480cc's Ultra High Profile - Happy Momma!!

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5'10" - 128lbs - 30 years old - breastfed 2...

5'10" - 128lbs - 30 years old - breastfed 2 kids

I can't wait to get my twins done. I have always had nice boobs but after breastfeeding 2 kids they got so small so now that were done having kids its time to get them filled up. Right now I am a 34A on the right and 34B on the left; I would love to be a 34D-34DD.
I have my appointment on Sept. 16th to see what size my Plastic Surgeon thinks will be best for me. I know that I want under the muscle and high profile silicone implants but I want to make sure that the surgeon agrees and I want to get her input.
I am SO excited and I cant wait. I have been stalking this website and all the stories for weeks. My surgery date is Oct. 15, 2013.

Here is some more before pictures

What do you ladies think for cc's to have a 34DD? Input please? I'm going under the muscle and I'm doing silicone.

8 weeks is too long to wait for my twins to get here

I'm not scheduled until Oct. 15th and I cant stop thinking about boobs. I feel like its consuming my life. lol. What advice do you have ladies have for me to get ready for my surgery? Did any of you take pre/post op vitamins? I found these and I'm thinking of getting them. http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=13511
Any thoughts?

These are some more breasts that I like the look and size of.

Pre-Op side view

The breast on the side of my tattoo is smaller then my other. I can't wait to have my pre-op appointment on Sept 16th to see what sixe she thinks I should go. I'm thinking 450-500. I have been a 34D most my life but after nursing two kids I ended up like the picture below.

Monday is my Pre-Op!!!

Monday is my pre-op and I made a poster for my surgeon!! My husband is coming with me to my pre-op and I can't wait!

Pre-Op DONE!! 28 days until surgery!! FREE Botox!!

Today I went in for my pre-op and it just made me 1000% more excited to get this surgery done. I brought in 4 different bras to try on with the sizers and we decided that I will have between 450-525cc. Natrelle style 20 or 45. My surgeon makes the incision then goes in and puts the saline implant in and fills it up until they fit perfectly in the bra that I bring into them and then pulls out the saline implant and puts in the silicon implant of whatever size looks best for me and the bra that I brought in. WOOHOO. That makes total sense to do that. I have to bring in my bra 1 week prior so they can sterilize it and have it ready for surgery. My surgeon also says that she doesn't put me in a bra after surgery just a ace wrap that I can take off whenever I feel the need. She thinks that not wearing a bra for the first few weeks helps them drop faster.
One extra bonus for getting Allergan implants is that I get 50 units of FREE Botox!!! That makes me super happy!
I posted a few pictures of our pre-op appointment today. My husband couldn't keep his hands off of them and they aren't even in yet. ;)

6 days until my BA!!! What can I do to prepare myself? Needs?

I'm so excited and I cant wait for my BA on Tuesday!! I talked to my Surgeon today and she ordered Ultra High Profile and High Profile silicone implants in a couple different sizes. I can't wait. I'm hoping for 475 to 500cc's.
I had to get my blood work done today and bring in my bra that I want to be able to fit into after my surgery so I brought in a 34DD bra. I'm 5'10 and weighed 134 this morning at my appointment.
I also have strep throat so I'm hoping that I'm cleared for surgery on Tuesday. YIKES... I'm on Keflex and Z-Pak starting today. I feel awful!
What things do I need to get before my surgery?!?! Thoughts?!?!

8 hours until my surgery!!!

Well... I'm all ready for my surgery in the morning. I'm a little nervous but I am confident in my surgeon. Her office called me today and she ordered 6 HP implants and 2 Ultra High Profile implants in all different sizes. It ranges from 450cc - 555cc so its all in her hands from there.
I posted some before pictures that my husband took of me tonight and I think they have grown a little from my pre-op pictures that i posted. I will post picture from after surgery when I can!!

night before pictures

480 ultra high profile - 1 day post op

We'll I made it to the other side. I have thrown up for the first 16 hours none stop because of the pain medicine they gave me right after surgery. I finally called my plastic surgeon and they called me in a suppository for vomiting and it worked!!! I couldn't even keep a sip of water down. :( Today I am really sore but I have only taken extra strength Tylenol because I'm scared of the pain meds. I will post one picture from this morning. I loving so far but hoping they go down a little. :)

A bra feels so much better on

My surgeon doesn't require you to wear a bra but I finally put one on and I felt SO much better!!!

3rd day is a lot better than the 2nd!!!

I am feeling pretty good today. I am really weak still and cant walk around too much without getting tired. I threw up bile for the first 16 hours after my surgery so I am trying to get my strength back. I have found that wearing an ace bandage and then a bra without under wire over the ace bandage feels the best for me. I am rotating Ibuprofen and Tylenol and not taking any pain meds. I get hot zings by my incisions when I move weird but I am starting to be able to move my arms more. I hope everyone is doing well and things are looking up for me.

Post Op Day 5 and feeling down!!

I've been feeling a little down lately. I keep telling myself it's only DAY 5 of my recovery but my chest still feels extremely tight and like I have bowling balls attached to my chest. I also started my monthly cycle so having the additional cramps along with the pain of the surgery is making me a basket case!! lol.
I am having extreme pain on one of my breasts near the incision but the incision isn't red or anything. It HURTS bad when it is stretched at all or if I lightly touch it. (even my shirt touching it) Has anyone else had that? My other breast is sensitive like that also but not nearly as bad. IT HURTS ALL THE time. I have been wearing an ace bandage and a sports bra to ease the pain.



8 days post op and feeling great

It's been 8 days post op and I'm feeling great. The sharp pains are gone and I now just feel like I had a hard chest workout. I still think I might have gone too big but time will only tell. I also tried sleeping on my stomach and it felt like I had pillows as boobs but not comfy ones... lol. It was definitely weird. I hope everyone is doing well.

12 days post op pics

I have been pretty much back to my normal life since day 8. Yes, I'm still sore and feel like I had a tough workout in the chest but no zings and I haven't even taken ibuprofen or anything since day 6.

day of pic / 12 days post op

2 weeks post op - feeling great!

I'm 2 weeks post op and I feel awesome. I like the size of my breast now and I don't think they are too big anymore. I think it was just a shock going from size B to DD even though I was bigger then this when I was breastfeeding. Here are some pictures from today.

4 weeks today!! Happy!!

I was 100% sure I went too BIG for the first 2 weeks but now I am so happy with them. In clothes they look a lot smaller. They feel 100% like my natural breasts. I was an 34E to 34EE when I nursed (picture above) so these are just perfect!! I was huge then and just right now!!

Side view / 4 weeks

Almost 3 months POST!!

I'm still in love with my breasts!! Here is a few pictures!!

480cc ultra high profile

Bottomed out!! :(

My breast implants bottomed out and its MY fault!! I didn't wear the support bras like I should have. I have been wearing under wire bras since I returned to work after my surgery. I go in on April 21st to see about getting them fixed. ;(
My husband has been deployed for the last 6 months so and is coming home at the end of this month and I'm exciting for him to see my new girls!!! I am totally in LOVE with my boobs!! I love the size also. :) (I am a 34DD)

In the picture you can see the my nipples are a little towards the top of my breast. I don't think that I would even get them fixed BUT my nipples come out of the top of my bras sometimes.
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