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Hey ladies! So I've been on RealSelf for a year...

Hey ladies! So I've been on RealSelf for a year now just reading the stories & basically just doing tons of research here & everywhere else.
Well I can finally say that I can now share my own story!! in hopes that it will help ease your concerns and nerves while hopefully doing this could even ease my mind too. So I did it, I have locked my surgery date in for August 11th and it feels so surreal to me and I'm nervous about the surgery.
I went for my consultation on April 21st at Dr Tehranis office in Great Neck, NY. I felt excited and confident choosing him. He does beautiful work and Im with the more natural look so that's what Im aiming for. We were both in agreement on my body type what would look proportionate and the size and shape was all so easy because what I had wanted is what he would've recommended for me so it worked out for the best and made me pretty excited and hopeful.
We agreed Im getting the sientra anatomical textures implant under the muscle with 300ccs in my right breast and 350ccs in my left bringing me from an A cup to a full C.

Trying on sizers

About a month ago now I tried on sizers at Dr Tehranis office and I was honestly surprised within the first few minutes of trying on the sizers I felt really self confident and proportioned and i wish I could've taken the sizers home lol Imy doctor recommended getting textured implants and I've heard they're more firm.. Idk I'm on the fence about it, does anyone have textured implants that have any regrets ?

I mine as well get this over with..

So this is my before picture, I was going to post it after the surgery was done so i can have both the before and after look but I figured it would help for you guys to see what I'm working with here lol.
Also, this is a little embarrassing to me posting my small uneven boobies on the Internet haha
This was at my PS office.. I'll have to take pics on my own of all different angles.

Tried on sizers for a second time! Just to be sure

For some reason the second time around these sizers which I believe were supposed to be the same ones I tried on at my consultation. I know the first try on session was HP anatomical sientra but maybe these ones are moderate profile? They look more natural to me the second time around..

Photos from the second sizer try ons

Wish boobies !

Just a couple of wish boob ideas that I want to show my PS at my pre op. Since it's now June my surgery on August 11th is feeling more closer than ever. I keep getting bursts of excitement that I'll finally have the boobs I want and then I'll feel like what am i getting myself into? Questioning everything and the what ifs and yea, surgery alone is scary and I worry about which girl am I going to be from people's stories I've read like, am I going to have an easy recovery or am I going to be in all types of pain that I find out is hard to tolerate and I'm just suffering lol.. Ugh I'm sure you ladies know what I'm talking about!! I'm even scared for when I get my blood drawn next month lol I'm such a baby!

Forgot to add the other wish boob pic

I went for my Pre op on July 11th

I am now 1 month away from my surgery and I'm super excited to have the boobs I want already but I am still so nervous at the same time.
I went in, we did the Vectra 3D and wow what a cool experience that was lol I watched as my assymetrical itty bitty breasts grew on screen. My PS decided what would look best so he switched my implant to be textured round instead of textured oval. I haven't seen to many people who had an oval shaped implant so it was hard for me to find women who had them on here.
Now we are going with 370ccs in my right and 420ccs in my left which according to my PS it should bring me to a full C small D. I didn't want the boob greed afterwards and he kind of suggested it because he's had many patients come back and go bigger.
My fiancé came with me which was really nice to have his support, I feel so lucky that he understands why I'm getting this done and he has been on board since the start of my boob journey lol it makes me love him that much more if that's even possible :p
One concern though ladies, I was a bit taken back when I did the Vectra 3D, I wasn't aware how much my areolas would stretch, I already have puffy/ large type of aureolas and personally I am a bit sad how they might come out areola wise everything else is just fine. I know no matter what they will stretch the bigger the implant but it was surprising to see how much mine would. I will have to post pictures on that. Maybe I can get some feedback from you guys. Anyway so after that I went and signed a bunch of paperwork and my life away lol paid for surgery, they gave me bruise guard and hibiclens soap and a surgery timeline like what to do and not to do two weeks before, 1 week, night of and day of surgery. I got my prescriptions waiting to be filled at my pharmacy which I can pick up at any time and the last thing I need to do is to get blood work done.
I can't even believe that this is going to actually happen, I am really excited.

SURGERY DAY AUGUST 11th WARNING this is a very long review

Ok ladiess let me tell you how the day of surgery went. This was always my favorite part, reading about others day of surgeries.
So I woke up at 4:30am to take my last shower with hibiclens. I took one the night before with hiblicens as well as two nights before that I showered with hibiclens because well that's what my surgeon had me do. So after getting all ready making sure I remembered no make up, no fave creams, exfoliating, nothing lol i blowed dryed my hair wore some black leopard print Capri pjs and a black zip up hoodie with no bra/shirt underneath.
I walked into the surgery center (eh it was an hour away) at 7am which is when I was scheduled to be there. My fiancé took me there in his car and my parents were coming to meet us there in their car. I was nervous the whole car ride as we got close my stomach felt nauseas and I was a bit shaken up.
Long story short, as soon as I got there this wonderful nurse who made everything better came literally right out to the lobby and was like ok give your bf a hug because we are ready for you now, you will be the first patient of the day, I was like freaking out I wasn't ready to let go and I didn't even get to see my parents yet lol( I'm such a baby) but this is a serious surgery there can be complications and I worried what if I never woke up (yes I was letting the nerves get the best of me) anyway, I gave Jason a hug and of course cried a bit before I let go as did his face swelled of tears because like I said we were thrown off guard how quick this was!!
So I went peed in a cup which was only very little bc I couldn't have any liquids since 12 the night before. Signed some papers, put a nice big comfy bathrobe on and ugly hair net with cute orange striped grippy sock slippers they gave me. Put all my clothes in a chrome tote bag that is now mine to have forever. The anesthesiologist came in was super nice I was a little upset he tried cheering me up, I told him about my parents not being able to see them and he went and brought them in the back for me along with my fiancé and we all hugged and they helped bring my mind at ease and then boom my PS walked in said wow we have a party lol and then eased my families minds that I am a beautiful girl and he will take great care of me (that made me feel so nice..) so family left, the PS took me in the next room over, dropped my bathrobe, he took pics of all angles, he drew on my and last minute I asked for my upper pole as well bc he thought originally I just wanted to focus on lower pole to fill the little tissue to nipple ratio I had but I wanted some cleavage ya know what I mean? And to be balanced out. Straight from there, oh he then out my bathrobe on backwards and tide it in the back, there was no hospital gown the whole time. We walked into the surgery room I cried , said out loud I won't look at the tools and cried my way laying down like Jesus on the cross lol I asked if I was doing the right thing and apologized for crying and the anesthesiologist said don't be sorry we don't mind! And then he says to the other two nurses do you guys mind if she cries? And they said of course not ! And then from there he put the IV in and said talked about my puppy and I fell asleep and then woke up warm in recovery covered in heated blankets. The nurse said I slept for an hour and the doctor said I couldn't have been a better patient everything went so smoothly. My throat never hurt from the tube, I woke up crying( what a surprise) but with happy tears I said " it's done??! I can't believe I'm even!" I was just so happy my boobs matched lol anyways then they saw I was fine and wheeled me out to my fiancée car, we went straight home and I layed in bed all day and night for the next 4 nights. Oh the pain, well there was no pain. Just a bit of tightness and a little heavy feeling. So much easier then I would ever have thought it would be.


After 5 days of just only allowed to be peaking in my surgical bra and not being able to shower I was able to see my results !! Then afterwards shower lol..I felt like a new person boobs, clean hair and all. Once again when I saw the big reveal I cried a bit of happy tears lmao hey as long as their happy tears right ? They don't look as bad as I thought they could look, yes they are in the first stages of healing since I'm not even a whole full week out yet so they look pretty beaten up lol but to me they are/ will become beautiful and I can't stop touching them and obsessing over them pretty much ????

Day 8 post op

Today I have felt the best so far. Yesterday I kind of over did it and had to lay down for the remainder of the day which kind made me feel down because I guess the meds tricked me I felt great lol and then.. Not so great. Anyway, I am still over the moon happy about my results, they have a cone-like shape but I'm being patient as can be well trying to be waiting for them to round out, drop & fluff :) not much to really say except I am still numb in some spots and I have felt zingers by the incision areas. The bruising is going away a little bit. It's funny how everyone is different with the healing journey, some people say they felt that there breasts were super foreign feeling for a long time and with mine I felt emotionally/mentally like they were already apart of me, I felt fine, it felt right. Yes physically they felt like they were trying to pop out of my tight skin and nipple area but God I love them even in there earliest and oddest stages lol here are some pics I took today, I'm trying so hard to see some changes there may not be any but I figured I'd post them anyway. Oh also, I still need help to do things I can't bend over much and I have felt my implant spasm or move if I accidentally" went to far " picking something up. Ok I write the longest posts lol I'm done I promise, any questions ask away!
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