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Well my story is much like everyone else's. I've...

Well my story is much like everyone else's. I've always had an issue with my nose - its just too big for my small heart shaped face. After toying with the idea of rhinoplasty for years I finally feel ready, able and excited to get it done! The biggest issue for me is who is the best surgeon to choose for such an important operation. The nose is the focal point of your face and after years of feeling it attracts too much negative attention I really want to put my trust into someone who can make me love my nose not hate it more.
After reading loads of reviews on here (which have been so helpful by the way) I have narrowed it down to two surgeons - Mr Tahery (Chester) and Mr Ion (London). I have consultations with both coming up very soon!

Decision update

It's been a while since I've written a review on here so I thought I would write a quick update. After consultations with Mr Tahery and Mr Ion, I have decided to book surgery with Mr Ion! After meeting him I felt 100% more comfortable with him as my surgeon then when I met Mr Tahery. I am now booked in for surgery in November and feeling both nervous and very excited! Does anyone have any advice regarding preparing for surgery? Anything I should be taking or doing to make my recovery a bit smoother? Also, I've had two consultations with Mr Ion already and I've been offered a third but I don't feel there is anything else to discuss with him. Does anyone know if a third consultation is necessary and also if there is a pre-op appointment with him? Sorry lots of questions, thanks guys! x x

The time has arrived!

My rhinoplasty is in a matter of days and to say I'm nervous is an understatement! I can't believe it is here already! I've been dosing up on probiotics, vit C, multi vitamins and bromeline and will start my arnica tablets soon too. Although I'm nervous I'm really excited too, this has been such a long time coming. I'm finally doing it. The main things I'm worried about are -
1) will I like the results?
2) the risk of infection - nervous about this one. My surgeon has said I can have either permanent or dissolvable stitches - does anyone have any recommendations? He said the permanent Stitches carry a slight risk of infection compared to the dissolvable but the dissolvable mean the structure of the nose could change over time - ahhhhh decisions!!
3) will my nose be symmetrical?
4) will I get my sense of smell back - worried I won't be able to smell things again! (Is that totally irrational?)
5) people noticing a difference and having to explain that yes I have had a nose job.
Any advice /info people have would be a massive help!!! X

Days away!!!

I am just a few days away from my op now! I can't believe how quickly it's come round. I'm taking probiotics, bromlene and arnica and trying to eat well and sleep to keep the body healthy! Does anyone have any last minute advice for me? So nervous x x

It's done!!!

Hi all, so I'm sitting in Weymouth hospital with my lovely surgical gown and stockings on (looking very fetching as I'm sure you can imagine) with bandages all round my nose. I cannot believe it's actually done!!! All these years and I've done it!!! ????
I really want to give an amazing update about the procedure saying its pain free etc but oh my god when I came round from the anaesthetic I was in so much pain!!!!! To a point where the nurse had to give me the highest dose of painkiller topped up with morphine. Is this normal??? Even Mr Ion beforehand said that the procedure is often painfree just "uncomfortable" but honestly I've found it to be pretty damn painful so far!
Things I'm worried about -
1) my nostrils appear uneven and my nose doesn't appear straight, I know I'm literally just out of surgery but I am worried. The pics on here from girls just out of surgery seem to look straighter than what I've got currently. I'm just hoping it's swelling but I'm a bit scared.
2) I was in surgery for about 3.5 hours - is that a bad sign? Hopefully it's just a sign of a perfectionist and thorough surgeon (which I know Mr Ion is)
3) I can't smell anything - I can breath through my nose but have no sense of smell. Hoping this is a temporary side effect ????
4) I can see stitches poking out of my nose, not the actual stitch but just the ends of the stitch - is this normal?
As you can tell I'm a bit of a worrier! Besides the issues I've mentioned above the hospital, it's staff (especially the lovely nurses) and Mr Ion have all been fantastic! Mr Ion came to see me before surgery and spent time going through my questions etc, he was so calm and pleasant. The food has been yum! And I do feel in good hands which is invaluable for this type of op.
Anyway I should get some sleep..... if anyone has advice or info regarding the above please let me know! Thanks guys x x x

Day 3 post op!

Well it's day 3 already and I'm so happy to say I am starting to feel a bit more normal again!! The last couple of days have not been fun! I've been in pain and my face has looked like a big red balloon but today I'm starting to see my features again! Yay! The swelling is starting to go down and the pain is lessening. Cast off my in 5 days!! feeling positive!! X x x

Day 5 post op

So yesterday was a bit of an up and down day. I felt queasy for most of the day but wasn't actually sick, then my stitches were hurting as was the incision so I was in a bit of state! I didn't eat much, I still can't taste anything which is frustrating. I've been told all the above is normal though. I am hoping today will be a better day!
The one thing that is playing on my mind is how uneven my nostrils are. Will these even out once the splints are out and cast is off? ???? Hope so! X x x

Day 10 post op

Hi guys, so I'm already 10 days post op! My cast has been off for the last 3 days. The process of taking the cast off was fairly brutal, my nose was blocked, the stitches were difficult to take out and I was very queasy! As was my boyfriend who witnessed the whole thing! But I was so pleased to finally be able to breath through my nose again!
Since then I've been trying to rest as much as possible as I'm back at work next week and I'm still feeling pretty low in energy. I still have pain and discomfort altho not as bad as when the cast was on and generally I just feel quite queasy about the whole procedure! My nose feels incredibly tight, like it is literally being held together with loads of tight little stitches - which is probably true but I can feel it. I still can't yawn, laugh or smile easily which is frustrating. It feels so tight particularly around my top lip that trying to smile normally is impossible.
I also have some tiny white threads in my nose which I'm wondering whether they are remains of stitches that have not come out? I'm worried about them but it all makes my legs go wobbly thinking too much about it! This process is not for the faint hearted, a strong stomach is definitely a must! I'm just getting use to cleaning my nose with the rinse and ointment the hospital gave me.
I am pleased with the results so far, but I am still heavily swollen. At the moment my nose still looks sausage and piggy like. I haven't done my make up or hair yet because I've felt too poorly to mess around with trying to look glam but I am looking forward to seeing my new nose in all its glory! I just want to fast forward 2 months to when it's more settled so that I can feel better again! X x x

Help!!! Have I got an inverted V??

I'm 7 weeks post op and so worried about my nose, when I scrunch my nose up I can clearly see an inverted v shape. Does this mean I have an inverted v deformity? My nose is still very swollen and still painful in parts, I've included a pic of what it looks like normally and a pic of me scrunching my nose up. Could someone give me their opinion? X x

3.5 months post op

I cannot believe how quickly time goes. It's almost 4 months since my op. I'm still not sure about the results. One day I like my nose other days I still think it's big. I saw a story yesterday about a reality star having rhinoplasty and her nose looked amazing, it brought back all those feelings I use to get before the surgery when I wasn't happy with my nose and would get "nose envy" for other people's rhinoplasty results or natural noses. I really hope with time I learn to love my new nose.
The main issues I have with my nose are -
1. The swelling is uneven - the left side is more swollen than the right which I think gives the appearance of it like inking wonky.
2. My left period file looks smaller (and therefore nicer) than my right profile. I really like my left profile, but my rIght profile still looks big I think and I don't like it.
3. I'm not sure about my front view, does it still look big? And worse, wonky?
4. I'm having problems with a nerve in my eye that's related to the swelling. I'm hoping Mr Ion will be able to shed light on this when I see him next. It's really stressing me out though.
Overall, some days I feel positive and happy and other days I can't believe I've put myself through this. I did the research, I took the precautions and followed all instructions but it shows things can still go wrong and worse not turn out how you'd hoped. Ive learnt a new nose isn't always the answer x x
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