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Hi everyone, I m so on the fence with my BR. I...

Hi everyone, I m so on the fence with my BR. I have obviously considered it for years but not until the last three year seriously. My back started hurting a few years ago and I m pretty sure its because of course the biggies. I do stand all day as a checker, but I would feel ok I m pretty sure without the heft. My muscles are fatigued ,period.. My breast are hidden pretty well. I obviously am very body conscious. The bras I wear sometimes two at a time hold me in and slightly up, the in part I m pretty sure is causing the back pain.. as when I let the bra down at the end of the day wow.! My back is tight and immobilized most of the day, I have been literally doing stretches in the checkstands to keep my back from seizing up. I dint care what people think and tit has been helping, Anyway I have been doing tons of research and can only dream of a brighter and lighter day

Hi, I went to my consultation on Aug 14, i t is...

Hi, I went to my consultation on Aug 14, i t is actually mt second ,since I went in 2009 and was denied by my insurance, This time I have recommendations from one medical Dr. and a phys. Therapist , all my chiro practor visits and massage therapists. I am still unsure of my going forward even if I get apporved, I have read and admire you all , for your desire to proceed..I would love to be smaller and feel more confident, I am highly concerned about the whole medical thing.Im healthy and not that old to still enjoy my life as a smaller breasted women, I know I would be really motivated to trim my weight just a bit more, and lose some of the hormonal weight, Probably about 7 or 8 pounds.In my research on Real Self I saw a fabulous Dr. in WA. His patients looked awesome. My PS , I dont know, He was nice, professional,expensive 222$ for an hour and a half visit. He wants to leave the drains in for a week, I said that seemed long , and he said better then an infection, Anyway its been a month I should be hearing frome them pretty soon I Imagine , Staying postive.

After being aprroved and going as far as ahving...

After being aprroved and going as far as ahving pre op scheduled, I have decided to not do it.. I truley want to be smaller ..and i researced all the pros and cons.. and after seeing the possible adverse results and then the cost for me.. almost 8,000 $ I decided to try what was working for me.. brief chiros and weight loss. I will prob never be a C cup, but the physical risk and complication to go down 1 and half cup , I guess just wasnt worth the pain or money.... I am sad , but yet consloled in the fact that I will be beautiful with God gave me and set the goal, that is within my reach without sugery.. Good luck to you all and best of health and happiness.
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