Lipo of Stomach, Flanks, Back and Arms with Fat Transfer to Breast - Great Neck, NY

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I'm not sure and having mixed feelings about...

I'm not sure and having mixed feelings about results, I won't go in depth about my feels yet because its only been 1 wk post op.
The pain:
day of surgery, I woke up feeling extremly cold but good. The pain felt like I lifted weights in the gym for a month straight but it's been manageble for me since, I don't want to become dependent on pain meds so I bare as much as I can and probably take one a day. There is a lot of numbness in my arms and stomach, more in my arms, the first night I had to remove the arm compression because I couldn't sleep and felt like by blood circulation was cutting off in my arms and in my legs, I called the Dr. and told him and he said I could remove it for the night if I couldn't bare it. I had fluid leakage from the incision sites the first day and night. My arms bother me the most with the numbness, tightness and burning sensation not being able to fully extend and left them yet. Laying down and getting up is the hardest part, its better now. Once I get up and stand I feel loads of soreness in my lower stomach and waist area, once I walk off and move around it goes away. I really don't feel any pain in my breast other than the incision site to transfer the fat, and some soreness, I don't feel any lumpyness but they feel firm yet still natural to touch.
Swelling and Bruising:
I believe I had normal swelling and bruising, the swelling of my vajaja was the most unusually part, it was very swollen and painful, its since gone down. My Dr. gave me Bruise Guard which I starting taking 3days prior to surgery for a total of 7 days. I got a nasty water blister on my right side which the nurse popped on my first visit that Thurs. Its been bleeding off and on and healing slowly because its got getting enough air to heal but its manageable so far.
Compression wear:
I was giving one body suit and one for my arms. This is the annoying part of all of this wearing these all day all night so far. I feel suffocated at times and want to rip them off because I don't like tight things on me for very long, I've kept the body suit on non stop but the arm part I take off and on when I can't bare the discomfort.
I went into this thinking that I would feel good about this and once I had the body I pictured in my head it would be all worth it (im not sure if it was or not) but it's not an instance fix rather a journey that I was not looking forward to from a surgerical producer, there is still a lot of work involved rather than a quick fix that I was looking for. But I remain hopeful that along the journey I'll be satifisfied. I'll post some pics, my Dr. said its to early to judge and I have to give it 3 months to see progress.
My observations from my pics:
My right breast is fuller and bigger than the left, there is much more volume in the right breast
My arms have a slight differences
My stomach does show some different
My flanks show slight differences
My back....I see no different and I'm unsure if lipo was done on my back because I didn't see any incisions on my back and there was no bruising on my back either but it does feel sore, but I'm not sure. I'll discuss this with my Dr. on Thur. for my next visit.

Its 2 Weeks since my surgery

Seeing better results is giving me hope...on Friday I when from a large compression suit to a medium. this process is definitely an emotional one. I had my first lymphatic message on Friday and OMG! I was crying like a baby, it was PAINFULL!!! Then when i got home i started gently self massaging my lumps every day from then on and its helped as well especially in my arms because I was having a problem extending my arms because of the fluid built up but its getting better.

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