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Great experience, amazing staff and Doctor.

Breast Augmentation

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3 Oct 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Great experience, amazing staff and Doctor.

Dr. Richards and his staff are great! I was incredibly nervous not to get a great result, but was made to feel comfortable through the entire process and am over the moon with my results. It has only been 2 weeks since my surgery and I am back to my old activities (except exercise) just with larger breasts. I had researched and scheduled 3 consultations. I met with Dr. Richards and Dawn first, I was so comfortable with them and the process I booked my surgery the next day. Dawn assisted me in getting all the needed pre-medical testing done as I am new to the area do not have a regular Dr yet. Everything was easy and went exactly as I was told it would by Dr. Richards and staff. Thanks you for a great experience.