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I have always had a belly. I am now 30 and with...

I have always had a belly. I am now 30 and with age it is getting bigger and harder to lose or hide. I always wanted to get a surgery done, but, I never thought I would have it in my funds. Then, one day I was searching around Groupon and I saw a deal that I couldn't refuse. I thought, "This is my chance!"

I went for the consultation with my mother. I brought her for support and for someone to drive with me. The place is located over an hour away from my house! I expressed to the doctor that I was very nervous, she told me that her clients don't come in nervous. That response made me feel as if she was belittling the way I was feeling . Then she proceeded to ask me if I was an only child because I brought my mother. I responded to that comment by telling her that I was nervous and also I wanted company in an hour long car ride. When I left I was just very confused on what to think. I couldn't tell if the doctor was mean, or just emotionless. Either way, it was a strange first impression. I hope the next time I go there it will be a kinder experience, especially because the next time I will be there is going to be for the surgery.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited for the "new me" to arrive! I enjoy reading everyone's experience with getting the Smart Lipo done. I have learned a lot from everyone that has been posting! I am very nervous though for some reason and can't seem to fully shake it. With reading peoples stories about the healing process is spooking me. But, I'll be able to hopefully shake it by continuing reading everyone's success stories. Thanks for reading my rant!!

Freaking Out

I am getting my procedure done next Thursday and I am beyond scared. I have this voice in my head that keeps on telling me that "this isn't right for you", "something is going to get screwed up", "the pain afterwards won't be worth it." So, I keep looking at everyone's experiences and I am trying to get the positive motivation that I need. But, it is super hard when I am this frightened.

Was anyone else as scared as I am? I don't know why I am not excited but petrified.

I NEED ADVICE!! Please tell me that this is the right decision!
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