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Well my story is much like everyone else's. I've...

Well my story is much like everyone else's. I've always had an issue with my nose - its just too big for my small heart shaped face. After toying with the idea of rhinoplasty for years I finally feel ready, able and excited to get it done! The biggest issue for me is who is the best surgeon to choose for such an important operation. The nose is the focal point of your face and after years of feeling it attracts too much negative attention I really want to put my trust into someone who can make me love my nose not hate it more.
After reading loads of reviews on here (which have been so helpful by the way) I have narrowed it down to two surgeons - Mr Tahery (Chester) and Mr Ion (London). I have consultations with both coming up very soon!

Decision update

It's been a while since I've written a review on here so I thought I would write a quick update. After consultations with Mr Tahery and Mr Ion, I have decided to book surgery with Mr Ion! After meeting him I felt 100% more comfortable with him as my surgeon then when I met Mr Tahery. I am now booked in for surgery in November and feeling both nervous and very excited! Does anyone have any advice regarding preparing for surgery? Anything I should be taking or doing to make my recovery a bit smoother? Also, I've had two consultations with Mr Ion already and I've been offered a third but I don't feel there is anything else to discuss with him. Does anyone know if a third consultation is necessary and also if there is a pre-op appointment with him? Sorry lots of questions, thanks guys! x x
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