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20 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Great Experiences

Turning 50 is is shocking. Wear and tear magically appears overnight. I consulted with Dr. Chestnut for two reasons: 1) I don't want to look younger, I want to age well going forward. 2) I lost a significant amount of weight and I think half of it came from my face. Hello cheek sag! Dr. Chestnut listened carefully and created a plan to meet my needs. We started with a PRP facial and Sculptra. Scultptra has been easy-breezy so far. PRP, while akin to getting your face tattooed, made my skin look nice and plump. Down the road I'll be doing a laser treatment and I look forward to the results. Dr. Chestnut has a Zen vibe which is quite calming when you aren't sure what you have gotten yourself into. His staff is entertaining and informative - a winning combination. I highly recommend Dr. Chestnut!