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Well after two years of trying to convince my...

Well after two years of trying to convince my husband to get on board with this lipo business, he finally agreed two days ago! So in order to erase any chances of him changing his mind, I made my first appointment and say Dr Marciano at great neck spa today.

The consultation was good. I had done a tonne of research before so I never had a whole lot of questions. I think that I was way too excited so I forgot a lot that I wanted to ask but I have time to ask cause mu surgery day is not until July. The Dr is jam packed! That was the most disappointing thing but I guess that means she must be good cuz she sure ain't cheap!

I received some antibiotics to fill and take one say prior to the procedure and I'm suppose to have some blood work done.

Based on the consultation she said that all the fat that I can pinch will be gone and I will be that's all I pray for and how all goes well.

Any new updates u will post and closer to the date I will post my before pics. Let's pray n hope all goes well.

Counting down to the big day

So over the course of the past month I have been reading a lot of posts and doing too much research as of today I'm gonna just stop, trust in God and pray that all will be well

I just need a few questions answered. How do I prepare for this surgery? What do I need to bring with me and what do I need to have at home? Which foods are the best to eat? I hope other members will help by tellin me how they prepped for their surgery.

I'm super excited tho. I'm going to get my blood work done tomorrow and fill my prescription for antibiotics. I'm gonna also give Dr M a call today to see if I can get another consultation before my actual surgery because I'm also very nervous and unsure about a few things.

I guest it's safe to say my emotions are all over the place. By the way I'm hoping I'm not pregnant! Fingers crossed

tomorrow id the big day

ok guys tomorrow is the big day and im so nervous. I feel like I know what to expect based on my consultation but more so because of all these reviews by you lovely ladies.. The fact that you have taken time out to keep us updated is really a blessing because I feel like i know a whole bunch of people who went through or are going through the same thing i am going through.

I started taking my antibiotics today (as per doctors instructions) and im a little worried because i see a lot of people posting that they started taking arnica and antibiotics way before the day of their surgery. Anyway, im gonna take a shower in a minute and i will be back with some before photos

before photos

well i am fresh ot the shower and im super excited to post my before pics bcuz i can clearly say tonight will be the last time i will look like this (except for the swelling of course) but anyways take a look at whats driving me insane!

Finally got it done

So yesterday july 10, 2013 will forever be etched in my mind. It marked the start of a new me and i was super excited. However, the day started off with everything going wrong.

First my husband, who was suppose to take me, seemed like he had a change of heart. He was taking his own sweet time getting out of bed and so my daughter ended up being late for school. When she finally got to school there was a note on the door saying that they went for a nature walk, so she had to come with us while he was dropping me off.

If i was a superstitious person, i wouldn't be sitting here in pain right now. Anyway i got to the doctors office and i was so nervous, to the point where i was shaking. we finished up some paper work first then we went to the procedure room. I changed into my little disposable underwear, took a xanax to calm me down and a pain pill. the doctor took some pics, marked the areas she was gonna work on, then some more pics. I also got an injection in the but for the pain as well.

Next i was told to lay down on the table, meds took a while to start kick in, then she proceeded to inject me in different spots where she was gonna make the incisions.Then she took a little knife and made small slits i now see but at that point i wasn't really feeling anything. Then came the hardest part. pumping the fluids in me was the worst part. it felt like someone was using a razor to slowly cut into my flesh.but she was very good at distracting me with her conversation and before i knew it she was done. i laid there for 30 mins for the fluids to totally numb me and after that all was fine.

Then came the amazing part. i was so excited to know that every push and pull with that laser meant fat was being destroyed. She did that for a while, i lost track of time, and then she started sucking stuff out.i wouldn't say it was painful either. i wasn't totally out of it cause i had to changed positions a couple of times for her to get my flanks done properly.

After about 4 hours she was done but by then i was done mentally too. I recalled being placed into the garment and leaving out with my husband. when i got home i was in total pain, i was draining fluid/blood coloured liquid like a leaky pipe. i took one of the pain pill they gave me, spread some pads on the bed and i was out.

when the pills wore off i took another and another. By morning it wasnt as bad as before but i still felt sore and numb. I had to change the pads like four times. at one point there were soaking wet. i cried for a short while but my hussy said, why are you crying...just think about your flat belly and i just started laughing. so the first night and into the affternoon was bad but at the exact 24hrs i took a shower, he changed my dressing, put some neosporin on the and bandage them up and i changed into a type of compression garment that i had before

Thats my only tip so far...get two compression garment because it really helps with the pain and the swelling. The one i have is much tighter than the one i purchased from the doctor because they took my measurement when my belly was big so i got a large and i think a medium would have been better. Another tip (i got from another realself member) is to put two sanitary napkins together and tape them to the side where your compression garment closes because they tend to leave dents.

all in all my procedure went well s now its on to the rough part....having the patience to wait for the results. in the meantime here are some procedure day photos and 24 hour pic as well to look at

Still sore

Well I had my procedure done on July 10 so today makes one week and a day since my procedure. I'm still sore and very swollen. The arnicare gel really helped with the bruises and the tenderness but to help with the healing process, I go for a massage tomorrow at Chandra wellness spa to see the magical suzanne. Will spill the details tomorrow.

Still swollen

Well today is just shy of 3 weeks since my procedure was done and I am still so seriously swollen. I have been to Suzanne for 3 sessions and I have seen some improvements but I kinda expected more. First day I was wrapped waaayyy too tight so by the time I got to the car I could barely sit properly to drive home. I tried to bear it until the next morning but had to wake up in the night n loosen the wrap.

The second time wasn't so bad but she didnt really focused on my flank area so even though I saw an improvement in my lower ab ESP my sides were still hard as rocks.

After the third I was just a little frustrated and tired and a little impatient so I didn't even bother to take before and after pics then.

To be honest a couple days past that I didn't bother to wear the compression garment because I just needed to get some good rest and I think that set me back a couple days. So at this point I feel like I'm back at my day 3 level were I was swollen as ever.

My vacation is in exactly two weeks to today and I already started to buy clothes I couldn't wear before and now I feel like I wasted all my money buying all these clothe cuz I'm still not gonna be able to wear them. Sad much!
Dr Deborah Marciano

Well so far so good. She was very frank and to the point. No frills just facts and I like that because it helps with my expectation levels. OK so now that i have done my procedure let me just say that Dr Marciano is great. She is so calm and even though i was a nervous wreck she really just got me to calm down by distracting me from with conversation. During the whole thing she spoke to her assistant but i wasn't really into the convo but i never really felt ignored or anything. she was definitely working. She is very precise and was like an artist carving a masterpiece.. Overall i would say she was great. the only thing i can say is that when she was done she was gone like a flash. i don't know if she had someone else or what but she was out the room pretty quickly. the assistants basically finished up with the bandage, the compression suit and after care instructions

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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