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Well I have to say that I am not a 'blogger' at...

Well I have to say that I am not a 'blogger' at all, but I have read so many great reviews on this site it has inspired me to share my story. As with most of you, I am doing a tummy tuck not for vanity reasons but to regain my self-confidence that I once had. I am 5'2 ", no children,and I was 210lbs 2 years ago. My partner and I both went on a medically supervised weight loss program and we both lost a significant amount of weight. I lost 60lbs and for me sitting at 150lbs was really a weight I felt good at. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to finally have the tummy tuck that I have always wanted since high school. Even at 18 and 120lbs, I still had the pooch. So after successfully reaching my goal weight, I gave myself 2 years to see where my weight would settle at. I now fluctuate between 160 to 165lbs. Back in October of 2012 I took the plunge and had consultation with my ps Dr Santin. I was thinking I was still too "fat" to really have this done, but he said that I was an ideal candidate due to keeping my weight stable for the past 2 years. My partner noted to Dr Santin that if I was going to do a TT, how easy would it be to do a breast lift as well? I was so focused on getting rid of my 'tire' that having my saggy breast done was the last thing on my mind. So after finding out much money was involved, finding financing, I have a scheduled surgery date for April 18 for both the TT and BL.

Any words of advice on vitamins and pre-op preps?

Question ladies: So I had steadily lost my 60 lbs...

Question ladies:
So I had steadily lost my 60 lbs over a two year period. I reached my goal that I had made... so that was about 2 years ago. I have gained some over the past couple of years, but now that I am trying to lose a little before surgery it seems so stubborn!! I noticed a change in my body system last summer which I attribute some sort of peri-menopause. Mostly night sweats. So does anyone out there know what I could do to get this weight off? Am I lacking some sort of supplement like Black Cohosh or something? Seems this week all I want to do is EAT! Uggg! Halp!

Ok so RS is prompting me to do an update, but...

Ok so RS is prompting me to do an update, but since my surgery isn't until April 18th I hope I don't bore you all with my ramblings...LOL. Thought I would add a before and after photo from my 60lb weight loss. Whenever I am feeling fat, I just take a look at that bad boy and realize that I'm doing alright!
Also I thought I would let you all know about my surgery. I am going to have the breast lift and the tummy tuck. Fee for both is $9225.00. Anesthesia will run between $1750 - $2250. My surgeon's office also has a surgical suite on site so I won't have to pay any hospital fees. He only does surgeries one day a week and that is on Thursdays. He does, without a doubt, make you stay in his on site apartment suites for 2 nights following surgery with a pain pump. That is an additional $60.00 per night - probably the best $120 bucks I will spend on the whole surgery! haha. It is self supervised, so I will be having my honey stay with me both nights. The nurse is on call if needed. He also told me that he prefers the drains to be for 2 weeks. From what I have read, this is not gonna be the fun part. Pre-op is March 18th, so I am curious to see if he will have me go on the Arnica and Bromaline.
Welp, there ya go....my hope is to help anyone who has questions about prices and procedures. Happy healing to all who have reached The Flat Side!
Ciao for now!

Hi Ladies! Well tomorrow is my pre-op. Got a...

Hi Ladies! Well tomorrow is my pre-op. Got a call from my surgeon's office Friday asking if it was ok to change my appointment from 8:30am to 3pm. My surgeon does a lot of clef pallet surgeries and consultations in our area, so wouldn't be surprised if that is why i was pushed back a little. Oh well...just anxious to find out what is in store.

Hey all! Well, I originally typed in my review...

Hey all!
Well, I originally typed in my review last night and this damn website timed out on me, so here I am today giving it another try.
My pre-op went very well. Wait times are always so/so with plastic surgeons, so I wasn't too bothered with that. I got two different check lists - one for the night before surgery and the other one was a list on what to bring with you to the apartment that I will be staying in for two nights. It's a cute little two room "effeciancy" type apartment with kitchen, table, couch and recliner. Flat screen tv/dvd in both the livingroom and my bedroom. My bathroom is like two steps from the bed, so that is handy! What else is handy is that it is literally right down the hall from the operating room. My nurse Michelle also informed me that they will be sending me home with a walker and a shower stool to use. They also have wedge pillows as well, so I may be taking them up on that too. Dr Santin was very informative. I asked him why he doesn't do lipo with a tummy tuck. He said that it is a known fact that doing lipo with a tt, let alone with a tt and bl, that blood clots can form and he will not take that risk. He told me that when he pulls all the skin together to sew up, it will look awesome. He also said that if i needed lipo, he would have suggested that to me from day one and done the lipo on it's own and schedule a tummy tuck after that. I also asked him what he thought of Arnica MT with the healing. He said that yes it does seem to help with bruising and that if I wanted to use it , to start one week before surgery. He was super sweet and very professional. He gave me a smirk when I asked him how long my drains would be in. "As long as they need to be in" was his reply. lol....damn. So I paid for the surgery! He said he would see me on the 18th of April bright and early 7:15am. Michelle my nurse will be calling in my meds (nausea, pain and a antibiotic) to my pharmacist. All I have left to do is go get some blood work done and buy 2 front zip sports bras. They supply me with 2 compression garments that need to be worn for 6-8 weeks. After that, she advised me to go to a department store and buy a spanx or girdle type garment for support.
So now the countdown begins! hahah. Take care! Happy healing!

Hi ladies! Well, well, well...whadda ya know,...

Hi ladies!

Well, well, well...whadda ya know, it's April!! Bought my sports bras and just picked up my meds from the pharmacy today. It seems like everything this week is coming so fast! I have also ordered some arnica and bromelain, so I feel like I'm pretty much set! So crazy! haha! Good luck and prayers to all April Tummy Tuckers!

Hey girls! Well tomorrow is my big day! All in...

Hey girls!
Well tomorrow is my big day! All in all I think I have stayed pretty calm. The only thing I have noticed is that I feel a little "crappier" without taking my vitamins that I am used to taking daily...oh and I have been eating more sweets-eek!!! My period just happened to show up last Saturday night, so HURRAY for small miracles!! I won't have to deal with that little side show with my recovery too. I have packed a little box of no-salt crackers, protein drinks(EAS), gatorade zero, beef jerky (for my honey) and low salt soups to take to my recovery apartment for 2 days. My friends and family have been giving me overwhelming support! I have my neighbor looking in on our 2 dogs for the 2 nights we will be away. I am so blessed. I am at work now trying to get all the odds and ends done. I work with men in the electrical business and we all know how the guys are dependant on the "office/purchasing/accounts girl!!! Should prove to an interesting 2 weeks while i'm away. Not gonna worry about that!! LOL... So my TT sisters, till I see you all on the FLAT SIDE...God Bless and thanks for lending your ears and your hearts with support.


Hi ladies! Well I made it! Today is post op...

Hi ladies!

Well I made it! Today is post op day one. I'm sitting in a recliner at the recovery apartment. Yesterday was a blurr. The dr and nurse said I came out of my sleep very well. Felt nauseous but didn't puke thank God!! Slept on and off and my honey has been emptying my drains every 4 hrs. My nurse Michelle came in and took the bandages off my breasts and wow do my "girls" look great!! Minimum bruising (thank you arnica mt). Went pee on my own and just relaxing now. I will have some photos up tomorrow when I get home! Thank you all for the prayer and well wishes!

Hi girls! Today is post-op day 3. I made it...

Hi girls!
Today is post-op day 3. I made it home yesterday after Dr Santin (San-teen) took my pain pump out. Car ride home was fine and I felt pretty damn good. Hey, let's take a shower!! hahahhhahah Ok, so the "shower" part wasn't all that bad because I had the shower stool and a hand held shower head. Not so much fun when you are getting put back into the compression garment. I had sweat ROLLING down my face and thought I was going to either puke or pass out. All of a sudden I passed some gas and voila'! episode over! I have the kind of garment that the "bra clips" are in your crotch. Plus I have a total of 4 drains...2 for the TT and 2 for the breast lift. He wasn't going to put the breast drain in, but he said that he is always sorry after the fact that he didn't, so that's ok. I will be getting them out on Thursday anyways. He said that he took about 5lbs off my tummy and he didn't take any off my boobies. All he took off was the loose skin. I am soo pleased with my girls! They look fab! I have been up and about with and without the use of a walker. Figured I would just do nothing today to heal. Been drinking protein drinks with my pills...down to one vicodin every 5 hours. Been taking my Arnica and Bromelain and started drinking lemon parsley water. I downloaded a picture of my "kittens" to show you. I will have my honey take some pictures of my tummy when we change out my CG. Loves to you all! Happy healing!

Hey girls, Had a few crappy,sad, queezy days this...

Hey girls,
Had a few crappy,sad, queezy days this week so didn't want to do anything. Had my 1 week post op appointment on Thursday and was shocked to find out I that ally drains could come out! PTL! Lol. Dr Santin was very pleased with my progress. Holy mother though...2 of the drains hurt like a SOB! Was so nice to shower without all that dangling on me. I had been off the Vicodin since Monday, but after that appt I took one at bed time. I don't have another appt for 2 weeks! So far I am very happy with my results. And it will only get better! Have a great day ladies and happy healing!

Hey Girls Well today was post op day 15 and...

Hey Girls

Well today was post op day 15 and also my first day back to work. Business was kinda slow today so it was easier to transition back into it. Worked a 61/2 hour day without any pain. The guys I work with were telling me all the time to just sit and take it easy! lol.. I have been healing quite well. My left "kitten" is black and blue now, but looks GREAT! My tummy is a little bloated after work but I am thrilled at how great it looks! I just plan on sleeping in tomorrow and taking it easy for the weekend. I will post more pictures soon. Take care ladies and keep on healin'!!

Been having some chest pains for the last 2 days,...

Been having some chest pains for the last 2 days, so I thought I should call the PS and ask my nurse if it has anything to do with any of my procedures. I was up until 2am last night thinking it was heartburn or acid reflux. Took some tums twice and finally took a vicodin around 1:30am. The vicodin slowly worked, so that makes me think it it something muscular? I don't know...maybe it is all due to going back to a somewhat "normal" schedule of work? Anyone else having this weird sort of pain?

Arnica Alert! Week 4 PO

Hey Ladies,
It's been awhile since my last post. I have been pretty sick. It all started last Monday after I came home from work. Heartburn, and upset stomach. I chalked it all up to my first week back to work. Same condition on Tuesday and by Wednesday i was at an urgent care clinic thinking I had a severe case of acid reflux. They took an EKG and that was all good and gave me a GI cocktail to calm the acid. I thought all was ok, until I headed home early because my nausea was so intense. Went to the PS on Thursday to have some stitches removed and Dr Santin told me I was overdoing it and advised me to take Friday off and only work half days for awhile. By Friday I was sooo nauseous all I did was lay on the couch and try to sleep. I had hardly ate all week and I was trying to force as much liquids into me as I could stand!!! By this time I was very "alarmed" at the color of my urine (DARK yellow) and was really trying to put in as much Powerade Zero as I could tolerate. Monday rolled around and by this time even after waking up after sleeping a 18 hours straight I felt worse. I called my brother to take me to the ER since my partner was at work and in meetings. After waiting a good 6 hours, a doctor took one look at me and suspected my gallbladder was acting up and injected some Fentenoyl to give some relief! I was admitted to the hospital after the ultrasound came up negative for gallstones but my liver numbers came back SKY HIGH!!! I was on morphine for pain and many many IV bags of fluid, numerous blood tests.....and after the gastrointestinal doctor and I revisited what kind of meds I was taking he realized that the herbal supplement Arnica Montana was probably the culprit to the hepatitis reaction. After 2 days in the hospital I am home now. My liver numbers are still high, but the doctor said that it may take several weeks or up to a month to see my liver back to its normal numbers.
So I just want to warn anyone who is taking the Arnica that the first side effect noted on any website is that it can be harmful to the liver. DO NOT take arnica for more than 2 WEEKS! I did not realize this and started another round after my first two weeks were over. This is probably why I was sicker than a dog!!! My urine is still so dark, but fortunately I was smart enough to see medical treatment!
Take care Ladies, and Happy healing to you all


Hey girls,
Thought I would post a few new pictures. To me, not much has changed in the look of my body. I think I am going through the dreaded "month one" bloating and swelling. I did actually "dress up" a bit at work today and noticed my old kakis that I have worn before are now pretty damn loose at the waist - especially by the end of the day. I am hoping that there will be more swelling to go down by month two. Anyways...I am very pleased with my "kittens"!! They look so perky in a tank top!! Whaaa hoo! All in all I still am very happy I went through this whole proceedure - even the stint in the hospital!

Week 6

Quick update! Worked a full 40 hour work week and actually wore my jeans 2 of the days! Yesterday (Friday the 31st) I was out of the compression garment and into a flexees bike shorts type of garment. I was afraid I wasn't going to make it all day due to the fact it was like stuffing a sausage into it's casing trying to get into that sucker. But all in all I stayed in it all day and went to a party after work and was in it all night! I am starting to see some dog ears develop, which to me means I am slowly losing some swelling! Still in the same pants as pre-op, but haven't worked out yet since surgery - so that makes sense. Front of all my pants are loose where my gut used to live. Ha ha! Gonna go try mowing the lawn this weekend. We have a few hills, so my sister and partner are have been leery about me pulling too much. I think it's time to be "normal" again.

Week 7

Things are back to pretty much normal. Working a full 40hrs a week and wearing a mixture of spanx one day and garment the next. When I get home at night I shed any garment and do not put it on until morning. I had some major swelling this week, but by the morning it subsides. I know it is due to the fact that I am doing tons more and resuming normal work duties. I am noticing more and more the dog ears this week. I am not bothered by it and will address the issue with Dr Santin when my healing is farther along. I love love love wearing shorts and a tank! I am just amazed at how great my chest and flat tummy look. It gives me more incentive to work more on my body. Hope all you ladies are healing well!

2 month check up with my surgeon...

Had an appointment Thursday (6-17) with Dr Santin for my 2 month P.O. He is very pleased with all the incisions and said I am healing well. We discussed the dog ear situation and he said when I come in for my 6 month check up we could address them at that point. He doesn't think they are that bad so that means to me that I need to get my ass in gear and rev up my cardio! I do want to "do it on my own" instead of relying on plastic surgery to make me feel better. I don't want to be part of a vicious cycle where you "fix" all your body issues with surgery instead of actually being disciplined enough to work out and do them yourself. I am happy thatI finally after 25 years got the tummy I have always wanted! Now it is up to me to decide how I want my body to look.

Whew!! Anyways.....I am now officially out of my compression garment. It was kinda weird getting dressed today in just panties and jeans. I felt a little naked without my garment on but got used it. Wow...to actually wear underwear after 2 months! I was a little bloated after work, but now as I am relaxing on the couch I do feel better.

12 weeks post op

Hey ladies,
Been awol for awhile now. Things are definitely back to normal. I have been garment free now for about a month. Occasionally I will wear one if my incision/scar line is achy. Started working out since I have GAINED 10lbs since surgery. Besides having an unusual attraction to strawberry Twizzlers, I attribute this to being unhappy about my hips. I hate feeling this way, but I know I will snap out of it. Doing cardio for 20 min and then the punching bag and weights as well. Going 3 days per week and hopefully I can ramp it up after settling into this schedule. Hope you all are doing well. I will try to update my pictures, but feeling crappy about it.
Ciao and blessings
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