Worried my Nose Still Looks 'Big' After Having Rhinoplasty?! Great Britain, GB

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I had closed rhinoplasty on the 25th of Jan. I've...

I had closed rhinoplasty on the 25th of Jan. I've always hated my nose so finally done something about it. I had the hump removed, tip lifted slightly & the bones broken in at the sides.
So far I think it looks ok. It's much straighter which I'm aware of But I'm not amazed as of yet which is why it worrys me. I expected to love it but I still think my nose looks big.
I'm hoping it's just swelling and will get smaller but I just have a feeling this is how it will look and would like honest opinions please??

4 weeks post op

4 weeks & 2 days post op. Looking much straighter but still can't help feeling it looks big???

8 weeks post op

8 weeks post op!
I had been to see my surgeon for a follow up at 6 weeks. I told him I still felt my nose was big and I was advised to come see him when I'm around 6 months post op. Feel slightly dissapointed that my nose hasn't shrunk anymore and still concious of it looking big :(

15 weeks post op.

So I'm 15 weeks post op. And I have decided I still want my nose smaller. I'm aware after this long it won't change much more now.
So feel quite dissapointed that the surgeon hasn't taken off as much as I wanted. If I was to go back and want my nose redoing would I have to pay for this? As he hasn't done as I've asked so I'm hoping it will be corrected free of charge??

Still considering reconstruction rhinoplasty and wonder if there is a major chance of it going wrong??

So after having my op back in Jan, I've not been thrilled with my result. I've been back to see my surgeon & he has offered to redo my nose, however he has said there is more risk 2nd time round and is trying to put me off having it done. Could this be done easily? Or will it all end horribly wrong. As I want a nose I'm happy with. I've uploaded my most recent pics.

My 1 year & 2 months on...

I still keep thinking about a revision as I do think the overall nose is bigger than I wanted. But I'm also very worried about it going horribly wrong like a lot of revisions do. So for that reason I may stick with my nose. I am gutted to have spend almost 5000 on it and it still not been what I expected, but it is better than the nose I originally had!
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