!! I think it was because my parents, in no way spoiled us 4 children!! Nice home, but not a bunch of toys!! I never had a Barbie doll even!! Ha!! So I now enjoy!! But I'm not afraid of hard work!!! Catch you later!!

The 3rd. Day is rough

I have terrible gas pains right now. They were giving me A stool softener 3 times a day. And it is very painful to sit. Or get out of bed by myself. I'm sleeping with my upper body raised. I have a body pillow that I swirled around and put a pillow on top of it to raise me up. Can't move much. With saddles being sore and abs, it's tough getting out of bed!! I didn't want to wake hubby, but next time I will, or I'm going to bust my belly button. I'm so bruised!! My legs are swollen on top. I'm in this compression Garmet from my ribs to my knees with a binder on besides. No shower until I see PS..so he can give me ok. So thurs, fri., sat, sun, part of Monday just a little washing up. Yuck!! Got to wake hubby with my pager he's in next room..pain pill!!!

Post Dr. visit done and I got to SHOWER!!!

Everything is going real good my PS said. He said his hands still hurt from the fat suction machine. I saw him shortly after the procedure and he showed me his hand still shaking from the vibration!! I'm going to post my photos, they look like my pre-photos, except it looks like I was badly beaten up. There's a lot of swelling going on. Especailly the legs...they look bigger because they are!!! Very painful, to sit, I can put my legs down I have to make sure nothing touches them. So I teeter on my sits bone!!! The abs aren't as painful. They're sore but tolerable. My CGARMENT is now drying. That will be nice to have that all freshened too. My sheets are changed..my hubs did them. He's been a good nurse...so far. Tee hee.

Actually went out & SHOPPED a little for 41/2 hrs!!!!

I didn't drive, my hubs did. But as sore as I am I needed to get out and do some walking. I looked a mess, sweat pants, to allow for all the bulk underneath CGARMENT and my wrap Binder too. My Dr. wants me to wear both. So I do. Want good results soooo bad!!! I brought my pineapple juice with me. Hubs carried my pocketbook. I wore my gym sneakers. I walk slow because my legs are so bruised and swallon!! Almost like I got a stick up my butt, if you know what I mean:) geez this bruising is so dark..black & blue for sure. I'm eating healthy. I prepared before this & picked up healthy foods. We stopped at a little place where I had a huge leaf salad with chicken chunks in it. I really want to keep eating like this forever. I just want to be nice & lean again. Like 140- 145!!! I got the push in the right direction!!! Just because I'm 60, I could still do it right??? I want to stay away from Carbs...complex carbs mostly..breads, pasta, rice. I got 3 pairs of panties, one boy shorts all frilly!! The others just briefs ..keeping it real here. The boy shorts were on sale. Ha!! We went and picked up a few things at Grocery store, 2 bags of spinach, strawberries ( hubs wants to dip them in Chocolate for Valentines Day..cute right? He's my buddy!!!) Prunes...my hubs likes them now stewed, he likes them warm. They really help if you have a problem. I had them for 3 days and wham...I been regular now. I actualy have been going 5 times a day. I was storing it, for 4 days because of the Percocet I took for 3 days. I Just took one of those babies now, I am so swallon from the shopping. I'm going yo post 2 photos of my ankle in a photo and the black and blue going further down my leg now. Felt so good to be out amoungst the living today though. But glad to be in bed now. It's cold, dreary here in NY for too long. We don't usually get too much snow here, and slippery to walk. Catch you later!!

Why do I feel so TIERED??

I get up and move around, laundry, cleaning, just the nessesary stuff. But I get sleepy. Like I'm in a bed of "Poppies, Poppies" from the Wizard of Oz. It's hard to fight it. I'm drinking a lot. Today I'm not feeling hungry. The ankles are still pretty swollen and knees. Trying to keep my legs elevated. I had a nice shower & washed my hair. Had hubs rub the back of me with Gold Bond lotion, I felt itchy. Winters are horrible in NY when you're kind of immobile. If it was spring I could take a stroll. Well I'm going to keep on doing. "Momma said they'll be days like this" ha ha and plenty more where this day comes from!!! Long road a head. I didn't tell family..I told one friend. So you're kind of alone in this process. I just don't want to hear it!!! Too bad people have to be so judgemental. It's your body!! I was out with a couple for Dinner and out of the blue, she said "boy there sure is a lot of plastic surgery in here." Strange, I thought to myself. That's the last thing I think of when I'm out to dinner. I said how can you tell she said oh I can tell !!! She's an expert on PS..maybe she's a PS in private. ha ha. Well anyway, I don't know too many people like this woman, thank the Lord!!!

Just ordered a new Conpression Garmet!!!!

Sexy Black...if these things can be sexy..he he. And this new one zips in the front!!!!!! So excited!!!! The one at the Dr. office they gave me....was a killer, it had zippers from the ribs to the thighs on each SIDE with metal eye hooks!!! Ouch!! Really hurts when you've had your saddle bags done..they just dig right into those bruises of mine!!!! In fact last night, I unzipped that torture machine and slept bottomless!!! I just wanted one nights sleep!!!!! I can't move to either of my sides, being so bruised. However I did do a quick flip onto my stomach!! I've had the abs done but they're no way as sore as those saddles!!! Well, I will model my new sexy suite for you & post it when it comes in. OH PLEASE LET IT BE A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE. :^)

8 Day post photos

I hate posting my photos because my legs are so swollen and bruised they are bigger. I only had saddles done on them but you would think to look at these photos that with bruising down to my ankles I had all my leg done. But I read that with Lipo the bruising and swelling is normal into lower extremities. I have some hard lumps begging also in the abs.

9 Day post

My CALVES ARE KILLING ME!!!! I just took a Percocet, I was so glad to have some of those left. I stopped taking them after day 3 and took Tylenol. You'd think I just peddled up the the streets of San Francisco on my bike all day!!!! I was in the kitchen most of the day. Trying to make a little Valentines dinner for us. Cleaned my cabinets, counters, emptied dishwasher. Bathed my dog. Maybe 5 hrs. of basically standing, same thing yesterday. I think your better off maybe doing some marching while your standing!!! It doesn't agree with my legs after this surgery!!!! I'm up in bed now, waiting for the Percocet to kick in. Geeeeeeeez!!! No one said this was going to be easy. It is a process. When I try to squat my whole knee area and down feel stiff and swollen. That's been going on since day one. It has been easier getting around. It feels great...then all of the sudden after 5 hrs. of just doing.....it's like WHAM!!!! I have to lie down I ache!!! We're getting some snow today, who cares..can't do much anyway. Perfect for healing time. Happy Valentines Day to My Real Self family.

So much for that Compression Garmet..too small

So I'm waiting again for another one from Leonisa, I had a feeling it wouldn't fit. I have a very long torso and this one was like a jumpsuit to the knee but no adjustable strap!!! So I had to order a XXLarge!!! I got one that not a jump suit, it just high up below the Breasts, and I believe you can attach thin little straps to hold it up. And of course it zips in the front. When you have any part of the thighs done, or me...I had saddles, those side zippers hurt like hell!! The one I purchsed through my Dr. is a Caromed, XLARGE. They all run differant. I'm going to post a front shot of abs, but it's only 13 days post. I've lost 5 lbs, according to my scale. i hope it will continue to go down like that, I would be very please to get to 145!!! That's a size 8 for me. But I have to be realistic, my age it's very hard to get the weight down. But wear a girdle like this and you really don't feel like eating like before.
Salt I found out last night in some Pirates Booty is a big no!!!! It made me retain water.

To Drain or to not Drain.

Just reading on Tumescent Lipo, little things like NOW they believe in Draining and it's old fashioned to Do Sutures. And when Sutures (stitches) are used its a longer process. It takes 18 weeks to actualy see results. Great...my Doc. does sutures, I knew this, because I was asking him questions like will I need a lot of bandages, and what kind do I get. And he just replied, you won't, I will give you stitches. So that's also the reason why I bruised like crazy!!! Because I really didn't see as much bruising going on other reviews. So where does all this fluid go?? I think I should have Lympmatic massages. I covered that with him too, and he said it's not nessesary. All right, so that was interesting reading. I live in a very Metropolitan area with tons of PS's, and my PS is wonderful, with excellent reviews so I take longer!!! Rome wasn't built in a day. In fact it will take me 4 mo. to start seeing results!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget to add...my PS is a little finicky, is to why the stitches....less scaring. I have to remember that when I get anxious!!!

So there will be less scaring. (Had to put something in this space or it wouldn't post!! Lol

Here is one of the entry sites, this is 14 day post.

I have 5 entry sites, including belly button. (This is for abs, saddles & flanks.) I'm posting one of the entry sites. This one posted is still scabbed & you can feel a bump. Some others look like scratches, & have no bump..dissolved.

Here's another entry site a little more disolved.

This one there is no scab & more disolved. Those other marks are my moles.

You could take photos all day long!!

I'm showing less bruising. But I have to be honest here, it's all about the pose!! I took seven pics and this one is ok. But the others...not so much!!! I have a shelf too and still will, that's deep fat attached to my intestines. You can't just suck it out. I have to work on it. I also have some blubber, that I just hate just behind those arm pits. I'm going to ask him again about those. Those were bothering me the 1st. Consultation. He was more interested in bigger areas where I was going to see results. I'm glad I did what he said. But I still am not liking my blubber balls beside the arm pits in the back. Will I do something...more work??? I hope not. I'll just see if I can work on them. So I'll post a decent photo I took, with my arms raised. Maybe I'll walk around with my arms raised all the time. Ha. I'm now 61, so those days of being slender..well I just have to settle on liking me the way I am. Have I given up? Hell no!!! But I have to be realistic. I had my days, let the young shine!!!!!!

T, your photos you requested of my legs 16 days post

Ok the bruising is coming down. T, I think since you are younger your legs won't have the cellulite mine do. But I was advised not to do inner thighs because they tend to wrinkle more, but at your age 52, I think you'll be fine. Make sure you wear your compression garment on your legs, it helps conform the skin to your body. Actually my legs are still swollen. Because my garment was loose in the legs BEFORE the saddles were done, and it's tighter now. I am still only 16 days out. This is no where near final results. It takes 3 mo. Maybe 4 for myself, I had stitches, no draining. Which also made me bruise very badly. Good Luck Tues. you'll be fine. If you get nervous, take a photo of yourself and place it on your vanity mirror...I put one that was the worst, to remind myself why I was doing this. After that, I was excited and just wanted it DONE!!! Are you having stitches???? Or does your PS drain? Each PS has their own way, mine did stitches, most don't.

Had my 2nd. Post Op visit today with my PS

He said I'm doing good. Well actually he's kind of a Corn Ball, but I mean that in a nice way, Dr. Sasson is a good guy. He said, look at you!!! You look like a teenager, with his head peeking in the door, tee hee...(sure) I had my bra & panties on. I made sure when the nurse came in, to tell her to give me a sec. to get the Compression Garment off & put panties on. Thank goodness, he had a young Intern in there too!!! I'm kind of a modest about my private parts. So I had many questions for him, one was that whole draining thing. I told him I belong to this Blogging site, called Real Self. And I mentioned that most of these women are draining after thier Lipo, and I wanted to know the reason why HE believes in a sutures. He said he is very concerned about infection. So there's the answer, not scaring. I even told him one lady made a comment on my review and seemed angry with me, and asked me, "well how BIG ARE YOUR HOLES, that you need stitches? He said really, someone got that uptight about it????!!?? And we just laughed!!
Well back to my questions I asked him. I also asked him where does the fluids go that were put in me, he said that, it comes out in the urine. And the fat comes out by wearing that Compression Garnment for 6 weeks!! And he wants me to wear the binder too!! It squeezes the fat that's hard in there, out.
The frequent poops were from the antibiotics.
I can't fly untill 6 more weeks, and no gym for 4-6 weeks yet...woah!!!! I thought!!! He said you can get on the treadmill a little, walking. But no arm & leg weights... Not now, it causes fluid to back up. Maybe because I'm old, ya think?? What ever, I did have 3 areas done!! Even after 5 hrs. of walking/standing I feel swollen. The scale went up 4 lbs. in one day, just from having 2 slices of pizza yesterday...and some Gummies Bears. I finally felt hungry, even with that garment on!! Salt!!! Damn that Pizza was delish!!! Grimaldi world famous Pizza!! We do have the best pizza here in NYC!! But I love California, that's where I would love to be!! The weather is beautiful there!!! So I can't fly or be sitting traveling in a car, not unless I take frequent stops, & flying is No, he said or I could get a blood clot & DIE!!! That's what he said, he's being Corny again, on me...I think. Well since I don't want to DIe, I won't Fly!! Lol!!! Take care All Real Self people!!!

New Compression Garment

I'm just barely into 2nd garment this one is Large, the other was extra Large. The Ex Large was loose in the beginning in the legs, but then as they swelled it wasn't so loose. This one I am fully packed!!! Like a sausage. I hated the side zippers because of my sore saddles. But the fact is they are easier to get into!!! I tried one with a front Zipper but could not get into the thing. This is from my PS's office, it's a CAROMED. I also bought a couple at Macy's yesterday...Miracle Suite and
A Spanx, I think I'm going to take the Spanx back they never offer any discounts & can't use coupons.

3 days Before 1 mo. Post

Just doing my photos...so we can compare.

You really have to POST YOUR PHOTOS!!!

I am realizing as much as I don't like posting my photos, you can really see the changes. I am a "happy camper" just to see my comparisons from before to now almost 1 month. I can see my abs are coming in, and the swelling in my legs down. Bruising is almost gone. And I've got 3 more months to actualy get an idea, of how I've improved. Now I'm asking myself, why did I wait so long?? I tried to lose this weight for 7 yrs. and there was no way that thick waist I got & love handles we're going anywhere. I could of spent every waking minute busting my butt trying, that mono weight was staying!! Which totaly a bummer for us women!!! We really got the "shni"!!!!!!! So glad I did this!!!!!!!!

Bruising is diminishing..

I have a lot of lumpiness going on now, and unevenness. The bruising is slight. I'm no where near where I want to be it's just a little over a mo. I need to put on a little tan lotion to help my legs out, but hey ..it's still winter weather here in NY.

Anyone Have A problem with water in Knees after Lipo??????

I'm at 5.5 weeks now. Although I have been pretty much back to normal, I haven't been to the gym yet. I'm swelling in the knees right now from going into Manhatten a couple of days ago. We walked maybe too much for myself at this stage!!!!! Probably 4 miles and a lot of just being on my feet. From 1:00 to 10:30 with three 15 min. rest stops and Dinner out. I got that swelling feeling about 5 hrs. after, pretty steady walking & shopping. Most of it's in the knees, I still have it!!! I have been into my daily routine except for the gym for 3 weeks now, I actually don't think I'm ready for it. By time I'm done with daily chores and errands I want to get off my feet and get my legs up!!! Your body tells you when your ready. For some reason only my right leg has been making this noise upon bending it when I sit or lay down...I'll raise it and you can hear like a cellophane noise...water in the knee. It worrisome!! But it's Sat. my PS won't be there. I had it before, a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone had this???? Yesterday I made Eggplant parm. and you know how long you have to stand just sautéing the eggplant and making sauce, the mess, the dog needed a bath...the usual every day bull!!! Then a trip to the grocery store. We came home at 7 and had a late dinner. I went right up to my bed..and propped my legs up!!! You can't push the healing process that's for sure!!! I hope this isn't going to be a life long thing of swelling!!! My husband says I move like an old lady getting out of the car, it's true, my knees!!!!! Can't do much and the swelling starts.

Ok here we go...MY SECRET IS OUT!!! Now what?

Seriously I told one person, besides my husband. I thought she seemed nice and if SHE had it done, she would understand. But apparently she didn't get me when I told her no one knows I am doing Lipo, just her, and even my sisters and my children don't know. How could she not identify with me?? I'm not sure if she actualy told them exactly what I did. But she told me, another women in our swim class asked where I was a few times. So my FRIEND said she's having WORK DONE!!! What the hell???? How could she do that.???? this is only going to make the girl question what kind of work??? And then it goes on & on...you all know..women!!! Augh!!!! I swear to God that if the tables were turned I would NEVER say anything to anyone in my swim class a class of 20 women..that one of us were having "work done!" Even if someone kept asking me, I'd probably say..."oh she's probably on vacation!" Never she had "work done!!!" I've only been out for 6 weeks now. And if she said she had Lipo done...OMG...that is so interesting the whole gym will be looking at me!!! So since this mess is under way...I'm planning on saying....are you ready???? Hoping that's all she said...just work done..."oh you mean my hemmeroid surgery???" I know funny..my Hubs came up with that, why can't women be like men?? Tell them something and they forget 2 min. later? I know this is not the end of the word..but I'm almost in disbelief that I have to cover this stupid thing. Isn't there anyone out there that can keep a secret.??? So sad:( I mean really sad & stupid!!!!! Tell me Real Self family how can I cover this mess??
That's very, very personal. And I know that no one will ever really notice..people are so self absorbed. Besides I'm gaining weight, can't exercise, I'm bored!! I'm completly bummed!!! I wish I kept MY MOUTH SHUT!! But I live 300 miles from my family.. I wouldn't tell my INLAWS those women are really caddy!! I wouldn't tell my neighbors...I don't know why I told anyone..I had you guys!!!

Had PS visit today

I now can go back to the gym!! Can't fly yet....I have to wait 2 more weeks, then I will be 2 mo. Post!! But he wants me to take the 81 aspirin 3 days before & until I get home, there is a risk of blood clots if you fly too soon after surgery!! He said it can happen during surgeries also! Always risks, no matter what age we are. They wanted photos today, just to progress it, not fond of wearing their thongs, with my fat butt. I still wish he took some of that chubby butt out:/ here's a photo, I bought new shoes today & tried them on with one of my dresses, I use to look frumpy in!!

Well I hope this is the right one.

The photo I've been trying to load

Lipo on Legs..anyone have a problem with LEG ACHES????

Everytime I get into some serious walking my legs ache...right now from my knees to my calves ache really bad!!! I never had a problem until after Lipo. I only had my saddles done. I took 2 Aleve, just waiting for relief. I failed to mention this to my PS yesterday. If I walk or have been on my feet for over 5 hours, it will start. It's intense right now!!! I guess maybe I should watch my salt intake too, yesterday I had a Rueben..corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese sandwich grilled. I had flat shoes on, no support or cushioning, trying to be fashionable with my skinny jeans :) I'm usually in workout clothes & sneakers. So I just ate and my sweet Darling is doing dishes...on the couch with an OUCH!!!!!! Man...they hurt I better look this up!!!!

Pain & anti inflammatory drugs like Aleve/Motrin

A bit of a warning Real Self family. I have been taking Motrin for a week straight, because I had some problems with my bite guard being too tight. The bite gaurd is for sleeping, I'm a grinder. Well I wasn't wearing it because,, it's a pain in the butt to try to get to sleep with a retainer on the bottom teeth. So I seen my dentist & she said I should be wearing it. Upon wearing it I got into some teeth/jaw pain..thought it was sinuses. It's not, it's an inflamed jaw joint..not fun!!!. Back to the dentist..and she loosened it up, cut it down...all is well now. But my jaw was inflamed...so hence the Motrin for 4 days. Then along came the leg aches...(too long on my feet) .I was so bad I took 2 aleve 2 days in a row..so then stool softener for 2 days. Today I was sicker than a dog...cramps like I was going into labor. I finally was relieved after 10 trips to the toilet. So what I'm trying to say is if you had any part of your legs Liposuctioned, walking is good but in moderation, even at 6 weeks that edema builds up, swelling then intense pain. Get off your feet after 3 straight hours lift them up on pillows!!! Because that pain can be intense!!! From the knees to the calves. Enought to bring me to tears. My husband rubbed them with Jason's cooling mineral gel...but the 2 Aleve were a must. You don't want to get take too much Aleve/Motin it really reeks havorick with your stomach!!!! So take it easy with the walking/standing & salt..stay away from it!!!! I just ordered a compression suit from the high waist to the ankles...so I can have compression on all of the leg!!! Even though I only did outer thighs. ( the high waist is for abs & flanks I did also)

My COMPRESSION WORK OUT leggings came today!!

I tried to search for high waisted Compression Garments for Work Outs but none to be found. But I came across a website called FABLETICS who did carry some to the waist! (Actually for you trim younger gals, they can be lowered to hips) I got ones to the ankles, because my knees to my calves swell and ache since Lipo. So this is wonderful..they probably can be worn with a squeem. But I just can't picture trying to do crunches with a binder on. So I'll put on my garment when I get home from gym. 2 hrs. off should be ok. I ordered the Capri but they don't seem as compressed, I'm looking into it yet. But those will go back or I'll order a sz. smaller. The long ones give me great compression in the legs however. Boy you could spend a fortune on this gear we have to have before, during, and after!! Geeezzz!!!! My leggings are a Large of course. Having large legs & fat butt. But I'll take them in the waist a little. The capris, the ones I'm returning say they are maximum support but I'm not feeling it. I got photos of the leggings on for you ladies to see.

I'm 8 weeks post now

So I did my first day back to the gym, no classes, wore my compression leggings, everything seemed close to normal. But then I felt it that night!! My neck !! I was doing lighter weights for my under arm areas. Big mistake, I forget that my PS worked on my little fat pack on the base of my neck in the back. So that was really acting up, and still is a little sore. I exercised on the mat but did less reps. The weights, I think I'll just stay away from!! Not worth the pain. So I'll do my stretches and then some Pilates moves I learned in class & go home!! Sat, I'm hoping to just puddle around in the pool then go in the sauna. Right now I think I need a massage soon!!! You defiantly can not push the healing process!!! And weights= swelling!!! And I thought I took it easy!

My newest garment

I am going to post this garment. This is for my legs even though I had only outer thighs done. I was experiencing leg eches all the way to calves. Right now it feels too snug in the tummy, but if I go up in size it won't be tight it legs. This is a large by Coramed. So hopefully it will fit better as time goes by

The Informer

Ok we all know about Infamous Informer...the only woman I told at my fitness club..yes her. Well the first swim class, one woman said that SHE kept her a breast how I was doing. I didn't give any remark to her. Then last night the Informer was there also, big class!! My instructor was in the middle of our routine and looked at me and said, "well you know what you can and can't do" addressing me. I said as the class was going on what? Looked over at The Informer. I said: does everyone know about my hemeroids? Then later, asked her what exactly did she say. She said, I just told people you had surgery. Well from now on its going to be hemmoroid surgery I explained!!! She's coming over by my locker now wanting to see how I'm doing...out loud. This girl, just doesn't get it. Any of you out there have any suggestions what to do with someone like this? I really can't help but be upset with her, I don't feel like I want to even look at her. I just try not to get upset with her, but I find myself stand off- ish with her. If I make a big deal about it, it will only back fire!! So I try to have fun, and just get into my class. But she does irratate the hell out of me. Just don't understand why she had to say anything, if people were asking about me, she could have said oh she out on business or vacation. Surgery...wtf!! Never ever would I do that to someone..ever!! You know everyone wants to know what surgery!! Probably explains why I feel bummed out lately...I think I just am so fed up with people.

Lymphmatic Drainage Massage in Manhatten

I would have to say the massage itself was wonderful. She said she could feel a few lumps in back of thighs and flanks. None left in abs. She worked her but off!!! Before the massage she did my neck & shoulders with some sort of scraping devise. She asked me, if I minded being red in those areas. I said to go ahead. (Desperate) my back of neck and shoulders are still red from this. She calls it Apotherapy...but my neck and shoulders have never felt better. It suppose to be an ancient Chinese therapy. I looked it up, but it's not under Aprotherapy. I had to look up scraping at skin to relieve pain. I'll get back into the article at a later date, (going away on business) to give you all Rselfers an idea what I had. But what ever she did, my shoulders and neck look like hickies!!!! Lol!!!!!

On Vacation

New photos to post but lighting in this resort is horrible...energy saving lighting. Trying to be good by not over indulging. But compression garment is only being worn at bedtime because it's too warm out!! So some swelling, I'm also seeing dimpling, hoping it's the lighting.

Try this again

Photos I was speaking of with poor lighting. Ha!!!

3 mo. Check up yesterday with my Plastic Surgeon

For the most part my PS is happy. He thinks I healed fast. BUT...he thinks I might need a REVERSION, and if need be it will be on HIM, he said. BUT...he said we will wait until Fall and see how I'm doing then. He was looking at my abs, when he said this. So I'll see him mid September for my next appointment. Well, for the most part, I'm glad he wants to see good results, and wants me to have a good outcome. As do I of course!!! But that really has got me determined to try harder with my diet!!! Because after the 7 weeks post liposuction, I got into some cooking, as we all do in the colder mo. But shortly after that, at the 2 mo. mark I was given the green light to get back to the gym. I had to start slow for about week, then soon after that I was feeling stronger. Now I'm back full steam ahead!!! And loving it!!! I'd have to say I'm back to normal, but I still swell, when I'm not in that garment. I wear it at night and most of the day until I go to the gym. And of course I can't wear it in the pool. Around the gym I wear compression gym leggings, but they don't go all the way up to my high abs. Hot weather I wear the Capri Compression. I have 4 pairs now, they're good for jogging etc also. Makes you pull your tummy in too!! Great for my Pilates class.
Well back to my PS, we talked about my cellulite, he said that would be harder for me to get rid of because of my age, 61. I'm going to keep working at it. Still waiting for these Capri workout pants from the UK with the wooden little beads to come in the mail. I got that tip from the Real Beauty Magazine of the latest on cosmetic procedures etc. right now I read about Celufina for Celulite but it's very new. I keep massaging my areas every day with lotion trying to break it up. I have some dimpling I don't like on the legs, and on the back of my thighs I still have discoloration, brownish, purple spotting...he believes that will go away soon. I also mentioned to him again about liposuction of the breast, I have one D size breast on the left and a C on the right. Actually my left leg has always been bigger too. Something about the left side of me!!!?? Well then of course those lovely blubber bulges by the bra, that I truly hate with a passion..which actually brought me to look into liposuction in the 2 st. place. He said he could do that in the Fall. Really I don't want to do a reversion or anymore Liposuction, I'm frankly had enough, and I'm going to try my hardest now to avoid all of it. I have to stay committed. Im pretty sure I can get the abs down, but those bra bulges were starting at age 54, and I was not overweight then. I don't want to have to go under General Annethsia. But if he only has to do bra bulge in Sept. or Oct. I think I can tolerate twilight. It's always risky to go under.
I have newer photos I took today, after the gym. You can see I'm swelled a little from having garment off for 4 hrs. today.

More photos

Wait there's more photos!! 3 mo. Post

Updating with photos too!!

So far so good!! I feel good, I have been out of my compression garment for 2 mo. I exercise regularly, but I can gain lbs. still, I have to watch my diet, I could do better! But here's the latest photos!!!

Got new Crop athletic wear in mail today!!

I love these Fablectics crops. They are shorter for summer. I am still considering doing Lipo on under arm, but I haven't made an appointment with Plastic S. I hated them from the beginning!! Late Fall is good for me, if I do anything. We shall see. Hoping my Dr. offers to do ab reversion, it needs more. I will make my appointment soon to see him in Sept. But just enjoying my summer now. Take care out there in Real Self land!!

Back photo

Try again

Summers almost over!!!!!

I'm doing well, keeping the weight off. I'm not skinny, but I'm shaped up much nicer. People have noticed. I will probably have a reversion on the abs. My Plastic surgeon offered me that, as I mentioned before. I like my legs now, he put all his efforts in them I believe. I still have a little bit of cellulite way high up on my backs of my thighs. But I can still wear a shorter skirt, that's a nice plus!!! My breasts are too fat. I won't go for breast reduction though, but I will let him take some fat out on the sides..I hate the breast buldge. So I have photos. Be kind, I am 61...but haven't given up. I still want my figure back. So I will keep up with the gym as I have for a year and a half. And I am enjoying it also. I feel great if I exercise. So wishing all my Real Selfers a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!! Stay healthy!!!
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

Dr. H. Sasson is a wonderful Plastic Surgeon. He has excellent reviews which is the reason I went with him. He is very pleasant to talk to and he listens and takes his time with you. He is very skilled in his profession. He has a wonderful PA, Donna, who is there for any questions. His whole office staff are just very pleasant & effeciant.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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