10 Years After BAD Arm Lipo, Doing the Arm Lift on Tuesday the 18th.

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Im waiting till Tuesday at 8am for my AL. Ive had...

Im waiting till Tuesday at 8am for my AL. Ive had a BAD arm lipo 10 years ago and now going to reduce this boulders and tighten the skin. The Dr will also do lipo to correct the irregularity. I am terrified to revisit this trauma I started 10 Years ago. Ive been getting some support and looking at all the pictures. I am 6ft tall so my upper arm is a lot longer than 99% of you. I have also ordered Exparel to reduce the pain post op. Exparel is a non narcotic injection into the incisions to control pain for up to 72 hrs. Any help you can offer, Id really appreciate it.

Surgery done

Im having some difficulty seeing as the light broke in my bedroom. I want to share and tell you that I used Experal to control post op pain. IT works. I am in little pain or discomfort except to my dry mouth from the anthesis. If Id have know it was this easy Id have done this 8 years ago. Im in a compression Nouvelle compression sleeve and have 2 drains. My mobility is pretty good too. Frankly I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, its been that easy. Maybe tomo will be difficult but 12 hrs post op- Ill take it, gladly.

Day 1 Post op

I've been managing very well. The compression under my arms is bothering me so I've stuffed a sanitary pad into the upper sleeves. I don't want to shower until friday when i see the doctor. Let him do the great reveal. Icing helps reduce the burning but i have no nerve pain. Drains are still doing there thing and they must be under 30, which they aren't. I had an issue last night. I didn't take any pain meds and sort of spiraled out of control. Now Im taking them more regularly.

Day 3

I took a shower and had to look for my incisions. The doctor but them directly between the front and the back. Looks soo much smoother and smaller. Ill post pics when I can. Still my biggest issue is the compression sleeves. Not comfy. I bought Nouvelle compression sleeves and they are supposed to go over my shoulders like a small jacket but they keep slipping off. Ive also cut them at the top of the sleeve to try and release the tension. Also at the 3/4 mark on my forearms I made a cut because my lower arms where getting swollen. Im going to the doctors tomo and maybe he can figure out a better solution. I did not want to do ace bandages as they are difficult to get the correct tension. The drains are still in and not down to my correct fluid amount as yet. So no drains out yet. I strongly suggest before your lifts you try to find a comfy garment at fits with a little wiggle room. I started with a medium when I actually needed a large. I did reorder a large and its still bugging me out. Compression is obviously essential and so is comfort.

Day 4

Hi its been a rough 24 hrs dealing with the compression garment, No real pain- just pulling and tension from that drain. Fluids are still too high to remove. That will happen on Monday. Saw the PS today and he said it looks great. Maybe tomo I can post a picture.

5 Days PO

Everything is going well. To my dismay, last night, the drains opened and I awoke in a wet bed. Seems the catch didn't hold and out came the fluid. I have only taken one shower but sponge bathing. My compression is now ace bandages until Monday when these drains get pulled. Frankly if they didn't pull it wouldn't be so bad. As some of you know I had a god awful lipo 10 years ago that left me in agony and disfigured with major surface irregularity. From what I see now it looks a whole lot better. I was so worried about this surgery and quite frankly it was much easier than I expected. I don't know if anything is open and healing perfectly because I can't see under these wraps. Monday will be the first day and I am going to spend some serious time making sure the drain holes close and don't get infected. Thanks for your support. It really is nice to know Im not alone.


Hi well here are the pictures. This is my left arm and the drain is still in. My incision isnt in the front or in the back. Its directly down the midline of my upper arm. You can't see the incision from any direction except overhead. On Monday the drains come out and Ill be a VERY happy lady.

day whatever....

Not my best day. The ace bandages feel like they're too tight and the drain entry is sticking and pulling. My arm pits need deodorant so its not so sticky but obviously this isnt an option. Looking forward to PS tomo pulling these drains- woohoo. Im not really in pain I'm just uncomfortable. These arms need to get some air- LOL. No need to post pictures because they're still black and blue from the lipo and they're not seeing the light of day/ YET.

Swelling and Compression Garment

Im having difficulty and need advice. Im in a large garment but it feels way too tight. I don't know how much compression is too much and if I should size up? I am 190 pounds at 6 feet and need the size across my back but then the sleeves might be too big. Also, the coat of these garments, getting them dirty, and not being able to return, is getting really expensive. Do any of you have any brilliant ideas?

One Week PO and swollen

Its been a long week but not a truly a painful one. Im very swollen and wearing a compression garment 24/7. Ive been very uncomfortable with this compression, but Ive been switching up garments and that is helping. Shout out to Wendy! The bruising is from the lipo and doesnt hurt either. My arms are tight and burn but mostly swollen. The surface of both arms is so much smoother. As Ive said before, I had a horrible disfiguring lipo 10 years ago, as my original pictures showed. Im going to the PS tomo, who is removing some special tape that is covering my incisions. Im planning on getting the scar laser'd as soon as Im cleared. Ive got no openings, oozing, and everything so far looks healthy. If you have had doubts about doing this surgery don't worry about it. Other than the continual garment misery, its been a breeze.

PS appt- no more tape- additional info

Its been a great day. The PS pulled off the special tape and we both looked at a section of my left arm at the very top, in the front, nearest to my arm pit. It seems a little mushy there and not as tight as I would like. My dear, Dr Feingold, said it was too early to evaluate but if it needs to be made tighter he will do it in the office and adjust it. Frankly I have no idea how he would even know in surgery how much or how little to take in specific areas. Its not a big deal if it has to be done, truthfully this was almost a painless procedure. Its these garments, now ace bandages yet again, that's driving me to distraction. After so many worries and it all comes down to a garment???? Ive wasted years worrying about nothing. The worrying stops NOW. Next appt Nov.2 and I guess time will tell. Id post some pictures, but these babies are under the dr.s ace wraps and Im not going to disturb whats going on. The pressure is even and Im not ripping my hair out. Im up and running around and have been for a few days. Its long sleeve weather so I did it at a perfect time. Even if I need a quick touch up by May Ill be soooo happy. The thought of being in a tank or T blows my mind. I did it! Finally got off dead center, stalking RS for years and got it done. Big shout out to ME!

12 Days PO

Im finally not miserable in my cg. I guessing Ive healed a little and maybe some swelling has going down. I keep my cg on constantly so I really don't look at my arms except for a few minutes each day. All I can say is that if I have to wear this cg, at least Im not really in so much discomfort. I do have a limited reach from the arm pit area pulling, but this is all part of recovery. Ive been out and doing my household things now with little issues. I guess the worst is behind me, and only patience and time healing, is my now my life.

14 Days- No infection

Other than Ive been drained, the PS looked at that spot under my right arm and said all's ok. Ive been vigilant keeping it clean and dry. My arms are feeling lots of pressure and of course Im swollen. The dr implied that there is a lot of swelling with arm surgery. He has told me my bigger right arm will be just like the my flawless left, even if he has to do a revision. Im ok with that. Next appt is 2wks and Im going to be very careful not to split, inflame, either armpit. All I need now is some energy.


More little splits are showing and the one I told the PS about on Nov 2nd is slightly larger and raggy looking. I don't think its infected. Ill be calling Monday and I want him to see this. I heard that red laser treatment will work to close this up and Ill find out his thoughts on this. Im still wrapped in ace bandages- which usually feels ok now going on 3 weeks, Tuesday. Im just concerned Im not healing well with these openings. So annoying.

23 Days and swelling hurts

Im working on keeping those arm incisions free of infection. There are small gaps and I just keep up maintenance. Im in ace bandages because I couldn't stand the compression garments. Im in them 23.5 hrs a day. Washing, rerolling daily. I see the PS on Wed. and wondering how he feels Im doing. Its certainly frustrating not knowing and being rolled like a mummy. My left arm is perfect and going into surgery it was the smaller, less wavy,dented than the other. The right I think will need a revision in one small area which still looks blobby and not taken up enough. I really don't care about a revision but I do care about starting the healing process all over again. UGH. Ive found the recovery endless. Im fulling functioning, and have been able to do my hair from the 2nd week. Im carefully not to over reach. That will disrupt the healing. Obviously the outer arm pit area is a tension spot, which I've come to respect. Hope you girls are doing well. Id do it all over again even though I haven't had any chance to enjoy these new arms- YET. I was sooooo worried that PO Id wake up in Hell from surgery but that certainly hasn't been the case. Its the healing, compression, thats got me frustrated. Look everyone is different. I guess this is my cross to bear.

PO Nerve pain in the Arms

Ive been feeling the burn and tingling from surgery now for a few weeks. This didn't start PO but around week 3 or 4. I don't like this feeling. Pain meds, Advil hasn't helped. I had read somewhere that vibration helps. I pulled out an old electric toothbrush and buzzed through the ace bandages. Immediatley I felt a huge relief. Seriously? Yes.

REDO surgical was done March 30

Hi everyone. I seas in surgery Thursday for more tightening, lipo to remove the old lipo horror and some fat graft to one very deep dent from 10 years ago. I have no drains. Im in ace bandages AGAIN. Only one arm pit has been cut into and its not pulling. YAY! Im taking my pain meds every 4 hrs. Hey I have no need to suffer. Fingers and forearms are swollen this time. Not last. I rpob should keep them elevated but whatever. This being the 2nd go round in 5 months Im much more relaxed and know what to do and what not to do. Its a long process and I am impatient. I was even going through laser treatments to make the scars invisible and now back to square one. Oh well, Ill heal and start the process all over again. I was hoping by Summer Id be wearing sleeveless but this is not going to be the case. In June Ill start laser again. It takes 3 months of healing to precede with laser. SO, to all my old buddies and newbies, Im hear to say the pain isnt bad. Im just frustrated. Those of us who have had this done know its a LONG healing process. As I am still wrapped and haven't revealed I have no pictures. All I can see is deep purple above the right ace bandage.

First PO visit

Well, Im at a week tomo. The PS said he's keeping the tape on the incision for one more week. Last surgery they were removed when he pulled the drains, at one week. As my elbows and armpits weren't cut I am not concerned yet of openings/splitting. The extra week with the surgical tape on the incisions will help them to heal and hopefully not open. I know you have to be very vigilant with this part of recovery. I wish I had posted at my Oct surgery how long I was in compression. I can't believe its only been one week. YIKES! I need to vent this out. Even the PS admitted its a long recovery and that my incisions DID look pristine. I was so close to having this behind me, but to Dr Feingold it wasn't perfect and perfect is what we're after here. He's so kind and through. He did more than he was obligated to do. I got my moneys worth, thats for sure. Initially my surgery was almost 11K. Now Ive had 2 for the price of one. I would recommend him without any doubt. Ill post if anything changes. Have a good week. You where Ill be.....until next weeks office visit.

I think this doctor is a genius. He's so nice, and on point. His work is beautiful. I had a certain area, and he mentioned it before I did. WOW. Amazing! He is not my first PS but he will be my last. If I ever need anything, he's going to be the PS of choice. The staff is kind and the care was 5 stars. Im lucky to have had Dr Feingold. He did an amazing AL.

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