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Great experience...genuine doctor! - New York, NY


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10 Nov 2016

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Great experience...genuine doctor! - New York, NY

I had a deep line in my forehead and had researched the pros on cons of Botox and was finally ready to take the plunge. But nearly two years later, I still hadn’t done it due to being unhappy with consults from other doctors and/or dermatologists. After complaining to a friend, she gave me Dr. Madnani’s number in which I set up yet another consultation. This time was different and I expressed all my concerns while he patiently listened and addressed each one with kindness. He communicated thoroughly and seemed to genuinely care for my wellbeing, even with such a simple procedure as Botox. He was very professional, knowledgeable and honest. No questions were left unanswered and I FINALLY ended up doing my first treatment on the same day as my consultation appointment. Couldn’t be happier!!! I'll never go to anyone else for a cosmetic procedure and if I ever decided on having plastic surgery, he would be the one to go to!