MM - Breast Lift, Augmentation and Full Tummy Tuck July 23rd - Great Falls, MT

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I am 5'3" 26 years old and about 130ish pounds. I...

I am 5'3" 26 years old and about 130ish pounds. I gave birth to 2 children but have 4(trying to adopt nieces). We have 3 girls and 1 boy ages 11, 6, 4, and 2. My husband and I talked about me having a MM on and off ever since having my son . During my first pregnancy I went from a cute 120 pounds to a HUGE 210 pounds I was like a blimp!!!. My skin absolutely could not handle that!! I breastfed both my kids for about a year and a half each and it was real nice having some boobies I went from a AA cup to a D... As of right now I am unsure of what size they are... I am getting a full tummy tuck a breast lift and an augmentation. I'm hoping to be a full c small d.

I want this done just so I can feel "normal" again... I want to be able to get out of bed go through my closet and pick clothes without having to try on EVERYTHING only to choose something and cover it up with a hoodie anyway. What kind of life is that? LOL mine for that past 4 years!! I don't even attempt to put jeans on anymore I just wears loose fitting shirts and and pants or shorts that stretch. I have a closet full of shirts that have tags on them still...(both pregnancies were a surprise) I am determined to be able to wear them!!

So I was doing really good about working out... going strong for about 2 months but then my hubby got snipped and I had to go back to being super mom and now I really feel like there is no turning back! I am going through ups and downs. Where I am excited then scared then I think I'm stupid or selfish sometimes I'll get a mix of emotions and stay awake for half the night just trying to calm myself down lol! I will say though that since about March I've been creeping on this website reading all your reviews and it's been so incredibly helpful that I don't think I could've/would've made this happen without you ladies.

I will post some pictures I just need my hubby to help me out with it. I know that the pictures helped me see what I was getting myself into and what I could expect throughout this journey so I will "pay it forward"

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July... we...

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July... we decided camping would make a good memory. It was... we froze every night we camped. I knew we would too but my hubby kept on saying "no, we'll be fine its like 90. Degrees!" And although I knew better I listened anyway and it resulted in us all sharing one tent (there was a total of 7 of us.... and the tent was meant for4) and with one large sheet and a bunch of baby blankets! Yea. Not going to forget that lol! Other that dumb listening to dumber we had a blast. I only thought about my mm maybe 45% of the time ant that's cause my hubby kept on bringing it up (he says he loves me the way I am and ij believe him but that doesn't stop him from loving my boobs... I mean me even more after the surgery) I hope everyone is healing nicely!
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So far my experience with Dr. Santin and his staff has been amazing. I thought that I was going to be uncomfortable and didn't want to feel like I was being judged. They actually made me feel so very welcome and I felt that they really did care. All my questions and concerns were answered and they took their time to help me understand and make an informed decision. I wish all my doctors experiences were as pleasant as these ones

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