10 Years After BAD Arm Lipo, Doing the Arm Lift on Tuesday the 18th.

Im waiting till Tuesday at 8am for my AL. Ive had...

Im waiting till Tuesday at 8am for my AL. Ive had a BAD arm lipo 10 years ago and now going to reduce this boulders and tighten the skin. The Dr will also do lipo to correct the irregularity. I am terrified to revisit this trauma I started 10 Years ago. Ive been getting some support and looking at all the pictures. I am 6ft tall so my upper arm is a lot longer than 99% of you. I have also ordered Exparel to reduce the pain post op. Exparel is a non narcotic injection into the incisions to control pain for up to 72 hrs. Any help you can offer, Id really appreciate it.

Surgery done

Im having some difficulty seeing as the light broke in my bedroom. I want to share and tell you that I used Experal to control post op pain. IT works. I am in little pain or discomfort except to my dry mouth from the anthesis. If Id have know it was this easy Id have done this 8 years ago. Im in a compression Nouvelle compression sleeve and have 2 drains. My mobility is pretty good too. Frankly I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, its been that easy. Maybe tomo will be difficult but 12 hrs post op- Ill take it, gladly.

Day 1 Post op

I've been managing very well. The compression under my arms is bothering me so I've stuffed a sanitary pad into the upper sleeves. I don't want to shower until friday when i see the doctor. Let him do the great reveal. Icing helps reduce the burning but i have no nerve pain. Drains are still doing there thing and they must be under 30, which they aren't. I had an issue last night. I didn't take any pain meds and sort of spiraled out of control. Now Im taking them more regularly.

Day 3

I took a shower and had to look for my incisions. The doctor but them directly between the front and the back. Looks soo much smoother and smaller. Ill post pics when I can. Still my biggest issue is the compression sleeves. Not comfy. I bought Nouvelle compression sleeves and they are supposed to go over my shoulders like a small jacket but they keep slipping off. Ive also cut them at the top of the sleeve to try and release the tension. Also at the 3/4 mark on my forearms I made a cut because my lower arms where getting swollen. Im going to the doctors tomo and maybe he can figure out a better solution. I did not want to do ace bandages as they are difficult to get the correct tension. The drains are still in and not down to my correct fluid amount as yet. So no drains out yet. I strongly suggest before your lifts you try to find a comfy garment at fits with a little wiggle room. I started with a medium when I actually needed a large. I did reorder a large and its still bugging me out. Compression is obviously essential and so is comfort.

Day 4

Hi its been a rough 24 hrs dealing with the compression garment, No real pain- just pulling and tension from that drain. Fluids are still too high to remove. That will happen on Monday. Saw the PS today and he said it looks great. Maybe tomo I can post a picture.

5 Days PO

Everything is going well. To my dismay, last night, the drains opened and I awoke in a wet bed. Seems the catch didn't hold and out came the fluid. I have only taken one shower but sponge bathing. My compression is now ace bandages until Monday when these drains get pulled. Frankly if they didn't pull it wouldn't be so bad. As some of you know I had a god awful lipo 10 years ago that left me in agony and disfigured with major surface irregularity. From what I see now it looks a whole lot better. I was so worried about this surgery and quite frankly it was much easier than I expected. I don't know if anything is open and healing perfectly because I can't see under these wraps. Monday will be the first day and I am going to spend some serious time making sure the drain holes close and don't get infected. Thanks for your support. It really is nice to know Im not alone.
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