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Well, I am getting my feet wet in the wonderful...

Well, I am getting my feet wet in the wonderful world of plastic surgery. Tomorrow, I am getting smart lipo on my lower abdomen only. Why just the lower abs? Just testing it out because I got a good price via Groupon. If someone else was writing this post, I would appreciate their candor. I dont judge but normally wouldnt consider or advise anyone get budget lipo.

I am on a makeover journey. I had my hammertoes fixed (LOL), my braces come off in a few months, and need to get a breast lift. Now my breast lift- I will spare no expense. But the upside is, I have a friend that used a surgeon that agreed to give me 10% off. I am excited. She had a nose job and her breast done by him.

Well that's my story. Tomorrow is surgery. Keep me in your prays and I will update you all. Happy Passover and/or Easter!

It was a nice experiece. I Havent seen the...

It was a nice experiece. I Havent seen the results yet-24 hours compression garment. This Easter, she got a liter out of my lowers. She was more friendly and personable. I'll post pictures after 24hous.

I just read my last update. I was clearly still...

I just read my last update. I was clearly still doped up. I enjoyed the procedure and cant wait to see the results. Pictures attached, I must worn you, they are graphic.

Still swollen, I hope it is swelling-smile. I...

Still swollen, I hope it is swelling-smile. I don't know how to feel about results. I can see the difference but need to see the final to know if its substantial. I am happy that my muffin top isn't hanging over my pants! I started walking for exercise because I had to get back to the gym - vacation in 21 days! Hope I lose some of my thighs. My 2 week follow up is 4/11.

My birthday is April 19th, so of course, I am...

My birthday is April 19th, so of course, I am doing everything I can to be super sexy. So, I decided to call the office and asked if I could walk for 30 minutes a day on the treadmill. The first 2 days I didnt have any problems. However, today, my lower abdomen swelled up and got rock hard. I was healing great but I guess, I pushed it too far (45 minutes on an incline). Without exercise, I am going to have to diet like crazy. YUCK. If I was good at that I wouldnt have spent money on liposuction. LOL!
I got topical Arnica and frozen mix veggies on my stomach to relive the swelling. Anyone have any other ideas?

Today, I had my consultation for my Breast Lift...

Today, I had my consultation for my Breast Lift surgery. The price was right so I just need to get everything in order...time off from work ect. In a few months, I am going to be a new woman. I have to sacrifice my birthday for new breast but I am sure it will be worth it!
I am still swollen but someone called me skinny today so I am gassed! LOL

So it has been 2 weeks. I am still a bit swollen....

So it has been 2 weeks. I am still a bit swollen. I had to go to see Dr. M today. She prescribed some water pills. Thanks to DubbyDee. I went to Chandra Wellness Center and got the best massage and wrap. (See pictures) It was instant relief. She told me to stay wrapped overnight and sent me home with ancient Malaysian family secret (SMILE) to wrap myself with at home. She also gave me a garment that has more compression. I love her! Thanks DubbyDee. That is what this website is about. Sharing your experience so others do not have to suffer. We all have heard horror stories! Thank god this Groupon ended up to be exactly what I needed. Now, on to my breast lift. I've identified a doctor in NYC, the price is right and it is a traditional lollipop lift. Now, I have been looking for lifts without scars and added volume without an implant. I explored fat transfer but my doctor told me that 1. It is hard to identify the fat that was transferred when it is time for mammograms and it may show up as an abnormality. So to spare myself from unnecessary biopsies in the future, fat transfer isn't recommended. 2. Fat can be reabsorb by the body and sometimes it doesn't reabsorb evenly- leaving one breast bigger/ fuller then the other. Not a good look. Most patients use fat transfer for the buttocks because it isnt as noticeable.
So this leaves me little to not choice. I found Dr. Hordneski in Houston TX. He performs the Ultimate Breast Lift that is absolutely perfect. Only one downside. The surgery takes 4 hours! It is a scary thought to be under anesthesia for 4 hours. I have a child and would hate to leave my child because of vanity. As a parent, I have to really think about this. I didnt tell my husband about the liposuction but asked about the breast. He is down but I am afraid. I dont know....

Feeling much better!

Feeling much better!

My birthday and vacation was great! But, I've...

My birthday and vacation was great! But, I've been stressed. I must preface my next statement with, I love Suzanne, her spa is the best and she is a healer. However, I am really sensitive and the herbs that were used to wrap me, caused discoloration, irritation and look like burns. Today, she swore it would go away in months, but who wants to wait. The summer is here.
Today, I went for my 4 week check up. Dr. M was her normal, curt (brief) self. She said I am still filled with fluid and I should take the water pills for a month!!!! NO WAY. I've never taken a medicine for more than 2 weeks. Suzanne gave me some natural remedies like coconut water and celery. I will be using her suggestions and getting a couple more massages. I must admit, I feel good and the water pills did help. I am scared to exercise because that is how I bought upon the swelling. I will wait another 2 weeks and then start training! I miss the gym.

I feel a lot better but the discoloration from...

I feel a lot better but the discoloration from going to get my wraps from Suzanne is killing me. I am going to the dermatologist to see what he says tomorrow.

The discoloration is getting better!!! I am so...

The discoloration is getting better!!! I am so excited.

Almost 2 month

The dermatologist gave me an emollient for the discoloration (from the wraps) and it is getting better. I am nearing 2 months now; I plan to go get my followup next week and see Suzanne. My poor abdomen needs a massage...BAD!

On to the next phase: I booked my breast lift with Dr. Horndeski! It is going down-SMILE. I'm done with cosmetic surgery after that. With Dr. H's technique, I shouldnt need fat transfer (to my breast), so Ill be good! My braces should be off by August too. What women do to feel confident and wanted. My husband didnt know about the lipo but supports my choice with the breast lift. He just wants them to stay! All of this is just an added perk when you are beautiful inside. xoxo be good and dont overdo it ladies.

Almost 2 months photos

A little over 2 month

Unfortunately, I haven't started my Velashape yet. It's peak time at work. I am feeling good but have some bloating. I have my 2 month (its a little over 2 months now) checkup on Friday. Ill see what Dr. M says. I have been taking the water pills and they helped tremendously!

Scar Away

Also, using Scar Away for the 3 incisions.

Breast Lift and Lipo on Inner Thighs

I am getting my breast lift done tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I am also doing lipo on my inner thighs because that is a problem area. I will keep everyone posted by starting a separate review.

Inner thigh lipo

I am back in my skinny jeans! Amazing! I still have a spot in my abs and discoloration. I'm trying fading cream.
Smart lipo wasn't done on inner thighs but I heard the recover is better. I don't have any hard spots or fluid build up. The bruising (black & blue) is bad but I'd trade that for the drama I went through with my abs. The skin on my inner thighs is just as delicate and thin so I was afraid of sagging. It will be interesting to see the contrast in the healing processes.

Still shrinking

My lower abdomen is doing well. I am using my results yet but its hasnt been that long. I am definitely uneven but hate to go for revision. I'll see if it is worth it. Skin is loose so I will do Velashape after the discoloration is completely gone. I am going through it! Between my breast, inner thighs and lower abs....UUUUGGGHHH. It will be worth it next year! Smile

Going back for more...

Could I be a little anal....I want to do my back and flanks. Dr. M told me that most people come back to get it done after only getting abs. I am looking for a dramatic hourglass figure. Idk if I'm going to do it but I'm really close to scheduling it.

Got my torso done!

Got my touch up yesterday! Also did bra line, flanks and upper abs. Figured I'd get it all done. I'm so obsessed. So far, I'm happy. I will post pictures when I shower.

Surgery day for inner thighs

Cant eat until after surgery. Surgery is at 3:30pm uuuggghh....hungry. But slim thighs are more important. Smile. My measurements today are 41-31-45. My waist is thick but it has a nice hourglass shape. Wishing for 41-28-45..I dont know if my waist will get that small. I am swollen but not sure if I am that swollen.


After I allowed my work to settle, I must say, I am super happy!!!!
Deborah Marciano

I did some research on Dr. Marciano (Great Neck Medical Spa) by reading reviews and calling the New York State Medical Board to see if Dr. Marciano was accredited and had any complaints. Her name is clear. I also followed someone on RealSelf that used her and got good feedback. My consultation with her was short but it looks like she has a body factory (people coming in and out for her services). She seemed like she would be aggressive and stated she could get 800cc out of my lower ab. She didnt seem money hungry but lacked soft skills but do I really need my doctor to be a chatterbug...not really, just know how to answer my very pointed questions and be professional. I was scheduled with another doctor that was very nice but didnt think she would be as aggressive. Her credentials were better than Dr. Marciano but for some reason Dr. Marciano and her staff won me over.

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