Excited for my New Butt Soon :) - Great Neck, NY

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Honestly I am abit scared of this surgery because...

Honestly I am abit scared of this surgery because of the % of infection which I'm worry about.... and other thing is the look for my new butt hopefully not to wide(I like people see you and said u got a big butt not people said ohh ur got fat butt) lol . I will post picture of before and after when I get them from doctor.

Here is some picture of the idea I like to become :)

What to expect????

I heard 3days before surgery date must only drink liquid,water and suja drink(6 bottles a day) than after surgery 2 days same thing no food??

Also I wonder how do people with this surgery go home? I meant like (since we can't sit for 2weeks) how to get in the car n go home?

Also when laying down with ur stomach do I need to put a pillow so that way I will have my butt up in the air?

( Too excited and forgot to ask my doctor these questions maybe I can get some help/idea here so I can get my list ready)

Thank you for the information.

Done my surgery on dec 19

Soon I will be posting before and after photos for u guys to see :) I am doing fine atm. The first day after surgery I admit it very difficult to sleep ... I have dark eyes circle ( due to not enough sleep is very uncomfortable to sleep )
Pain level
Day 1 : 4 out of 10 ( I was like phew not so painful) still on only juice base using bathroom to pee isn't that hard since I am using (Go Girl) help a lot. But u will feel pale/like fainting or dizzy. That's normal)
Day 2 : 9 out10 ( omg super painful due to u most likely will use bathroom number 2 ( u have to eat to get back heal faster. )
Day 3: 7 out 10 ( is much better now) still on pain killers of course but not much .

Tomorrow will be my follow up wish me luck :)

No more pain:)

This is my 6 days no need any more pain medicines I'll still feel very tired and sleepy and also still have drain tube in:( showering is difficult especially I have very lon hair :,I'm still draining will see doctor coming Thursday . Hopefully I will get more information upload here soon.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I'm very nervous every time I see him (that is because is a male doctor) as for so far I trust him from my last surgery he did was amazing and so are the nurses are super nice and the staff there are awesome :) I'm feeling very comfortable going in.

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