It's Time for a Breast Lift!! - with liposuction of bilateral sides, Back and Reversion of Abs!!!!Great Neck, New York

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Ok this was a harder decision to make, because my...

Ok this was a harder decision to make, because my breasts aren't huge but they do sag with my age. They're really uncomfortable actually I have hanging skin to the sides of each breast I was going to just have some liposuction done but the skin will still be there, so it just made more spence to have them lifted and reduced slightly. I just am a little more chicken these days with my age..61! I ask myself, am I asking for too much? I just had liposuction of my abs, outer thighs and flanks last Feb. I went originally to have these side breast bulges done and a small fat pack on my base of neck. But I was pointed out by my PS that there were other areas that were more of a priority!!! Lol!!! I was always afraid of Liposuction. So now it's done, I'm very happy to have somewhat of a waist now, but that needs a reversion. He is doing that on him. I'm getting a discount on my breat lift/reduction, with a little liposuction in the abs still, along with back bra line and boobage, yes, that's what we will call them, the stuff you'll see to the sides of my breast!! Lol!!! Actually just hate them!!! So here are my pre op photos. Keeping my expectations real. I am my own worst enemy...I'm so damned persistent!!!

Along with this breast lift/and reduction is liposuction reversion on abs and bra areas

I thought that I should explain that along with the Breast there are areas my PS will be giving me a reversion on my abs also. They weren't as expected. Also he'll liposuction 2 areas on the bra line. So I have a lot going on. But this time the liposuction shouldn't be like the last. I had done my legs and they did cause some discomfort for a while, with swelling in the 3 mo. post surgery. After that the swelling was over.

9 days away!!!!

I'm finally getting everything in order. Last week I had my consultation with Plastic Surgeon, we straightened out what I was going to do. I WAS just going to do liposuction around bra areas and he was going to do reversion on my abs. Well all has changed and I'm doing a reduction/lift!!! It made more sense, and he's giving me a decent discount!!! So why not? The breasts are droopy and uncomfortable. Scary?? A this age!!! But if I don't where will these breasts be when I'm 70 or 80??? My poor Mom, hers were really low at 80 something:( So I will still have some liposuction on bilateral sides, and the back. And the reversion on the abs also!! I think I'm going to be very sore. I did see PS again yesterday to give her my payment in full of $7,000. , signed the agreement, risks, initialed each page of literature on the whole process of before the surgery preparation and after. I have to read of that again, there were 25 pages. Mostly the same kind of thing I had with my liposuction last year. And my 3 RX's : pain killer, anti nausea, I'm to take one with a sip of water 1 hr. before surgery, and of course an antibiotic. The women in the PS office that had it done say thier breast lift were not that bad & they even had tummy tucks!!! Ouch!!! But I'm probably 15 years older. I'm excited, but when it gets closer I'm sure I won't be able to get myself to the gym. My room is almost done, I cleaned my windows, washed my drapes, Winter ones go up now. Just a little more arranging in there, so things are reachable by my bed. A good dusting etc. My husband & I have I can call him when I need him. Had those for 15 yrs. like walkie talkies!! Works better than calling on the cell phones. I purchased my needs at drug store: neoesprine topical ointment, but they say I don't need them, no hurt gauze wrap, Ester C..keep my immune system in check, I have to start taking them now, kleenexes, gauze pads for cleaning wound, Zantac..for heartburn!!! Yes I get heartburn when on those powerful pain killers!! So I hope I can switch to Tylenol quick!! I also got some more makeup remover cleansing towelettes to freshen up, when layed up:) did the grocery store thing a couple of days ago. Pineapple juice, coconut water, straws..I have..., a few frozen quick dinners. Snacks..Skinny Pop little single servings, protein bars..I like Kind the nut bars. Healthy snacks. Frozen single serve vegetables. I forgot jello, soothes the throat!! I'll get that today, I have one compression bra, Velcro front opening. And another kind that's too big, going to send that back and I ordered a new one, a size down. The Velcro front, is a compression sports bra. I ordered the ones with the pockets for drains, but the Coordinator, said I probably won't have any drains. My pre- op visit with the Hospital is this Thursday, they called me yesterday!! When I go I'll have my check written for Hospital and one for the annestissioligist. Oh yes..with elective surgery...they want their money up front!!! We took a drive out there to see exactly where this Hospital was. It's about a 1/2 hr. drive. So I'm pretty much set. But there are a few more things I need to get straightened in my house yet. I don't like a unorganized home. I will also post my instructions for my husband on my kitchen wall..dose times etc. Today I have a few errands to run and then going to the gym. I will post a photo of the compression Sports Bra. Take care Real Selfers. I touch base again!!!

Photo of CAROMED post breast lift/reduction BRA

Taking Care of Business

Hello Real Self Family!!! I'm keeping in touch. Today I had my pre-op surgery testing at the Hospital where everything will take place. This is necessary to tell us if we're healthy enough for surgery. I also had to fill out the papers on all RX's and vitiamins I take, what surgeries I had, and how many pregnancies and births I had. I had my Blood pressure checked, I was weighed, and my height was measured. 5'5 and 1/2 inches. Weight 162. Yes, I still need to keep working on that!!! I was then given an EKG and had blood drawn for testing. I was then asked several questions, like what melds or vitiamins I took today. And if there was any Domestic Abuse in my household?? Strange question, but they do that. I said no, of husband is the best!!! Last time they asked me for my Liposuction if I was ever sexually abused?? I think they have so many questions that, they just throw that one in. I'm not sure what that's about??? Were my parents still alive, or what they died of, brothers and sisters and thier health issues if any. Then she gave me some Pepsid AC to take with a tiny sip of water before procedure along with my anti nausea 2 hrs. before actual surgery. So we know my surgery is Oct. 15 but I won't know what time until the day before. Now I have to get clearance with my primary Dr......which is odd because the Coordinator at my PS said no, I didn't need to this time??? I thought something wasn't right in Oz when she said that. So we just saw my Primary yesterday for flu shots. I did tell my Primary I was having breast lift/reduction. Soooo anyway my Hubby got on his cell & told his office of our need for a clearance from him. So meanwhile blood works, EKG will be sent to my Primary then he reviews it, and gives his approval. Aughhhhhh.. So much confusion!!! All you need is one person to drop the ball, in this case it was the Coordinator at my PS's office. So Tues. is the day..I should get approval, 2 days before surgery!!! Because the blood work takes a couple of days and it's the weekend. Yes, I'm giving you blow by blow. So if you are even thinking of elective surgery takes some moola', decision making, some stress, following ups if someone drops the ball, appointments to get to. Scouting out the Hospital it will be done, getting garments..making sure those garments fit, & if not return & reorder, picking up RX's for pre & Post Surgery, doing your reading of all literature the PS, and Hospital give you, making sure you have your bedside ready in your home. Foods, healthy snacks. And last but not least reading reviews from Real Self!!!!! If not for this site, I'm not sure I would go through with this at this age. Thanks ladies.

Reviewing my Review

Sorry about this review, I see so many errors. It's the auto correct, sometimes throws a curve ball in there, and the sentence makes no sense. Lol!! But hopefully you will get my drift. I do think that September and October is "Face Work"!! I usually have some responses in my review. I was debating whether to do a review on my breast. I'm kind of modest about putting photos out there. But I'm doing this to help others who are consider doing Breast Lifts/Breast reductions. And also it helps myself to share my journey, the interaction helps us get through the process. So that is why I reviewed my review. So where are you Breast Lift and Breast reduction ladies??? Maybe you are like me, a little modest?

Up early.....Anxiety!!!! I'm 2 days away!!!!

Here I lay, woke up at 5:30 thinking!!! Getting so close now. And last night I read reviews a little. Blood clot...with one young woman after tummy tuck!! Very scary!! She felt like there was an air bubble in her, didn't hurt. But casually mentioned it to her PS. Then followed it up at the was a blood clot in the lung. She's fine, in fact she's moved on and doing breasts like myself. So many things to worry about. We usually hear good things. But I have heard a couple of bad. But I guess that's educating us all too. You just can't go into this blindly. That's why we sign those papers. I do have a very skilled surgeon, so that helps!!! But we also have to do our part. Staying healthy before and after. Yesterday I went and had my massage from all the "preparing" around my home. Just a 10 min. one after my pedicure. Then I went to the gym, did my Pilates on the mat and a few weights. Now I WAS getting set to sleep after this surgery, I will but I see THE IMPORTANCE OF MOVING AROUND, no matter how sleepy!!! In my literature I got from my PS, it stresses to walk around a little, in bold type!!! So yes I'll get my zzzzzzzzzz's in but my husbands going to get me moving around too. I know after the liposuction last Feb. the nurse in recovery got me up in a chair...I was soooo sleepy still. So now I get it. And once they got me in my room for overnight I never slept at all, I peed every 45 min. with the drip they had on I was up..with assistance and dragging my IV drip with me. Today I see my Primary Dr. to give him my form for his consent, and a copy of my EKG done at the hospital. Then tonight I will go to my Swim meet and get my exercise in. Good to see the team, not telling them though. No these things you can't. I prefer to keep it private, I think it's because I'm worried that they'll frown upon it. And the liposuction...oh boy that doesn't set well with women. Oh she's taking the easy way out. Easy, yeah right!! No at this old age of the 60's after meno..this weight doesn't come off very well. The matab is just not up to peek performance!!! I know I've been trying for 8 years!! The breast lift, I think anyone who has had saggy breasts or larger breasts understand. But I just don't want people checking me out either. Its just private thing for me. The face lift years ago, I had I told my sisters, my Mom and my kids. They were all for it. But I don't want to worry my kids, and the sisters won't approve. They're afraid of the Dentist!!! Lol!!! My husbands always been supportive,, but he's not keen on it, but he's knows my PS is very good, and he likes him!! I got a wonderful PS. There was an article in a magazine how Dr. Sasson has been going to underprivileged parts of different countries and donating his time to help with deformities. I was very proud to read that, as I sat in the Hospital waiting for my pre-exam!!!

Ok when did I become Top Heavy?? Wwwwwwhat??

Hi Real Self family!!!! Today I had my Primary Dr. Sign off my Clearance. That was a delema, thier office didn't get my blood work Fax, primary Dr. needed to see it, nurse running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Then finally it came in!!! We were trying to call the hospital and not getting through to pre surgery room..blah..blah BLAH!!!! So hopefully I'm ready to go in 2 days for my surgery!! I just took some photos of my back, because besides those Mrs. Doutfire Boobs, I am having my back Liposuctioned too, along with those side boobage you'll see in my photos, gross!!! I hate getting old, it truly is so disheartening when I look at these photos....since when does fat start occupying our backs? Now you'll see what I really hate, I use to be a Pear...suddenly I look like a Brick Layer??? An upside down pear? Wwwwwwhat?

Today is My Day...9:30am!!!!!

Last night I shampooed my hair, no conditioner. Maybe it will stay cleaner longer? I do tend to get oily roots. Showered all body parts, then I had to put on Hospitals sterile cleanser, let it set for 2 min. and rinse. Only neck & down, minus the face, ears and private areas, with that stuff. I'm going to do it again real quick this morning because, those large boggy breasts get sweaty. Blow by blow, just for you guys:) Then I get fresh clothes on, zipper front, loose pants and of course bra & undies. We have to be at the Hospital 45 min. early. It takes 45 min. To get there. I have my Front Zip bra, compression garment and my binder packed. No jewelry, my rings are off. My original Clearance from Primary is packed, my 3 meds were packed, PS say pack them Hospital says no. So hubby can take them home, if no. I packed a brush and a little cash, no valuables. I have to take my own meds I usually take..& my anti nausea and the Pepsid they gave me at the Hospital. That's about it, & we're off. My stomach feels acidy this morning..nerves ya' think? They'll give me something so I don't give a damned, I just have to ask for it. No sense in getting worked up, when you don't have to. Here we go!!!!!!!! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...happy thoughts...."I'll be BACK!!" As Arnold says.

Surgery is Done, came home last night

A little sleepy now, just wanted to touch base.. So happy I did this. Haven't peeked at it yet at my boobies. I will see my PS on Monday, today is Friday. No showering until after I see him. I washed last night an today, I put on deodorant. Can't wear deodorant, creams, powders let alone make up at Hospital!! You must be very sterile. I'm groggy now took my pain killer, but pain isn't bad, I just want to sleep now. I couldn't pee after the surgery..I had the urge somewhat, but it wasn't strange. It took me 5 hrs. back and forth those nurses took me and I just could go, I'd get the sensation, then they'd say anything yet? And the sensation would go away...I just really wanted everyone to just go away, so I could go. It didn't happen until they brought me up to a room, I had some coffee, the nurse left, I sent my husband to get me some food, I had just some mouth was so dry..I could nearly get them down, even with water. So while my husband left, I got myself up closed the curtain..didn't call the nurse like I was suppose to..ON PURPOSE.., and went to the toilet and peed my little heart out!!! It was a pee that kept stopping and going?!! It took me 5 hours after surgery before I could pee! I never had that problem before, they say it's very common with General annisthesia, and they don't let you leave until you've peed!!! It's still doing that..pee then stop then pee, I'll get off the toilet, thinking I'm done, and I have to pee again. I did that all last night at home EVERY HOUR ALL NIGHT, UP TO PEE!! There was one time I had 2 hours sleep, from 5:30 to 7:30 am. But again every hour. Got up at 8:00 came down & had breakfast hubby cooked me poached eggs and whole grain bread toasted, no salt. Salt makes swelling. I'm not too sore with the Lipo, bruised what I can see, can't take the ace bandage off or my bra to check it out. Not ready to look. It needs the compression now. The ace bandage is digging in at my Liposuctioned bra bulges, I had to put surgical foam in there. You can but that on line. Got to close now,,sleepy!!!

I think I'm going to like these Boobies now!!

I haven't seen them yet, not until after I see my PS. I can't get them wet at all. I peaked at the nipple they're slightly blood stained. They don't really remove the nipple, the leave it in tact from behind then they bring it up. My PS told my husband he did 400 stitches. Probably has tiny close stitches, he very meticulous!!! He called me last night, we just pulled in our drive way...asked how I was doing. He's says some funny things sometimes, he said next summer I can go without a bra. He he, maybe in the house. He told my husband, you can take her out to dinner tomorrow & that I have a body of a sixteen year old..(.yeah he's a little corny but funny anyway) my husbands reply was, I could get arrested for that!!!! He has a sense of humor, he's a very compassionate man. I believe he is from Israel. Well I'm going to like the size...if they are indeed a C, my PS said a big C.....?? They're nice and high. They are swollen now. I have 2 dresses, that I have to lift up my breasts and put them in the empire wastes. (There are no implants in them, of course) my idea of feminism is compact breasts, not flat, I'm a 36, I use to be a 34C. I will just have to wait. But it will be nice to have no gaps in button blouses. And I hope those fatty bulges will be history!! I will take photos hopefully Monday. Take care Real self Family!!!!

Keep coughing up Plegm

This has been an ongoing thing since the surgery..the Plegm in the throat, it's irritated from the Annestissioligy tube in the throat!! Today it's green. I'm on an antibiotic. I googled it, it's common..but it could turn into phnemonia. I am on an antibiotic, they always give you that..should cover it? Then it's hard to get a good breath in with this wrap on my chest!! Well my husband is going to try and get hold of my PS's office, it's Saturday. They're closed. I did read that to take cough medicines..actually I did that anyway last night. I'll take some today also. Anyway..that's my chief the constant clearing of my throat, since the surgery. Chest area feels tight. And I try not to reach..those stitches.. Still taking my pain medication, but I'll try to stop after today. No BM yet, feeling full. I had stewed prunes yesterday & today. Mmmmmm..... I slept good last night, 4 hrs. straight, got up came down & took my antibiotic and pain med. I try to move more, it's better for me. I could of buzzed my husband..I ended up going to get him to open a cap..ha! I can't get them sometimes with the twisting and my incisions, plus I have some carpel tunnel. Damned caps!!! Got to make sure our drug store doesn't give us them anymore!!! No kids here!!!! I don't feel sick, and just now Plegm was yellow. I'm only mentioning these things for the next woman who has surgery and has this cough & Plegm. Because it is common.

Coming Along

I am moving more each day. Today we went and did a little shopping. Out for maybe 3 hrs. I just don't have enough button down soft night shirts to wear and needed an outing. (We took a walk around our home too, beautiful day!!!) Because you really don't want to be pulling over these stitches. So I have zip front bras and I found a sports bra that has good compression before the surgery, they are rare thing here?? Go figure!! So I have that on while my other bras are being washed. Now remember I had lipo too, reversion on my abs, and my upper flanks. I'm bruised. I bruise more than others. I take the Arnica too. I should probably ice it too. I'm hoping the bra bulges will be gone. Everything is puffy still. My stomach looks puffier on one side more than the other. I am a little apprehensive in the stores, I watch my back, just don't want anyone to bump me!!! You know New Yorkers!!! I wear the pillow under my breasts still in the seat belt. I'm not driving yet. I went in one store and felt light headed, so I called my husband to come stay beside me. It was just to warm in there. I took off the sweater and my binder for my abs its white, they should make those ugly things in black too. So I just tied the sweater over it. Then we picked up a couple of things in a grocery store and I went and had a nice bird bath!!!! It felt so great on my hinny!!! I thought that constipation was going to get the better of me!!! My PS noticed my belly sticking out Mon. He said what's this? And sort of tapped it, constipated??? Lol!!! 4 days with no poop, yeah I was sticking out!! It's still not flat, its not over until the fat lady sings!! Now I'm "going ok" now, normal. I'm swollen quite a bit, the breasts, abs and those upper flanks. You'll see in my photos one side of breast and abs is bigger than the other, that is my left..and the left was my larger breast too, so more cutting and lipo. He said he took 1 lb. of fat from the breasts (cut) and a little less than a pound of breast tissue that for them both. So goodbye fat on the breast!!!! He Liposuctioned about 4 and a half lbs. all together in abs, back and sides of breasts. It will be nice not having the weight of the one larger breast!!! And that droopiness!!! That just says.. old!!!! Photos...these are by no means pretty but they are for all you considering this. But they WILL BE LOVELY!!! You will see tape on them still, I'm to leave them alone until they're ready to nearly fall off. But I washed them all down now every day since I got my go ahead. Take care all.

Left side didn't get in.

Here's the worse shape. This was the larger breast.

Just a spurt of energy today.

It's absolutely gorgeous here today. I went out and did some light work outside. My husband had done most of it a couple of days ago. Like washing off garden ornaments and digging up tubers and putting things in the Green house. We have Gardeners, they tend to the general things. So we had a night where it got down in the 30's and it killed my Coleus, so I just pulled them up and clipped some small branches. Cleaned off my summer shoes and put them away. I'm a bit of a hose freak....I love to clean things off with the hose. So one side of the house needed a little cleaning up, so I got my Clorox clean up spray, let it set and then rinced it off. I move so slow now, so it took me a while. Ha ha!! Then I just couldn't do anymore, called the Hubs, and told him to finish up. Left my supples out there. He said, I changed your sheets, I said good, I'm getting in them now!!!!!! Actually I feel like staying here, in my room layed out...if that darned naughty doggie of mine stops barking down there!!! She's awfully cute but that barking when she hears's her Daddy out there!! Well anyway, I plan on turning the a TV on and I already told the Hubs to serve me dinner in bed!! Ha!! Might as well take advantage of the situation. No, actually we are very kind to each other and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Lot of laughs here!!! He was my nurse when I had my face lift 13 yrs. ago!!! That was hard for me to let him see me like that!!!! I do nice things for him and pamper him also. Massages, stach, beard trims, chest hair...ha!!! He loves when I bake for him. I keep a real clean organized ship here!! No maids in here. My nails look rediculous because of it. But hey as long as those feet look great. Go figure me out. Yes we are indeed a funny couple here!!!!

Went out for Pizza

Pizza is my downfall!!! Bad choice for me. I haven't weighed myself yet. (I weigh every day) I can't stop after one piece!!! Everything else I'm fine, seriously!!! But New York Pizzas are simply the best!!! Last night around 10, I had to have a cold slice...I know it's bad!!!! So heartburn all night, even though I took Zantac before bed!!! I had to get up & have Pepto too. And I'm still on my wedge sleeping...I had to try...try..sleeping sitting up. So sleep was horrible last night. Maybe I'll start hating Pizza? Yeah right. My back is stiff too, because I can't turn to my side (boobies) I had my husband do little karate chops on it, just to wake it up!!! Helped.
My tapes are mostly off on incisions. Nipples are still mostly on. I am suppose to leave them be, until they're nearly fallen off. Bruising is diminishing. Reminds me I should get more Arnica, PS gives a little over a weeks supply. Not enough. I have topical too. Better taken orally.
I'm really not digging being house bound, I need exercise. I'm use to getting to the gym. I will try to motivate myself to do my stretches here. In modified form..can't do any reaching. Mostly leg movements. I have quite a few things to take in at the sides on my sewing machine. I was a large in tops last year before lipo, defiantly a medium and then some now. But I have some shoulders..what is that about?... I always had skinny but long shoulders. Smallish arms, but a bicep. Ha!! No, I not funny.. Thankful for PS helping these bodily changes as we get older. But still need to learn to eat very light, our matabolism is so slow compared to before menopause begins. And being less active as we age doesn't help either. My husband is all about...what's for dinner? It's just us here now. When he goes away on business, I eat so light and fill my days with projects. But now we usually go away on business together. That's why I hate flying, we do too much of it. I will take advantage of the time I have home, and do clean up book work and sewing projects...after I stretch everything out on the mat. My body is aching!!!! Take care Real Self family.

Pizza and I lost 1lb??????

Update, got on scale, I lost a lb. in one day after eating pizza? Imagine if I didn't eat the pizza? Maybe 2 lbs.

Remembering the good old days when I could lose 3 lbs.min 2 days. Ha!! I'll have to find some skinny photos for you all some day.

Doing fine

Brief update, bruising is diminishing, some swelling still in Liposuction areas, that takes 3 mo. to be fully healed! My cuts look worse than they feel!!! Sorry, right now they are hard to look at:( I really find myself covering up when my hubby's around now. They just need lots of time to heal!! But all is well anyway in Plastic Surgery land! Take care all!

Droopy Drawers

Going to post some photos. But as you can see being home has certainly got me in a rut. I'm still in my pj bottoms. You tend to slack off, on the self upkeep. I got these baggy thick pjs on that are not body enhancing for anyone. But you can observe that the bruising is deminishing from the Liposuctioned areas. Tummy is now at that hard phase. I really need to massage these areas. It's a very important part after liposuction. The bra bulges, are better. 3 whole mo. to full recovery with this the breasts are looking better, the cuts are not red. Just having a shy day:) as you can see I'm wearing 2 bras, it's a soft bra under it, so it's more comfy.

Zings today in breasts/ and new skin regimine treatments in New York

Owwwwwh!! I am not liking this feeling I started getting today. Little zings in the breasts, I imagine it's nerves in the breasts reacting. Even though I wasn't into doing anything, we stepped out to pick up some items. I did get my Ralph Lauren red coat:) just liked it that much. I returned my neck cream by Clarins, returned the other junk by Juice Beauty..for the neck, that sucked!!! Made a rash on my neck when I woke up one morning!!! I am not a fan of Juice Beauty!!! I have the Apple Peel, it's ok.
I figure I'll see my PS this next Monday. And I have a complementary treatment from my procedure last Feb. So I will see what that's about and see if I can get on a new skin regimine. It's by mybody Probiotic Youthboost..a professional volumizing treatment. Sounds interesting. It says no downtime. Takes 3 weeks to see results. So I imagine, no make up..good time to do it, I'm just going to be home, then in 2 weeks we got to go away on business again. That's ok, I'll just wear mascara & brow brush. Blonde lashes & brows are a pain. But I want to see what I can do right now with crepy starting on neck and chin is going to need SOMETHING very soon. I did Fraxel for freckles on face and chest about 10 yrs. ago, and it really wasn't the type of laser I needed, they were just pushing it because it was new at the time. The laser that worked was the med light!! You really have to do your research before you lay your money down!!
I protect my face, neck and chest with Sunscreens when ever I'm out!! It's a must!! I hate spots. I don't tan well. I just spot. I've been done with sunbathing days for 20 yrs. I'm out a lot but I protect!! My face looks pretty good, not young, but the clarity is good, because I have people come up to me asking what I use. But it's about protection from the elements. back is a mess...full of spots, lifeguarding my kids around the pool when they were young.
Still in my bedroom since we got home, my husband massaged my Liposuctioned areas. And I have been having heartburn the last few nights, even though I took Zantac!! So my sleep last night, the night before has not been good!! It's my reaction to the pain killers I took a week ago. I can't take things like ibuprofen let alone Percocet!!! The zings in the breasts are settling down. I'm going down to join my husband for a movie!!! Catch you later.

Husband's response today: too oblivious!!!

Had a nice shower, washed my hair etc. I just needed to get some vitiamin e lotion on the back of me. So got my dear husband on the job. Now mind you, I thought this man of mine, seen these cuts, he did take those photos I posted. At least I thought that was him:-) As I laid down could now see the whole picture of the cut under the entire breast to the sides. "Holy s**it!!!" I said, what? You saw this? He said I can see the cut all the way across!!! I said see, that's why I need tender loving care, I should be pampered daily:-)
Actually I should, I feel so tiered lately, I had more energy the first 5 days!! It could be the grey day, then again the sun was out yesterday. . It's the lack of exercise. I truly need crunches, weights..can't do that like this, I'll bust my incisions!! I'm moving around. Up & down the stairs. A few chores. Taking in some clothes. Sooooo boring right? I don't remember being so lazy with the lipo last year. I think, I really am just tiered!!! So I'll rest. Happy healing everyone!!!

Time to post photos

I always dread doing this, because everything right now is not pretty. But I am posting for the sake of comparison and of course, to help the next woman, who might consider this.

Mind you my results are defiantly not going to look like a 20, 30, 40 or even a 50 yr.old. Let's face it, I'm 61 now, the skin is not a resilient anymore. I put fat on in the craziest places since menopause. And I really wish I had taken care of this in my early 50's, BUT that being said, I did not have most of these problems at 50! But as I got into the menopause was really a game changer. Your matabolism just is that much slower.
Actually I noticed those fat pads at the sides at the age of 54!! You're going to see a close up of one of those pads. Now it has been Liposuctioned, it has turned into the hard phase. It will dissolve eventually, but it might be a loose piece of skin later. We shall see. I'm hoping for it to disappear, but it's been with me for 7 yrs. I have to be realistic.

Nauseated today.

I'm not sure what this is about, the nausea? I did have my cereal this morning. I was ok. But I feel nauseated for some reason. I took some Pepto for it after my shower. Defiantly not hungry. I'm a little late on all these ailments, these are suppose to happen right after surgery. Didn't sleep well last night, took me until 5:30 am until I finally took a sleep aid and I then threw my wedge off the bed, so no incline last night. Maybe it was that? Sleeping flat too soon. Or just something I ate? A roast beef hero on whole wheat ,with lettuce, tomatoe ??? I will have to do my research on annethisia and sleeping flat 2 weeks post surgery. My stomach looks upset actually.
I ripped out the boning to the sides of my Binder too while I was trying to sleep, so much better without those plastic things digging up into my incisions at each sides.
Ok I'll make myself some tea now, see if I can feel better. Blachhhhhhhh!!!!!

Feeling myself again!!!!!

I had a few days I wasn't doing so well, tiered, one day I had nausea, IBS days, bloated, even a slight headache for a couple of days. Well things are turning around, and I feel so much better!!!

I seen my PS yesterday, he checked my progress, said everything looked great. I told him of my nausea, he believed it was from the annethisia, even if it was almost 2 weeks after the fact. The bloating is about the surgery, it's about the body healing and the body holding onto water trying to heal. I showed him the peeling under the breast, it's just another healing process. And to use vitiamin e. I was given my silicone strips for scars to use in the near future. $125.00 for them.
Also had my Probiotic Facail Peel, complimentary. Then I bought a few products. Retinol 1, every other day, and this one I can use on my neck, because it's a lesser percentage!!! A sun screen, and a cleansing mousse. Dr. Sasson has his own line of products. So those will be fun to get started!!!

Today I had my hair hi lighted, and cut!!!!! I feel human again, actually it was great getting back to some normalcy!!! Feeling great!!! Happy healing!!!


Trouble getting my photos on here!!!!


I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed, knocking on wood etc. hoping I can download these photos today. I tried for an hour last night, the site just was not working.

Products & photos of them.

I have some photos of the Silicone for my minimize scarring.

The Facail Probiotic Peel procedure pamphlet that I had last Mon.

And a few products I purchased at my PS office to get on a new skin regimine in a week or so.

Went Bra shopping at Macy's in Herald Square!!

This time we're not flying. But it's a 6 hr. car trip. I hate it but usually fine once we get to our destination. I have relatives there so it will be nice to see them. We take a few stops, that helps, because after surgery, your at risk of clots. So I'll walk a bit.
We took the train in, it's a 45 min. commute to Manhatten, Friday. It felt good to be out, I got a pair of boots. But after carrying them around for an hour I got beat!!! So I called my Hubby to be my pack mule. He was outside sitting. The weathers been warm here in NY. So he met me up on the lingerie floor. Gave him my handbag and he sat by the dressing room. . Macy's in Manhatten has renovated. And it was high time!!! Everthing was always a mess. It's now actually pleasant to shop there!!! Everything is all separated by Designer name, and layed out perfectly. I was like a kid in a candy store in the bras!!!!! I bought 2 bras,,they are 36C. But I bought BAli cotton and a Warners. Because it's way too early to tell. They fit, but I'm still bulby at the sides. Maybe in a month more I'll see what shape they will take. But it was fun!! We grabbed a bite to eat then went home, I still get very tired, but I know when to quit now!!! It really comes over me like a's like I got to lay down!!! I feel much better now, but I'm still not there. I slept in late Sunday, I was beat after that little city visit, it's the only store we went in!!

I have relatives that want to see us, but don't know if we can see them all. It's a business trip, so we have much to do. But hopefully can see a few. Take care Real Selfers!!!!

I'm one mo. and I still see bulbiness in breasts?

I'm hoping I got more swelling to go down, because I'm not liking the side views of my breasts at one mo. post. I've posted some photos so you all can see what I'm saying. I think the lipo has helped in the back BEHIND the breasts. My PS doesn't lipo breasts of course, that wouldn't be a good thing!! I'll have to get some answers on when does the swelling go down. I don't see my PS until 5 more weeks. So I'll google it.

Incisions are still a little sore, I was wrapping them in gauze for a while, to protect them again friction of the compression bras. I still see light bruising on the breasts around the nipples. I have had sensation in nipples pretty much from day one. But I do notice that they don't "perk" yet:) all I know is when I have my bra off, I want it back on real soon, I get real cold, or my shirt goes on between photos...burr!!

I haven't used my silicone sheeting yet. I feel that the incisions are not fully healed yet, and I don't want any skin reactions going. Sometimes I see a tiny oozing..stain on my bra, so that tells me, "not yet"!!! Still wearing bra 24/7 of course!! I am now using vitiamin e oil on my incisions after bathing/showering. I am feeling myself now, not sleepy anymore. But I have a bit of a cold starting. Still taking my Ester C everyday. Now with the cold, actually it just is starting..sore throat and a little headache, I'm taking Zicam. It shortens the cold, has zinc in it.

Glad to be home. Business was taken care of. Did a bunch of laundry yesterday. Today is grocery shopping!!! So nice to be up & running well:-) if the cold doesn't persist it's back to the gym tomorrow!!! I wipe everything down before & after I use equipment. Happy healing everyone. Prayers for Paris!!!!????????????

Answers to: how long does swelling last after Breast Reduction and Lift

I've got the answer off Google. So girls be patient. It takes 6 to 8 months for swelling to be done!!! Also what I see now, the shape...that will change also. Let's hope for the better. But the larger breasted you were the longer it takes. This is all good because I bought a Leonsia bra, the lace one in a 36C I can snap it but it feels snug. I also bought a medium in a sports bra...a cheap one..$16.99, but it has a front zip and I couldn't get it zipped yet...close but no can do:-) I have the same one in a Large and the arm pits are huge!!! I've been taking in everything, even bras. I defiantly am a size Med. in tops and most of my clothes are 10 or an 8 now. No more Large..... Even my jeans are getting to be too large in the waist..hoping to get into an 8!!! Single digits again!!! YES!!! The butt....I will except, since it's the fad now!!! Just have to keep it toned!!!

Worst Sore throat EVER!!!!!!!!

I have been sooooooo sick with this awful sore throat for 3 days now. I went to see an ENT Dr. and had it checked out yesterday. He took a throat culture and gave me an RX for antibiotics. This is what happens if you travel on business too soon, especially flu season!!! I picked up the dirtiest germ ever!!! It hurts to swallow my own saliva!! So painful, my head feels congested also. I can't sleep well at night because of this throat. I'm in my night gown...flannel to the ankles and flannel pj bottoms. I'm trying to stay hydrated, had Wonton soup for my dinner last night. Drinking teas with honey. Iced water by my bedside at night. I filled it 2 times in the night. I will get my results of culture tomorrow.
My husband had a slight sore throat and even lost his voice somewhat. And he has been coughing all over THE HOUSE AND NOT COVERING HIS MOUTH!!! What an ass!!!! A grown man. I've been "ripping him a new one" for it!!! Geeeeez!!!! I'm very causious of germs, enough so that I have those portable wet ones to wipe off tables & chairs if we stop at a fast food restauraunt.
So here I am sick, can't go to the gym, can't do anything I'm too sick!!!!
I've was cleaning our bathrooms, door knobs everything not to get his sickness. So he's fine now, but here I am twice as sick. I'm going to take a shower now and wash my I can feel human. Augh!!!!!!!!

Update with Photos

I thought I should post, it's been a while!!! I am over my sore throat finally, it wasn't strep but it was a killer!! I do not ever remember having one that bad!! It hurt to swallow my own saliva!
I'm back on track at the gym!! I need that gym time! I missed a mo. after surgery then to miss more time with a cold!!! I took a few quick photos in my pj's this morning..they're clingy so you can see my figure, still wearing my bra. I wear that 24/7! I have to protect my investment !! Hoping all my Real Self buddies had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Bra posting

I thought I should update some what on the topic of bras. We know I had the Breast Lift/Reduction, but I had some Lipo reversion on my abs and a little Lipo on outer sides of breasts, called upper flanks by my PS! So I have to wear compression on those upper flanks. So I'm going to post photos of my bras. These are made by Leonsia.

For 2 weeks I just stopped wearing the binder for my abs, because of stomach upsets. But as I looked at my photos, I better get back into wearing it, it looked lumpy!! I wore it for a month after the reversion and for 3 mo. last year!! Ugh!! But if I want a good outcome, wearing these are a must.
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